15 Delicate Summer Vest Free Crochet Patterns (easy!)

Going into summer is the perfect opportunity to get out your yarn and crochet some vests suitable for the weather! Cotton yarn is the best material for these kinds of projects for being lightweight and breathable, exactly what you want in summer clothing!

Here I have included a variety of summer vest patterns that you will want to wear all summer long. The patterns are of various stitches, lengths and textures, so you are bound to find a style you love!

Some of the patterns may be intermediate or above, but do not let that deter any advanced beginners from giving some new techniques a go. Enjoy crocheting your very own summer vest, you won’t be able to stop at just one.

1. XOXO Summer Crochet Vest

First up we have a summer vest consisting of the ‘X’ stitch, as fitting for the name. It consists of a fitted back and flowy front, and is easily made in one big rectangle with arm holes. This project is perfectly suited for intermediate level crocheters.

2. Summer Crocheted Vest

Free Pattern by ByKaterina

This pattern is size inclusive, catering from S to 1X but you might like to increase or decrease areas in the pattern to make your perfect fit.

The vest consists of a three panels including one back and two front ones, so you do not have to worry about many intricacies that go with some crochet clothing.

3. Summer Love Crochet Vest

Free Pattern by Kristin Omdahl

The texture on this vest is incredible! This would make such a lovely accessory to jazz up any outfit, especially with the tasseled details.

Surprisingly the design mostly involves a combination of simple stitches making it suitable for beginners who are good with pattern reading!

4. Summer Breeze Vest

Free Pattern by Desert Blossom Craft

This summer vest features a lovely lace stitch! The designer recommends blocking the finished project, a technique involving water to make sure your crochet piece is the right shape.

This would likely be an intermediate provide due to the complexities that sometimes go with crochet clothing. The pattern provides a gauge and various sizings you might like to follow too.

5. Summer Vest

Free Pattern by knitsi.com

This pattern may be best suited for intermediate to advanced crocheters as it mostly relies on reading charts, which many might not be familiar with! The spiderweb like details make this vest a really interesting design.

6. Lacy Crochet Summer Vest

Free Pattern by Jenny & Teddy

Next we have a lovely long vest in white, that seems very fitting for a day at the beach! The designer recommends working with cotton yarn as it is typically lightweight and provides a beautiful drape. Although you may like to use polyester or wool if that is more accessible to you.

7. Fabia Vest

Free Pattern by Schachenmayr

This vest is more of a t-shirt style, compared to most of the other patterns I have included that do not have sleeves. The pattern is perfectly suitable for beginners, and has instructions for sizes small, medium and large.

8. Granny Square Vest

Free Pattern by Salena Baca

A granny square vest would make a great project to work gradually on as you just crochet squares at a time and assemble them at the end.

The pattern includes written instructions, a crochet chart and video tutorials for some techniques like the granny squares and joining!

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9. Flair Circle Vest

Free Pattern by Lion Brand Yarn

I love the gradient effect on the yarn for this vest! As you can see, it works from the middle outwards in a hexagon shape that provides a lovely design and drape.

The different stitches used for the outer edges also make a great touch, I hope you enjoy crocheting this one!

10. Rainbow Granny Vest

Free Pattern by Premier

The colors in this granny square vest are stunning! Bright rainbow colored yarns are certainly utilised here, but you might like to use your favorites!

The pattern uses a variety of different stitches that would likely be best suited for intermediate level crocheting.

11. Easy Breezy Lightweight Summer Vest

Free Pattern by Heart Hook Home

Next we have a nice long crochet vest with a net like texture. The pattern includes two sizes for whether you’d prefer to fitted or oversized.

There is also a video tutorial if you would prefer to follow that over the written pattern.

12. Lacy Crochet Vest

Free Pattern by Universal Yarn

The intricate mandala design on the back of this design is beautiful! The vest is super eye-catching and you are bound to have heaps of compliments and requests from people for their own, which you may or may not like to accept.

A lightweight cotton yarn would work well here, and the pattern has instructions for various sizes, with the size in the image above being a medium.

13. Crossroads Vest

Free Pattern by The Turtle Trunk

Here we have a lacy vest that may be customised to be whatever length you like. The rows work up quickly and the mesh is nice and airy for the summer weather, or you might like to layer it during winter!

14. Crochet Lace Vest

Free Pattern by My Crochet Pattern

This very textured vest is best suited for intermediate level crocheting as it heavily relies on chart reading.

The designer includes helpful resource for reading crochet symbols and abbreviations though, so think of this project as a chance to new a new skill or practice!

15. Boho Crochet Vest

Free Pattern by KMT Creations

Lastly, we have a stunning vest with openwork stitches and a fringe. Lion Brand yarn is used if you are wanting to achieve that similar ombre color look.

The pattern uses basic stitches and will hopefully work up quickly and easily for you!