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My Crochet Story

Hi there, I’m Julia!

I’m an amigurumi pattern designer based in Seattle, who loves all things yarn related. On any given day, you can catch me snuggled up with a book or with yarn in hand dreaming up my next cuddly friend. I first discovered crochet and amigurumi (the Japanese art of crochet toys) during college when I came across the most adorable stuffed bears online one day. At first I was convinced that I could never learn how to make anything as intricate-looking and complicated as amigurumi, but the next day I went to Michael’s and picked out my first crochet hook and ball of yarn. After a few days of failure and restarts, I finished my first amigurumi— a little blue whale! Even though it was far from pretty, it was enough to make me fall in love with the craft.

Since then I have begun creating my own designs to bring more of my ideas into reality. I absolutely adore all things cute and miniature, so bringing little characters to life gives me so much joy. Most of my creations are inspired by my other passions: classical music, books of all kinds, musicals, opera, and more. It makes me so excited to be able to express my passions and increase the amount of cuteness in the world!

I began designing amigurumi in the summer of 2020 by sharing my patterns on Instagram. Since then, I’ve had the honor of being featured in several publications, including:

Profile of Little World of Whimsy in Simply Crochet Issue 135!

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I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me and that you’ll stick around! If we have something in common, please drop me a line on Instagram or email me at littleworldofwhimsy@gmail.com. I’d love to meet you!

If you are a fellow blogger creating round-up posts, you are welcome to use one image from my website in your post (and collages) as long as it includes a clear link back to my pattern with credit to Little World of Whimsy.

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