11 Adorable Crochet Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day (free!)

It’s that time of year when we have a specific day to celebrate our mothers! Of course we should be celebrating them everyday, but mother’s day makes a perfect time to gift them something special.

Here I have compiled a list of crochet gift ideas that moms are bound to love! From beanies to blankets, you will find plenty of patterns to pick from.

You might even love what you crochet so much that you decide to make some for yourself, markets or as other gifts. Aside from all this, I hope you enjoy the process of making some of these and spending the day with family.

1. Bear Basket

Free Pattern by Little World of Whimsy

First up we have my very own bear basket, perfect for storing important things like yarn stashes or work in progress projects! The pattern is super easy, and I would recommend using a thick yarn to make sure your basket works up nice and sturdy.

2. Faux Fur Teddy Bear Throw Pillow

Free Pattern by Little World of Whimsy

Next we have another one of mine, a lovely faux fur pillow, featuring our iconic teddy bear of course. This project works up super quickly as it uses chunky yarn, you just need to source a pillow insert or stuffing.

With this pattern you will also learn or be able to practice some colorwork tapestry. I also provide some tips, like being careful when frogging faux fur as it sheds!

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3. Jelly Beanie

Free Pattern by Loops and Love Crochet

How cool are these beanies! You are free to work them in one color, but the texture of the stitches really pop when you use multicolour.

These designer has a video tutorial available, as well as a few other beanie patterns so you might want to check those out too if you can’t stop at one!

4. Beanie with Pompom

Free Pattern by Croby Patterns

Here we have another beanie pattern that I also though was super cute! This one includes a folded ribbing and adorable pom pom, one that can be bought or made yourself.

The pattern is perfectly suitable for beginners. This pattern is for a baby sized beanie, also the designer has a pdf version for purchase that includes other sizes up to adult!

5. Flowers Dishcloth

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

You can never have enough dishcloths, but I though these could also be used as coasters, face washers or patches to make something entirely new!

Cotton yarn would be recommended for these so they stay nice and durable. Yarnspirations the lovely colours on their website as above, or you can whatever is in your stash.

6. Flowers for Momma

Free Pattern by Stitch11

A bouquet of flowers is sure to make a wonderful gift that mothers will love! And you don’t have to worry about these crochet ones dying and being thrown out compared to real ones.

The stems are made of pipe cleaner so nice and durable, and the rest of the pattern is super quick and easy to follow. You won’t be able to stop at just one bouquet!

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7. Flowers

Free Pattern by On Heaven

These flowers should be used as make up wipes, coasters, scrubbies, appliques or anything! The possibilities are endless.

The pattern is available as a Ravelry pdf for if you want to print is out and take it anywhere. The flowers are shown in either a chart or written tutorial so follow whichever you find easiest!

8. Heart Pillow

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

These pillows will make lovely decorations to throw on a bed or couch. The project is intermediate level, and with some chunky yarn you can have one whipped up in no time!

The size of the heart pillow works up to be able 15 inches tall and 16 inches wide, so a decent size and maybe even bigger depending on your yarn weight.

9. Picking Flowers Pillow

Free Pattern by Underground Crocheter

Next up we have a lovely floral pillow that will bright up any room! The pattern is closed with buttons, so the crocheted pillow case can be easily taken off for washing.

The granny squares for this project may be quickly worked up, and the instructions are easy to follow from the crocheting to the assembly part!

10. Crochet Strawberry Plush

Free Pattern by HayhayCrochet

Strawberries are such a sweet fruit, and are even sweeter when made into a massive plush! You may follow the pattern through written instructions or a video tutorial, so it is very accessible for beginners.

Chunky yarn and a large hook is definitely needed if you want a similar bigger sized strawberry, and the designer provided handy links for where they sourced their supplies from.

11. Bear with Scarf

Free Pattern by Annalisa Chelli

Finally we have these adorable bear plushies! These may be gifted accompanied other patterns I included, but they are sure to be loved just on their own.

The scarves make them a somewhat Christmas looking bear, but you could have fun with them by making the scarf your mother’s favourite colour! The pattern is likely aimed for intermediate level crocheters and I hope you enjoy the process of making these!