Pattern Testers

Want to pattern test for me?

Are you interested in becoming a pattern tester for Little World of Whimsy? Fill out the application below to be the first to know of upcoming patterns and get first dibs on joining the tester group! Selected testers will be contacted through email and will be added to an email list for updates on upcoming pattern tester calls.

What is a pattern tester?

When I write a pattern, mistakes are inevitable. Whether it’s a small math mistake or a step that I didn’t explain as well as I could have, having a second pair of eyes is invaluable to me.

Pattern testers are volunteers who agree to follow a rough draft of my pattern and proof read it for me, creating a finished project along the way. Usually, there will be a time frame within which this process needs to be finished, and I expect constructive criticism about errors in my pattern or clarifications I could make.


  • Finish following the pattern within the given timeframe (usually one to two weeks).
    • I allow a one day grace period because I know that life gets in the way—but please do your best to finish on time!
  • Along the way, check to make sure the stitch counts are correct by performing basic calculations.
  • Make note of any points where you were confused or you feel that a beginner may be confused. If you find areas like these, let me know whether they should be clarified with a different wording or with pictures.
  • Communicate with me throughout the process either through Instagram DM or through email.
  • You are free to change the weight and color of yarn as you wish
  • This is on a voluntary basis only with no compensation, but you do have my sincere thanks!

Click here to apply!