Ribbed Crochet Pumpkin Free Pattern (Knit-like!)

This Ribbed Crochet Pumpkin is my newest fall-themed free crochet pattern!

Read on to learn more about my design process and inspiration, or scroll to the end to get the free pattern. If you’re in a hurry and need to take this pattern offline, grab the beautifully formatted, ad-free, PDF pattern from Etsy here.

The easiest crochet pumpkin ever!

If you’ve been around a while you’ll know that I love making crochet pumpkins! I used to think that they were really intimidating, but it turns out all you need is one simple sewing technique (and a video tutorial — beginners I gotchu) to turn a simple ball into an adorable pumpkin!

These are so great for the fall season to spice up your desk or window sills. The best part is they’ll never wither or go bad so you can keep them around for next year (and add to your collection)!

Tips for success with this pattern!

Although this pattern looks knit like, it’s actually crochet! The main reason you can achieve this look is because this pattern is actually mostly worked back and forth, in rows.

This means that if you’re not as confident working in rounds, this could be a really good project to start with because you’ll mostly be working back and forth. However, there are quite a few sewing steps with this pattern to transform it from a flat piece, to a tube, to a round ball shape. Don’t worry — I have plenty of photos and videos to help you out though!

The Pattern

  • If you want to take this pattern offline, grab the beautifully formatted, ad-free, PDF pattern from Etsy here!


This Ribbed Crochet Pumpkin is hiding a secret — it’s not knit! Through a simple BLO technique and a bit of sewing, you can make this amazing ribbed pumpkin with knit-like details. Get ready for autumn with a whole pumpkin patch!


Confused about materials? For all my personal recommendations of my most-used tools, yarns, and supplies, check out my favorites in this complete guide!

  • WeCrochet Muse Handpainted (aran)
    • (<1 skein) Gratitude Hand Painted (variegated orange)
  • WeCrochet Andean Treasure (sport)
    • (<1 skein) Coriander Heather (gray)


  • Size D 3.25 mm Clover Amour Hook
  • Size G 4.0mm Clover Amour Hook
  • tapestry needle
  • polyester fiberfill
  • stitch markers


  • BLO: back loop only
  • ch: chain
  • CC: contrast color
  • dec: decrease
  • FHDC: foundation single crochet (tutorial here)
  • inc: increase (work two single crochets in one stitch)
  • MC: main color
  • MR: magic ring
  • rnd: round
  • RS: right side
  • sc: single crochet
  • x sc: work x number of single crochets
  • sl st: slip stitch
  • st(s): stitch(es)
  • WS: wrong side
  • (x sts): total number of stitches for the round
  • (…) x: work all steps within parentheses x number of times

Technical Notes

  • When filling with polyester stuffing, pull apart each large chunk into many smaller chunks. This ensures an even distribution of firmness.
  • To avoid large holes in the crochet fabric, increase tension until the holes cannot be seen, or choose a crochet hook a size down.

Color Coding

For this pattern, MC is variegated orange and CC1 is gray.

Amigurumi Basics Tutorials for Beginners

Final Size

3.5″ wide x 1.5″ tall (excluding stem)

PUMPKIN (in MC, see Technical Notes for color coding. Work in turned rows, and use the larger hook for slip stitch rows and smaller hook for all other rows.)

  • Row 1 (RS): Using smaller hook (now and all odd rows), FHDC 20 (see Abbreviations). Ch and turn (20 sts)
  • Row 2 (WS): Using larger hook (now and all even rows), in BLO sl st across. Ch and turn (20 sts)
  • Row 3 (RS): In BLO hdc across. Ch and turn (20 sts)
  • Row 4 (WS): In BLO sl st across. Ch and turn (20 sts)
  • Row 5-40 (36 rows, 18 repeats): Repeat rows 3-4 eighteen more times, until there are 40 rows total and 20 repeats total. You will have a long rectangle (see fig. 1). (20 sts)
  • Finish off, leaving a long tail (about 3 feet) for sewing. Match right sides together with wrong side facing out and seam the two short ends of the rectangle together, to form a tube.
  • Then, with the wrong side of the tube facing outwards, scrunch one end together tightly and secure the top by sewing across several times until tight, about half an inch from the top of the work. (fig. 2). Flip the work inside out so that the right side is facing out (fig. 3).
  • Stuff the open tube all the way to the top, and make a well in the center of the pumpkin by pushing your finger all the way to the bottom through the stuffing.
  • Using a tapestry needle, attach yarn to the top of the open end of the tube anywhere, with around 3 feet of tail. Weave the tapestry needle in an out of roughly every other row all around (fig. 4).
  • Cinch tight to close, but leave a small gap in the middle (fig. 5). Push the tapestry through the bottom to secure the cinched top.
  • Click here for a video tutorial. Using a tapestry needle, push the tail end of the yarn through the middle and out the bottom of the pumpkin. Then, draw the needle up and over the outside of the pumpkin and push it through the base again tightly and secure, creating a groove in the side of the pumpkin (fig. 6). Repeat 5 more times evenly around the pumpkin. Finish off by tying a knot and weaving in the end to secure (fig 7).

PUMPKIN STEM (in CC1, using smaller hook)

  • Round 1: 6 sc in MR (6 sts)
  • Round 2-5 (4 rnds): sc around (6 sts)
  • Round 6: inc x6 (12 sts)
  • Round 7: inc x 12 (24 sts)
  • Invisible finish off, leaving a tail for sewing. Sew the pumpkin stem to the top of the pumpkin (fig 8).

I hope you enjoyed making this Ribbed Crochet Pumpkin! If you run into any problems feel free to ask me a question in the comments section below or through email at littleworldofwhimsy@gmail.com.

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