19+ Cutest FREE Crochet Baby Toy Patterns in 2024 (easy!)

Crochet toys are so much fun to make! From amigurumi to rattles and teething rings, there are thousands of adorable patterns out there to choose from. This list highlights 20 absolutely adorable patterns that are completely free!

1. Amigurumi whale

Amigurumi whales are the classic beginner project, because they are made of simple balls with a few extra parts worked in the round to create the fins and tail. This whale was my first beginner project, and it was incredibly helpful to me because it boosted my confidence and gave me a quick win so that I felt motivated to continue crocheting!

This video tutorial includes step by step instructions for complete beginners, so although it’s recommended to know the basics (magic ring, single crochet, increase/decrease), the tutorial will show all the steps on screen without fast forwarding so that you can review them.

For a list of the complete basic skills of amigurumi along with video tutorials for each, read my blog post here.

This tutorial is also accompanied by a written pattern, so if you want to practice reading a written pattern so that you can follow those later on, it’s a great video for that as well.

Stuck on what kind of yarn to get? Check out my blog post on my nine favorite yarns for amigurumi — with tons of examples for each yarn!

If you can’t see the video below, try turning off ad-block for my website and then refresh the page.

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy here!

2) Hippo Rattle Teething Ring

Hippo Rattle Teething Ring from A Purpose & A Stitch

This little hippo has captured my heart! The pattern is super cute and functional. The hippo is both a teething ring and a rattle, with an easy-to-grip wooden ring. The pattern lists recommended rings and rattle inserts that are safe for children. Click this link here for the pattern!

3) Classic Crochet Teddy Bear

Classic Crochet Teddy Bear from Knit Paint Sew

Teddy bears are a staple of children’s toys, and this pattern is perfect for anyone wanting to make a classic teddy bear. The bow is optional, of course, but you are encouraged to customize the bear however you want! Maybe with a different bow or other attire, like a mini sweater. The pattern is available for free at this link here.

4) Bee Stacking Toy

Bee Stacking Toy from Elisa’s Crochet

Stacking toys are another staple children’s toy! This one, from Elisa’s Crochet, is super sweet, themed as a bumblebee with striped rings. Plus, the design uses bulky yarn, which is fun to work with and works up really quick, making this a great last minute gift for a baby shower or birthday! Find the free pattern at this link here.

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5) Amigurumi Crochet Doll

Amigurumi Crochet Doll from Amigurumi Blog KB

This blog shares a new amigurumi pattern each day! The doll has an adorable ruffled skirt, striped socks, and fun hairdo. She would be perfect to gift and could be completely customized! Use this link here to follow the free pattern.

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6) Elephant

Elephant Pattern from All About Ami

These absolutely adorable elephants come from a translated crochet pattern! This elephant pattern is an original design by Japanese artist Chisachi Kushima, that employs an amigurumi technique that requires minimal attaching. Make them in a bunch of fun colors and use fabric to line the ears for a fun touch. Use this link here to check out the translated pattern on All About Ami.

7) Crochet Little Lamb Lovey

Crochet Little Lamb Lovey from Sewrella

This fluffy lamb is an adorable oversized toy, measuring 15 in. tall. This makes it the perfect size to grow with babies as they enter toddlerhood! they’re fun to hang around with, and made from cotton, would pair well with my fish scrubbies in an ocean-themed kids bathroom!The pattern is actually adapted from two previous Sewrella patterns: the Little Crochet Lamb and Crochet Baby Bear Lovey. You can find the pattern for the Crochet Lamb Lovey at this link here.

8) Crochet Jellyfish

Crochet Jellyfish from One Dog Woof

These jellyfish are fun toys to hang around your house! They’re made from cotton yarn and pair well with any ocean-themed rooms. Get the free pattern at this link here.

9) Classic Crochet Bunny

Classic Crochet Bunny from One Dog Woof

Whether you’re making a gift for Easter, a birthday, or a baby shower, there is never a bad time for a soft, huggable floppy-eared bunny. This free crochet bunny pattern can be made in a variety of yarns for different sized stuffed animals, from little babies that fit in the palm or your hand, to large furry friends perfect for bedtime snuggling. Check out the pattern at this link here!

10) Sandwich Play Set

Sandwich Play Set from Hateruma Handmade

Kids love to play pretend! Why not make them some crochet foods for them to play kitchen? This free pattern walks you through making all the components of a sandwich: from the bread to different fillings like bacon and lettuce. Get the free pattern at this link here.

11) Three Little Pigs + Wolf Play Set

Three Little Pigs + Wolf Play Set from Amour Fou

This precious set of rattles is themed after the classic Three Little Pigs story! The pattern recommends 100% cotton yarn and rattle inserts so that the toys are play-safe. Take a look at the free pattern at this link here.

12) Brontosaurus Dinosaur Amigurumi

Brontosaurus Dinosaur Amigurumi from Crochet For Everyone Stingray Dingding

These super cuddly dinos are fun plushies to make a give! You can make them in a variety of colors and given them each their own personality with different patterns, spots, markings, and faces! Check out the pattern at this link here.

13) Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti from Drops Design

Looking for some more play foods? Look no further! This crochet toy basket is full of fruits and vegetables. The pattern for each fruit and veggie works up really quickly and everything is worked in the round. Take a look at the pattern details at this link here.

14) Farm Animal Finger Puppet Playset

Farm Animal Finger Puppet Playset from 5 Little Monsters

This project is an absolutely adorable kids gift, great for little kids. The playset includes 4 little farm animal finger puppets–a chicken, pig, duck, and sheep–as well as a drawstring bag that looks like a barn to keep them in. Take a look at the free pattern at this link here.

15) Amigurumi Turtle

Amigurumi Turtles from All About Ami

This pattern encourages you to crochet your own little turtles in a rainbow of colors! They make perfect children’s toys with their puffy shells and surface crocheted details. Give them fun and unique expressions and make them for all your turtle-loving friends and family! Click the link here for the free pattern.

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16) Crochet Mini Duck

Crochet Mini Duck from Grace and Yarn

This sweet little duck is a free pattern from Grace and yarn! Check out the free pattern at this link here.

17) Amigurumi Car

Amigurumi Car from One Dog Woof

Check out this fun little crochet car pattern! These little racers are wonderful toys for young children as they are soft and squishy. Make a bunch so that your little ones can race them around the house. Click on the link here for the free pattern.

18) Ginnie the Giraffe

Ginnie the Giraffe from Jess Huff

Ginnie the Giraffe is one of six free safari plushie patterns from Jess Huff! Measuring in at 17″ tall, Ginnie is the perfect size for hugging and snuggling. To see the free pattern, click on this link here.