9 Fun Crochet Jellyfish Patterns!

Jellyfish make a wonderful crochet project. They are colourful, versatile and best of all- adorable! As well as practical, seen in Julie Tarsha’s rendition of a jellyfish as bath scrubbies coming up.

Various yarns can be used with these patterns to make them such as chunky, cotton and good ol’ acrylic. Sites like Hobbii and LoveCrafts have a large selection of yarns and other crafting tools if they are not already part of your stash. Good thing about jellyfish plushies is that any colours suit, so any of these patterns would make the perfect opportunity to work through your scrap yarn.

Jellyfish eyes can be made of plastic, often known as safety eyes, or embroider them on to your liking. A strand of yarn can then also be used to embroider details such as eyelashes, mouth, blush, even hair- whatever your heart desires! Whichever way, it is sure to turn out a treat.

Without further ado, let us get into this round-up of 9 crochet jellyfish patterns.

1. Crochet Jellyfish

Crochet Jellyfish Pattern English PDF Amigurumi Handmade image 7
Pattern by RNata here!

Beautiful colours were used by Natalia here to create these pastel jellyfish! It is an easy pattern to follow, with plenty of pictures and descriptions so that even a beginner could make the cutest creature first time round. Materials cater for about a 16cm finished project, however yarn can easily be substituted to chunky or a different hook for a bigger jellyfish, more suitable for cuddling!

2. Rainbow Jellyfish

Pattern by AllFromJade here!

Rainbow crochet jellyfish would make the perfect gift for someone else, or yourself! The pattern includes three sizes as seen in the picture (or Melinda, Joanna and babies as Jade calls them). It is also available in languages English and French. The difficulty of this pattern is beginner, and involves mostly basic stitches. The magic ring may be considered a step up, but there are many Youtube tutorials that would have you confident in no time. And best of all, no sewing is required!

3. Chunky Jellyfish

Pattern by Charliseyscrochetcloset here!

Here we have a lovely chunky jellyfish crocheted using Bernat Blanket yarn! The face may also be adorably made up with eyelashes, a mouth and safety eyes. This is a project recommended for intermediate crafters, although a good thing about it is that no sewing is required! A win for those that hate weaving in ends at the end of a project that has lots of sewing The best part though is that the proceeds from this pattern, as well as anything on her Instagram @charliseyscrochetcloset go towards funding the designer’s service dog and medical treatments.

4. Gingerbread Jellyfish

Free pattern by Crafty Kitty Crochet here!

Melissa has made a holiday twist with this jellyfish pattern! She describes it as perfect for lovers of food/animal themed plushies and makes a nice, cosy project to undertake over the season. With this easy to follow free tutorial, you will have a gift for yourself or someone else whipped up in no time!

5. Juniper the Jellyfish

Free Pattern by sweet softies here!

This pattern is simple but effective, like look how cute and cheery this jellyfish looks with its sunset-like colour! The designer describes it as a pattern that works up quickly, and one that can be incredibly versatile- such as its use as decoration, toy, and has a world of possible colour combinations.

6. Jellyfish Bath Scrubbies

Free pattern by Julie Tarsha here!

Here is a pattern that is the perfect combination of practical and adorable! Various colours can be used to to produce unlimited combinations of that may go towards making quirky characters or designs that will match any kitchen/bathroom décor. A durable material like cotton is probably recommended for the yarn here so that it can last being submerged in water and soap for bathroom uses. Although if the bath scrubby happens to become run down after a while, you can always make more!

7. Amigurumi Jellyfish

Candy Jellies Crochet Pattern Jellyfish Crochet Pattern image 1
Pattern by StoryBookCrochetCo here!

Some adorable coloured yarns and accessories have been used to make these jellyfish! It is an intermediate project, although the designer Heather allows those with any questions to contact her. The pattern produces an approximately 7 inch tall jellyfish, but she recommends changing yarn and hook for either a smaller or larger finish.

8. Chonky Jelly Boy

CROCHET PATTERN  Chonky Jelly Boy Pattern  Crochet Jellyfish image 2
Pattern by WickedlyHandmade here!

This is a super fun and versatile pattern! It includes a sunflower modification involving the flower and leaves, which opens up a world of possibilities on what you can create. Images on the Etsy listing act as wonderful inspiration, such as Hello Kitty and Minion versions. Measurements for the felt eyes are also included in the pattern, although they could easily be changed for safety eyes or hand sewed. The project is intermediate but has various pictures and descriptions to take you through every step and stitch along the way.

9. Crochet Jellyfish

Cute crochet jellyfish, FREE pattern | www.1dogwoof.com
Free Pattern by One Dog Woof here!

An intermediate pattern has been produced here! One where the designer intended for it to be used as either a fun hand towel or toy for the kids. Cotton yarn is recommended for its ability to be washed, especially if its going to be used in the bathroom. Final size is 15-18 inches long, although the curly cues may loosen over time. Overall it makes an adorable project.