9 Cutest Totoro Crochet Patterns in 2024 (from Studio Ghibli!)

My Neighbor Totoro is one of my favorite movies, so I had to do a roundup post to share my love of Totoro and the other spirits. All patterns listed are a mix of free and paid and such fun takes on my favorite characters.

My Neighbor Totoro is a classic Japanese animated film released in 1993. The movie is set in the 1950s, and tells the story of a family who moves into an old house to be closer to the hospital where the mother is recovering from being ill. The daughters, Satsuki and Mei, discover two spirits who lead them to a clearing where the Totoro (a large, loveable spirit lives). They later run into Totoro again at a bus stop where they then meet the Catbus. 

This movie is beloved by Hayao Miyazaki fans around the world. Totoro has become an iconic character and is as classic in Japanese culture as Winnie the Pooh or Mickey Mouse. 

1. Totoro Amigurumi

This classic Totoro amigurumi is larger than life and shows the shocked expression of the Totoro spirit when the water droplet hits it (can’t you just see the scene when you look at this cutie!). This pattern is considered Intermediate and is approximately 9” tall.

You can find this pattern here.

2. Another Totoro Amigurumi

Another classic take on the Totoro spirit is this cute pattern. This one uses colorwork to make the stomach directly into the Totoro body, instead of it being a separate piece (like above). Although the pattern does not specify the skill level, it looks to be Beginner – Intermediate.

This whimsical pattern is here.

More like this:

3. Totoro Ragdoll

This version of the Totoro spirit is not your standard amigurumi, but is instead considered Ragdoll style. It is worked in two separate panels that are then stitched together. It is approximately 9” tall. 

Find this Ragdoll style pattern here.

4. Large Totoro Plushie

Who doesn’t love a plushie! For those who love to have a video to explain the pattern, this one is perfect for you. The video is easy to follow and teaches a lot of the basics of crochet stitches along the way. Based on the video instructions, this pattern seems to be Beginner – Intermediate and is approximately 2.5’ – 3’ tall! As this pattern is a video tutorial only, no picture is provided but just jump to the end of the video to check out how squishable it is!

5. Soot Sprite Amigurumi

One of my favorite characters among the Hayao Miyazaki universe are the Susuwatari, or Soot Sprites. These adorably dirty creatures are seen at the beginning of the film moving out of the house when they realize that Satsuki, Mei, and their father are good people. The designer is a big Miyazaki fan and offers other My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away inspired crochet patterns.

Make your own Susuwatari using the pattern here

6. Catbus Amigurumi

Totoro introduces Satsuki and Mei to the Catbus, a twelve-legged bus-shaped cat with a Cheshire Cat grin who transports the trio around the country-side. This pattern is structured and can hold your smaller amigurumi (how adorable would it be to have a mini Totoro and Susuwatari sitting inside!). Also, included in the pattern is a video tutorial if you need a visual to accompany how to make and put together your own Catbus.

Find the pattern here.

7. Child’s Totoro Hat

Who doesn’t love a character hat! This Totoro inspired hat can made in six sizes ranging from 0-3 months through Child. It is considered a Beginner friendly pattern and is a must-have for any kids in your life who love My Neighbor Totoro. 

Make your own Totoro hat here.

8. Totoro Key Cosy

Because we can never have too much Totoro in our life, this cute Totoro is a Key Cosy. tHe Key Cosy is made very similarly to an amigurumi (just without a closing end and stuffing) this cute and unique Totoro can hold your keys and can attach to a lanyard clip using the acorn. 

Make your own Key Cosy here.

9. Totoro in Rain C2C Blanket

One of the most iconic images of the spirit Totoro is him standing under an umbrella in the rain. This designer created a downloadable graph to follow to make your own corner-to-corner (C2C) blanket. Included on the page as well are links for tutorials on how to make a C2C blanket as well as how to change colors on a C2C blanket. 

Find the C2C Blanket pattern here.