Jumbo Strawberry Free Velvet Crochet Pattern

This Jumbo Strawberry — a giant velvet strawberry — is my newest free crochet pattern!

Read on to learn more about my design process and inspiration, or scroll to the end to get the free pattern. If you’re in a hurry and need to take this pattern offline, grab the beautifully formatted, ad-free, PDF pattern from Etsy here.

A Beginner Friendly, No-Sew Pattern!

Velvet yarn has been really popular in the amigurumi community recently and this super cute strawberry pattern is my one of my first designs with worsted weight velvet!

Working with velvet might be a little intimidating for beginners, but using worsted weight velvet is probably the best first step if you’re used to cotton and acrylic. This is because velvet yarn isn’t fluffy enough that the stitches are completely obscured, and worsted weight velvet is still thin enough that it’s easier to handle than blanket yarns or larger chenille yarns.

So if you’ve been thinking of velvet, this is a great chance to give it a go!

To top it off, this is a completely no sew pattern. The cute strawberry leaves on top are worked back loop only onto the last round of the strawberry, so you don’t have to worry about sewing any parts together. Truly the perfect quick and easy beginner friendly project!

My Inspiration and Design Process

One of my favorite kinds of amigurumi to make are foods! Crochet play foods are so fun to create, because of how realistic they can look. Jumbo sized foods are especially fun because of how cute they can look in an oversized form.

Because of my love for fluffy and squishable foods, I decided that my first project with this yarn would be a jumbo strawberry! I just love how it turned out and I think would make the perfect baby shower gift (if you embroidered on the eyes) or for a child just learning basic words around the kitchen.

If you’re interested in other amigurumi foods, check out the other patterns that I’ve designed below!

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I’ve been on a jumbo amigurumi designing kick recently and have made a ton of new patterns that use jumbo velvet yarn!

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The Pattern

  • If you want to take this pattern offline, grab the beautifully formatted, ad-free, PDF pattern from Etsy here!
  • Pin this pattern to your Pinterest boards here:


This cute and cuddly Strawberry pattern is a breeze to work up and is super cute! The leaf detail is the perfect extra touch, and you can customize the colors of the strawberry and leaves to your favorite color. This pattern is accessible to beginners, and you can adapt it to any size you want by changing the weight of the yarn!


  • Bernat Baby Velvet Yarn (worsted weight)
    • (<1 skein) Ever After Pink
      • pink
    • (<1 skein) Bleached Aqua
      • green
    • (<1 skein) Snowy White
      • white


  • Size G (4.0 mm) Clover Amour crochet hook
  • 6.0 mm safety eyes
  • tapestry needle
  • polyester fiberfill
  • stitch markers
  • black embroidery thread
  • embroidery needle

Abbreviations (US)

  • CC: contrast color
  • ch: chain
  • dc: double crochet
  • dec: decrease (single crochet two stitches together)
  • FSC: foundation single crochet (tutorial here)
  • hdc: half double crochet
  • inc: increase (two single crochets in one stitch)
  • MC: main color
  • MR: magic circle
  • rnd: round
  • sc: single crochet
  • slst: slip stitch
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • x sc: single crochet x number of times
  • (x sts): x total stitches at the end of the round or row
  • (…) x: work instructions in parentheses x number of times

Technical Notes

  • Crochet in continuous rounds unless otherwise specified
  • When filling with polyester stuffing, pull apart each large chunk into many smaller chunks. This ensures an even distribution of firmness.
  • To avoid large holes in the crochet fabric, increase tension until the holes cannot be seen, or choose a crochet hook a size down.
  • For this pattern, the MC is pink, CC1 is green, and CC2 is white.

Amigurumi Basics Tutorials for Beginners

Final Size

Approx. 5″ x 4″ with worsted weight velvet.
To adjust the size of this amigurumi to be bigger or smaller, increase or decrease the weight of the yarn.


  • Round 1: 6 sc in MR (6 sts)
  • Round 2: inc x6 (12 sts)
  • Round 3: (sc, inc) x6 (18 sts)
  • Round 4: (2 sc, inc) x6 (24 sts)
  • Round 5: (3 sc, inc) x6 (30 sts)
  • Round 6: 2 sc, inc, (4 sc, inc) x5, 2 sc (36 sts) Round 7: sc around (36 sts)
  • Round 8: (5 sc, inc) x6 (42 sts)
  • Round 9: sc around (42 sts)
  • Round 10: 3 sc, inc, (6 sc, inc) x5, 3 sc (48 sts)
  • Round 11: sc around (48 sts)
  • Round 12: (7 sc, inc) x6 (54 sts)
  • Round 13: 4 sc, inc, (8 sc, inc) x5, 4 sc (60 sts)
  • Round 14: (9 sc, inc) x6 (66 sts)
  • Round 15: (10 sc, inc) x6 (72 sts)
  • Round 16-22: (7 rnds) sc around (72 sts)
  • Insert 6mm safety eyes between rounds 18 and 19 (counting from the bottom), 4 stitches apart.
  • Round 23: (10 sc, dec) x6 (66 sts)
  • Round 24: (9 sc, dec) x6 (60 sts)
  • Round 25: 4 sc, dec, (8 sc, dec) x5, 4 sc (54 sts)
  • Round 26: (7 sc, dec) x6 (48 sts)
  • Round 27: 3 sc, dec, (6 sc, dec)x5, 3 sc (42 sts)
  • Round 28: (5 sc, dec) x6 (36 sts)
  • Round 29: 2 sc, dec, (4 sc, dec) x5, 2 sc (30 sts)
  • Round 30: (3 sc, dec) x6 (24 sts)
  • Round 31: sc, dec, (2 sc, dec) x5, sc (18 sts)
  • Stuff.
  • Round 32: (sc, dec) x6 (12 sts)
  • Round 33: dec x6 (6 sts)
  • Switch to light green. See Fig. 1.
  • Round 34: (chain 9, and beginning in the second chain from the hook, sc, hdc, dc, 2 tr, dc, hdc, sc, slst to the next stitch) x6. See Fig. 2 and 3. (6 leaves)
  • Finish off, leaving a tail for sewing.


After finishing the leaves (fig. 4), thread your tapestry needle and weave the needle in and out of the last round at the base of the leaves (fig. 5). After going all around, pull the yarn tight to cinch it shut (fig. 6). Insert your needle through the center of the ring of leaves at the top and pull it out anywhere else in the strawberry to secure. Cut the yarn.

Using black embroidery thread and an embroidery needle, sew a “V” shape directly between the eyes, on round 18 (counting from the bottom)

I hope you enjoyed making this Jumbo Strawberry! If you run into any problems feel free to ask me a question in the comments section below or through email at littleworldofwhimsy@gmail.com.

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