Ultimate List of Free Chunky Blanket Yarn Amigurumi Patterns

If you’ve been wanting to make a chunky amigurumi out of blanket yarn recently, then this is the post for you! I’ve compiled all my favorite oversized amigurumi patterns (including many that I’ve designed myself) that are perfect for category 6 or 7 yarn.

If you want to attempt any of these projects, I highly recommend that you size down your hook from the recommended size for the yarns — I usually go with a 5mm hook for jumbo yarn and I’ve found that it works well for me. I wrote a whole article about choosing a hook for amigurumi here!

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What yarn is best for giant amigurumi?

The best yarn for giant amigurumi is Sweet Snuggles yarn because it is extremely stretchy and soft. For the most cost efficient yarn, Bernat Blanket is a better choice because it has more yardage per ball.

Ever size oversized amigurumi became extremely popular, I’ve noticed that it’s much harder than it should be to find the right yarn. And it seems like any way you slice it, the amount of yarn you have to get racks up fast.

I’ve designed over eight jumbo amigurumi patterns and I’ve come to the personal conclusion that Sweet Snuggles is the yarn of choice for giant amigurumi. I’ve written a whole review for Sweet Snuggles yarn, but it wins out because it’s just so insanely squishy and soft.

It has a tubular construction which means that the yarn itself is very soft, and the outer velvet surface feels heavenly. Fair warning: this yarn does shed, and it can be very annoying. However, if you feel like you can deal with that and are confident about how well you can tuck in those ends, this yarn can be great.

On the other hand, Bernat Blanket would be my choice for the most cost efficient yarn. It’s also my pick if you value durability, lack of shedding, and a larger color palette (more about this yarn in my review here).

It has more of a towel like texture, which means that although it’s definitely soft, it can’t really compete with Sweet Snuggles yarn. However, it wins on all other counts, given the fact that it doesn’t shed, which makes it extremely hardwearing and great for kids. It also has an immense color palette of more than 40 colorways, including solids and variegated styles.

Bernat is also preferable for beginners because it sheds less, and is one category smaller than Sweet Snuggles, making it easier to handle.

But let’s get into the patterns — with all of these, you can use any yarn you choose!

Jumbo Waffle Free Pattern

Get the free pattern by Little World of Whimsy here!

This giant waffle pattern is an absolute joy to make and hold. I used just one ball of Chenille Home yarn in Mustard for this design and it makes it feel utterly heavenly. Chenille Home is another yarn by Michael’s that looks and feels the same as Sweet Snuggles, just with a slightly different color palette.

The butter pat on top is optional, but I think it adds such a cute touch to the whole project!

Jumbo Penguin Free Pattern

Get the free pattern by Little World of Whimsy here!

If you want the ultimate squishable companion, this giant penguin is for you! She’s the perfect size for hugging and you can make the main color anything you want! I loved the idea of a pink penguin because it’s so fantastical and cute, but I can also see her in pastel blue, purple, or yellow!

I used two skeins of Sweet Snuggles for the main color of this design, and less than one skein each of yellow and white.

Plush Owl Free Pattern

Get the free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me here!

This absolutely adorable pattern by Repeat Crafter Me can be made with just a little bit of Bernat Blanket yarn! The owl is so sweet with such large eyes, and I love the whimsical color she chose!

This would be a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or for a child’s birthday (do not use safety eyes for children though)!

Jumbo Strawberry Free Pattern

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy here!

This jumbo strawberry wasn’t originally designed with blanket yarn, but I’ve seen so many iterations of it in the wild with Bernat Blanket and Sweet Snuggles velvet yarn that I think it deserves a mention!

This design would use less than one ball of any blanket yarn you chose, and would result in a truly chonky strawberry!

The sample I made is with Bernat Velvet Worsted, so you can see what the effect would look like with other velvet yarns.

Giant Jellyfish Free Pattern

Get the free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me here!

This incredible giant jellyfish is sure to be beloved by anyone who touches it! Its oversized head is so charming and the tentacles are super playful and cute.

You can make this with just one ball of Bernat Blanket Yarn!

Jumbo Narwhal Free Pattern

Get the free pattern by Little World of Whimsy here!

This lovable narwhal is also a quick make, and uses less than one ball of Sweet Snuggles for the body and a little white for the belly and horn.

She’s so cute, and the best part is that this design is mostly no-sew! The tail and flippers are worked in the round and the only extra sewing you’ll need to do is to attach the horn.

Jumbo Turkey Free Pattern

Get the free pattern by Little World of Whimsy here!

This giant turkey is perfect for Thanksgiving time and features an array of colorful tail feathers that everyone is sure to love!

He’s a very round and chubby turkey and his adorable pudding-like shape is just so cute and squishable.

You’ll need two skeins of the main color in Chenille Home and a few scraps for the tail and beak.

Heart Pillow Free Pattern

Get the free pattern by Little World of Whimsy here!

This heart pillow is amazingly cute and the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day! I made it out of just one ball of Bernat Blanket in a colorway called Raspberry Kisses (how cute is that) and it came together in just a few hours!

Mushroom Stuffie Free Pattern

Get the free pattern by Moogly here!

This mushroom stuffie is larger than life and is the perfect addition to the nursury (just don’t use safety eyes) or kid’s playroom. It has a simple construction that’s perfect for beginners who aren’t as used to working with blanket yarns, and you can customize the mushroom cap to any color you like!

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Commonly Asked Questions

Can you use blanket yarn for amigurumi?

Generally speaking, it’s possible to use blanket yarn in any amigurumi pattern to create a giant amigurumi. However, there are many patterns that specifically use blanket yarn, and it’s best to follow such patterns to avoid issues with shaping.

Can you use bulky yarn for amigurumi?

Generally, you can substitute bulky yarn in any amigurumi pattern without any major differences. However, for super bulky or jumbo yarns, you should find patterns that specifically are written for those sizes by searching “blanket yarn amigurumi” or “jumbo amigurumi.”

Is velvet yarn good for amigurumi?

Velvet yarn is great for making amigurumi because of its softness. The stitches may be harder to see while you are crocheting, but the final result will be very squishy, cuddly, and you may not see the individual stitches on the surface of the amigurumi.