29 Delicate Crochet Flower Bouquet Patterns (easy!)

Crochet flower bouquets are a very delightful and charming alternative to traditional floral arrangements you may see in homes or at events. Flower bouquets are often crafted with intricate skill and creativity and it means these bouquets showcase the artistry of crochet in a unique and lasting way.

Each flower is meticulously handmade, allowing for a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes to be incorporated into the flower arrangement. From dainty roses and vibrant sunflowers to delicate daisies and elegant lilies, crochet flowers offer endless possibilities for customization and personalization.

These bouquets are not only visually stunning and appealing but also practical and durable, as they can withstand the test of time without wilting or fading as live flowers do. Whether used as home decor, wedding centerpieces, or special occasion gifts, crochet flower bouquets add a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to any setting and can be made by your very own hand!

Crochet flower bouquets serve as a timeless keepsake, capturing the beauty of nature and the craftsmanship of crochet in a single, captivating display.

Below you will find a mix of free and paid crochet flower bouquet patterns that cater to beginner and advanced crocheters alike. So why not give it a go to make your own beautiful and captivating bouquet for yourself, your home or friends!

1. Crochet Rose

Free pattern by Amigurumis Faciles

While this is not a bouquet, this crochet pattern allows you to make a single rose that you can make multiple times to form a rose bouquet of your chosen size and color.

The pattern is very easy to follow and also has video tutorials if you prefer watching over reading a pattern. You can also very easily change the color of this rose to suit you!

2. Hyacinth Bouquet

Free pattern by Victoriia Kyrychuk

This beautiful bouquet pattern can be found on Ravelry as a free pattern. The pattern is easy to follow and has very clear instructions with pictures to help along the way.

3. Carnation Flower

Free pattern by Naztazia

Another single flower pattern, but the designer created the pattern with the intention of creating flower bouquets to decorate her house – an elegant way to bring color to your home.

The pattern is available as a free PDF download, a Facebook video to watch and crochet along to and as a YouTube video as well, so the options are endless as to how to make this great flower and potential carnation bouquet!

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4. Tulip Bouquet

Free pattern by Crocket Crochet

This colorful tulip bouquet can be found on YouTube. The resulting bouquet looks beautiful and can be made with the easy to follow and clear instructions found in the YouTube video.

Don’t forget as well that you can choose any preferred color for this pattern so you can really make it yours!

5. Daisy Bouquet

Free pattern by Moara Crochet

These delicate daisies can be easily made using the free pattern by Moara Crochet. The pattern is very clear and easy to follow, but they also have a video tutorial if you’d prefer to follow that.

You could easily use these daisies in a bouquet or even as a daisy chain – the options are endless, but will look great nonetheless using this pattern!

6. Daffodil Bouquet

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

If you feel like adding some yellow coloring to bring you cheer then look no further than this daffodil bouquet to decorate your home.

The pattern can be downloaded from Yarnspirations as a free PDF and is easy to read and follow along with.

7. Snowdrops

Free pattern by Moara Crochet

If you’re looking for delicate, but detailed bouquets, then these snowdrops are perfect! They are made fairly small which adds to their delicate nature and the pattern is again easy to follow and has a YouTube you can watch too.

The pattern is easy for beginners and requires a bit of time to make due to the stitches used being on the smaller side with this flower.

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8. Baby’s Breath Flower

Free pattern by My Creative Butterfly

This pattern can be accessed as a free PDF download to your emails if you subscribe to the designer’s crochet blog.

The pattern is easy to follow and result gives you beautiful and delicate baby’s breath flowers that be be made to add to a larger bouquet or bundled together for a minimal baby’s breath only bouquet.

9. Lavender Bouquet

Free pattern by Amigurumis Faciles

The designer of this lavender pattern has created a very clear and easy to follow pattern as well as a video tutorial you can follow instead if your prefer.

The pattern is easy to understand and the colors are completely customisable – you could pink different shades of purple and pink to create a really beautiful and varied lavender bouquet!

10. Mother’s Day Bouquet

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

This bright and color bouquet teaches you how to crochet your own carnations, coronas, daffodils, irises and daisies!

The pattern is easy to follow, very clear and the result is beautiful – great for gifting to your Mother or anyone else for that matter.

11. Tiny Flowers Bouquet

Free pattern by Ollie+Holly

This tiny bouquet (one of my favorites) is made using four different flower patterns – billy ball, blue thistle, eucalyptus leaf, and baby’s breath.

The linked website above has links to each individual flower pattern, all of which are well written and easy to follow! Each pattern has useful pictures throughout are are clearly written making this great for any beginner or advanced crocheter.

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12. Reversible Flower Bouquet and Bride

Paid pattern on Etsy

This is a really creative bouquet pattern as well as an amigurumi pattern. The pattern is mainly to make the crochet bride, but her flower crown doubles as the flowers of a mini bouquet and it creates an interesting effect!

This would make a perfect gift for a soon-to-be bride or as a fun little amigurumi toy.

13. Bluebell Bouquet

Free pattern by Moara Crochet

Small beautiful bluebells are a great way to decorate your home or you could incorporate these bluebells into another flower bouquet.

The pattern is easy to follow, quick to work up and has a video tutorial that you could watch too!

14. Sunflower Bouquet

Free pattern by Krawka

This bouquet is less delicate than some other on this list, but is pretty nonetheless and full of cheer. The pattern can be downloaded for free from the link above.

The pattern has clear instructions, and very clear and informative images to help you with each step of the pattern. Whether beginner or advanced, you can make these sunflowers for yourself or to gift to another!

15. Flower Bouquet Bundle

Paid pattern on Etsy

This huge crochet bouquet can be found on Etsy where you get a pattern for 12 flowers all in one giving you the ability to create this varied and colorful bouquet.

The patterns are really easy to follow and while it make take some time to make all flowers for one bouquet, the result looks stunning!

16. Rose Bouquet

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

Here we have another rose pattern, but with some variation in colour and style to create this very pretty rose bouquet. The pattern has instructions to crochet both full rose flower or rose buds.

The pattern is easy to follow and is very customizable as you can change the color of the roses to suit you!

17. Purple and White Daisy Bouquet

Free pattern by Urbaki Crochet

Here we have another variation of a daisy bouquet with the addition of purple daisies. The pattern is just as easy and simple and very easy to follow along with.

The daisies are quick to work up and the video very clearly explains each step of the crochet process.

18. Bridal Bouquet

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

This bridal bouquet includes patterns to make small roses, carnations and various decorative leaves to include within the bouquet.

This pattern is clever in that it uses styrofoam to create the bulk of the bouquet and you then add your crochet flowers to the styrofoam. It makes the project somewhat quicker to make and the end result is beautiful.

19. Golden Trumpet Flower Bouquet

Free pattern by Crochet for You

These bright and joyful golden trumpet flowers make for a great and cheery flower bouquet for any occasion or for home decor.

The designer has created a detailed and easy to follow pattern with helpful images and also a video tutorial.

20. Mini Flowers Bouquet

Paid pattern on Etsy

This paid pattern guides you on how to make small stem flowers – Lily of the Valley, Miniature Daffodil, Mini Daisy, Anemone Hepatica & Forget-me-not.

The flowers look great together and create an amazingly delicate flower bouquet tat would look ornate in any home or make a very beautiful gift to someone.

21. Chunky Spring Flower Bouquet

Free pattern by Crochet Spot

If you’re looking for a quicker crochet bouquet to make then a chunky yarn one may be what you want to make.

This crochet bouquet can be quickly made in no time meaning you can create many individual crochet flowers for the bouquet in quick succession. The bouquet flowers can be easily customized and colors changed to fit your needs.

22. Dainty Bouquet

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

This pattern by Repeat Crafter Me allows you to make a mini bouquet in no time at all that still looks like you’ve spent a decent amount of time on it.

The pattern is easy to follow, quick to make, the flowers color can be easily customized and they are great a small gifts or home decor!

23. Chamomile Bouquet

Paid pattern on Etsy

This collection on chamomiles are a great pattern to create a light and cheerful bouquet. The pattern is more for advanced beginners or intermediate crocheters, but it still uses the typical crochet stitches.

The pattern is well written and very clear each step of the way!

24. Pansy Bouquet

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

This pansy bouquet is the perfect bouquet to crochet for decorating your home. You can make these pansies fairly quickly using the well written and clear pattern.

It doesn’t have any pictures to help you, but it uses fairly basic crochet stitches and so should be easy. to crochet for beginners or those with more crochet experience.

25. Carnations Bouquet

Free pattern by Hooked on Patterns

Carnations are a well-known and traditional flower that you can now easily make using this pattern.

The pattern is easy to understand and you can very easily change the color of them to suit what you or your recipient likes best.

26. Sweet Pea Bouquet

Paid pattern on Etsy

This larger flower bouquet is great for beginners in crochet. It consists of sweet pea flowers in different colors, color combinations and sizes.

The bouquet looks really colorful and interesting and is a great pattern if you’ve never crocheted flowers or a whole bouquet before!

27. Easy Flower Bouquet

Paid pattern on Etsy

This is another perfect flower and bouquet pattern for a beginner crocheter. This pattern and resulting bouquet consists of tulips, orchids, roses and leaves.

The pattern is well written, easy to follow, customizable and look absolutely amazing!

28. Wattle Flower Bouquet

Paid pattern on Etsy

This more unusual but rustic looking crochet bouquet can be found on Etsy. THe colors are great but you could still make changes to that if you really wanted to.

The pattern has clear instructions and this bouquet can be used as decor or even be turned into a brooch as shown on Etsy.

29. Mini Forget-Me-Not Bouquet

Paid pattern on Etsy

These bluebell bouquets are so dainty and delicate and look great as a brooch, air accessory or mini home decor. The pattern is easy to follow and very clear.

The designer even has an Etsy listing for this pattern as a video tutorial if you prefer watching instead of reading a pattern!