31 Quick and Easy Crochet Keychains for Bags (Stashbuster!)

Keychains and bag charms are all the rage right now, and I get why! Having a little plushie that hangs around with you (literally) is such a cute touch and can add a bit of color to a neutral bag. After all, what’s the point of life if you can’t have some fun?

You can make a keychain out of any crochet or amigurumi pattern by adding a simple ball chain and lobster clasp to your amigurumi. You can find lobster clasps and ball chains on Amazon here or at a local craft store. If you prefer to crochet a small strap onto your amigurumi instead of attaching a ball chain, follow this tutorial here on how to attach one to your amigurumi as you crochet it.

Most amigurumi are made using sport or worsted weight yarn, but the lighter the weight, the smaller the amigurumi will be. However, all of the patterns below are keychain sized, so you don’t have to worry too much about adjusting the size!

My recommendation for amigurumi bag charms would be cotton yarn, because it’s durable and can be gently wiped down if it gets a little dirty. Paintbox DK has a huge array of colors, perfect for amigurumi, and can be machine washed. Find it on Lovecrafts here. I would also recommend Ricorumi DK. Similar to Paintbox DK, it also has a huge color palette and can be machine washed, but it comes in smaller balls which can be more cost effective when you need a larger palette to work from. Find it at Universal Yarn here!

1. Amigurumi whale

Amigurumi whales are the classic beginner project, because they are made of simple balls with a few extra parts worked in the round to create the fins and tail. This whale was my first beginner project, and it was incredibly helpful to me because it boosted my confidence and gave me a quick win so that I felt motivated to continue crocheting!

This video tutorial includes step by step instructions for complete beginners, so although it’s recommended to know the basics (magic ring, single crochet, increase/decrease), the tutorial will show all the steps on screen without fast forwarding so that you can review them.

For a list of the complete basic skills of amigurumi along with video tutorials for each, read my blog post here.

This tutorial is also accompanied by a written pattern, so if you want to practice reading a written pattern so that you can follow those later on, it’s a great video for that as well.

Stuck on what kind of yarn to get? Check out my blog post on my nine favorite yarns for amigurumi — with tons of examples for each yarn!

If you can’t see the video below, try turning off ad-block for my website and then refresh the page.

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy here!

2. Picnic Bears Crochet Keychain

Pattern by Amiguruku here!

If you’re in the mood for something a little more classic but still adorable, this set of teddy bears is sure to please. This pattern includes the cutest summer accessories that you can mix and match to suit your mood or the season!

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3. Ice Cream Monster Amigurumi

Pattern by Amiguruku here!

This Ice Cream Monster pattern is another of the more unique patterns on this list. A completely original design, this dorky yeti is sure to bring a smile to your face, along with the whimsical touch of melted ice cream.

4. Donut Keychains

Pattern by Baby Cakes Studios here!

Amigurumi food are such a classic and these tiny donuts are so fast to whip up and are sure to be a crowd pleaser. You can make them in a huge variety of colors and flavors, from realistic to fanciful. Make one for yourself and all your friends, or use them as party favors!

5. Biscuit the Beagle

Pattern by Theresa’s Crochet Shop here!

This adorable beagle is the perfect bag charm for dog lovers. Along with the precious bow, this pattern is utterly adorable and can be customized to suit your own dog.

6. Baby Yoda Amigurumi

Pattern by Storyland Amis here!

If you’re a fan of Star Wars or the Mandalorian, this adorable baby Yoda keychain is a must make. It’s simple enough to whip up quickly but still has the distinctive robe and pointed ears.

7. Cinnamon the Mini Bear Amigurumi

Pattern by Little World of Whimsy here!

Another teddy bear variant, this cute pattern includes a tiny top hat and bowtie that can be made in a fun coral color as pictured, or can be customized to a black tie outfit. This cute design would be right at home on a child’s backpack!

8. Shiba Puppy Amigurumi

Pattern by Amiguruku here!

Another dog design, this shiba puppy can stand on four legs and features a shiba’s distinctive coloring. This cute pattern would be perfect as a bag charm since it’s a little larger!

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9. Avocado Keychain

Pattern by Baby Cakes Studios here!

Avocados are super cute! If you’re also a fan of all this avocado and guac, this mini keychain might be perfect for you. It’s small enough to fit on a set of keys, but also the perfect size for a purse.

10. Amigurumi Minis

Patterns by A Menagerie of Stitches here!

This is just a few of A Menagerie of Stitches’ 100 days of amigurumi minis. However, the one uniting factor is that all of these tiny objects and foods make perfect keychains! From succulents, to igloos, to beanies, there’s truly something for everyone. Check out her entire ebook to see the entire 100 minis, and also her previous two ebooks!

12. Fruit Keychains

Pattern by Baby Cakes Studios here!

Amigurumi fruit is such a classic and these cute lemons and berries are adorable for fruit lovers. Attach one to your child’s backpack to encourage them to eat healthy, or use them as playfood at home!

13. Porg Amigurumi

Pattern by The Geeky Hooker here!

Another one for those Star Wars fans out there, this porg (first seen in The Last Jedi) makes the perfect keychain for anyone’s inner geek.

14. T-Rex and Pterodactyl Amigurumi

Pattern by Amiguruku here!

And finally, my last pattern to show you is this adorable set of dinosaurs! These would make the perfect addition for the dinosaur obsessed kid in your life, and I could imagine them being a huge hit at a themed party.

15. Cat Keychain Amigurumi

Free Pattern by DIY Fluffies

Next we have these adorable kitty cat keychains that would make the perfect addition to your keys or bag! They are crocheted in few pieces, so that means little sewing for you.

There are also so many color combos you can play around with, you might like to crochet some personalised ones to gift to friends or family members who have cats.

16. Sunflower Keychain

Free Pattern by A Little Love Everyday

These sunflower keyrings are just gorgeous! The colors really pop, and the petals on each flower look intricate but the pattern is actually quite easy to follow.

Feel free to accessorise your keyring with green leaves, or even colored tassels like the ones above.

17. Chicken Amigurumi Keychain

Free Pattern by DIY Fluffies

Chickens are cute at the best of time, let alone when they are crocheted into little keychains! You might like to crochet yours in thinner yarn like 6ply acylic or cotton, otherwise chunky yarn makes a great option for a bigger finished chicken size.

18. Cupcake Keychain

Free Pattern by Jen Hayes Creations

These cupcake keychains look good enough to eat, the safety eyes and embroidered faces also make a lovely touch! Have fun crocheting various types of cupcakes that include frosting, bows and topping.

Using different colored yarn would also help you crochet a cupcake of your favorite cake flavour, to make the keychain even more personalised!

19. Mandarin Keychain

Free Pattern by binilacrochet

Next we have this little mandarin keychain, which is beautifully simple as it most involves crocheting a ball and adding a few extra details that makes it special.

The color orange is what makes it look like a mandarin/orange, otherwise you could crochet yours in yellow to make it look like a lemon or green to resemble a lime for example.

20. Fruit Slice Keychains

Free Pattern by Raffamusa Designs

How cute are these crochet fruit keychains! You can be super creative with these, crochet as many as you like in different colors and styles to completely decorate your keyring or gift to friends when it becomes overfilled!

21. Mini Penguin Amigurumi Keychain

Free Pattern by Tiny Moon

Next we have this adorable penguin keychain that you can crochet up super quickly. This pattern is beginner friendly the body is mainly a crochet ball with some intricate color changes.

You might like to use safety eyes on your penguin keychain, otherwise they can just as easily be embroidered on with some black yarn.

22. Cat Keychain

Free Pattern by BlondieAmigurumis

This keychain would be perfect for any cat lover, and that can include yourself! It works up quickly and easily, you might also like to crochet accessories for yours such as a bow tie as above or a hat.

23. Strawberry Keyring

Free Pattern by Luna the Ladybird

This cheeky looking strawberry would look adorable on your set of keys! The pattern is available as a free Ravelry download and includes plenty of images and instructions to help even beginners finish this lovely project.

You might like to crochet yours in red fitting for a strawberry, or you could choose to do one in your favorite color such as pink or yellow.

24. Mushroom Keyring

Free Pattern by Azelia Crochet

These mushrooms are just too cute and would make a great gift for cottage-core lovers out there. They work up quickly and with few color changes. The most tedious thing would likely be sewing the mushroom spots on, although even that part is manageable!

25. Kawaii Camera Keychain

Free Pattern by Zipzipdreams

This makes a great project for photography funs. There are plenty of opportunities to experiment with different color combinations so that you have the cutest crochet camera in the end.

Also, do not forget to embroider your own little winky face on the lens to finish yours off!

26. Cactus Keychain

Free Pattern by Elisa’s Crochet

Next we have a little cactus keychain, that includes the handy little loop for attaching to your keyring. The pattern has few pictures but the written pattern is easy to follow nonetheless.

The tiny flowers make a lovely touch and are easily added just with french knots on the finished cactus body.

27. Low-sew Cat Keychain

How cute are these chonky cat keychains?! They may be a bit big for a set of keys, although they would make a great addition to a backpack, handbag or for room decoration.

They are crocheted in the round and you will just need to know a few special stitches such as puff stitches for the feet and the magic ring, so this pattern is likely more suited for advanced beginners.

28. Simply Bear Keychain

Free Pattern by Meemanan

These bears would be cute enough on their own, and even better as a keychain! Feel free to make yours in a rainbow of colors, and do not forget about the bow tie which really makes the finished project pop!

29. Candy Keychain Amigurumi

Free Pattern by AmiguWorld

These candies look good enough to eat! They are super easy to make and you could crochet a whole bowl full in no time. They could even be something you give out during Halloween or other holidays.

The pattern is available as a free video pattern that is nice to follow along. So what are you waiting for? Start crocheting your own crochet candy!

30. Mini Dolphins Keychain

Free Pattern by Meemanan

The little faces on these keychain plushies are just adorable! The name of the pattern says dolphins, but you could honestly get away with crocheting one as a seal since it very much resembles one.

You may freely download this pattern off Ravelry and it comes in a nicely laid out format that you might like to print out too.

31. Mini Octopus Keychain

Free Pattern by Yarn Over with Natasha

Finally we have these octopus keychains. I just love their little twirly legs, they look tricky but are actually quite fun and quick to crochet up.

Have fun creating your own little creature in gradient colors like the ones above, or experiment with different colors and textured yarn to suit you!