13 Cuddly and Cute Free Crochet Narwhal Patterns (easy!)

If you’re a fan of crochet and sea creatures, you’re in for a treat! In this blog post, we’re featuring 11 free crochet narwhal patterns that are both cuddly and cute.

Narwhals are unique and fascinating creatures with their long tusks and friendly demeanor, making them a popular subject for crochet enthusiasts. Their long tusks often garner them the nickname of ‘Unicorn of the Sea’. These patterns are all beginner-friendly, but you’re sure to find a pattern that sparks your creativity whether a beginner or advanced.

So grab your crochet hooks and some colorful yarn, and get ready to make your very own narwhal friends! These patterns are perfect for gifting to loved ones or keeping as a cute and cuddly addition to your own crochet collection.

1. Chunky Narwhal

Free pattern by Rose and Lily Amigurumi

This free pattern for a super cute and chunky narwhal is perfect for any beginner! The pattern is made using chunky yarn which makes this pattern easy and quick to work up.

You first have to start by creating the Chunky Whale Pattern then use the above link to create the horn therefore creating your Unicorn of the Sea!

2. Narwhal (& Whale)

Free pattern by Cuddly Stitches Craft

This pattern is detailed as both a narwhal and a whale pattern – the base pattern for both is exactly the same and very beginner-friendly, but they is also a pattern provided for the horn to turn your base pattern into the narwhal!

If you love sea creatures then these two easy patterns are great and easy to follow and they provide images to help you with any slightly more difficult steps in the pattern!

3. Jumbo Narwhal

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

This narwhal can be found here at Little World of Whimsy and he isn’t just chunky but also jumbo size! He is made using jumbo velvet yarn and is also no-sew, so this is a great make for a beginner crocheter.

4. Tiny Narwhal

Free pattern by A Little Love Everyday

These little creatures are a great beginner pattern – they are tiny (and cute) and the pattern is easy to follow! This also serves as a two-in-one pattern as if you don’t make the horn you can end up with a crochet whale friend instead!

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5. The Friendly Narwhal

Free pattern by The Friendly Red Fox

Ned and Norah the Narwhals are a great addition to your crochet creature collection! They are made using bulky weight yarn meaning they are quick to work up.

Not only that, but the pattern is really easy to follow! There are some recommendations on hook sizes and yarn to use to make sure no stuffing shows up between your stitches if you choose to make your narwhal friend in a different yarn weight.

6. Filip the Narwhal

Filip the Narwhal Free Crochet Pattern Main Image
Free pattern by Off the Beaten Hook

This Narwhal looks so amazing and very detailed, but it’s all in the yarn! The pattern is very easy to follow, so it’s a good pattern for beginners and there is minimal sewing and other detailing to be done!

The resulting narwhal is very cute and and as harmless as can be even if his horn does look large and menacing!

7. Nico the Narwhal

Free Crochet Pattern: Nico the Narwhal
Free pattern by CB Fiber Works

This is a super easy and beginner-friendly pattern that can be made in any yarn of your choice! The pattern is clear and easy to follow and the resulting plush is so cute!

You can use two different color yarns to change the look up a little bit or use standard narwhal colours if you’d like to make it seem more realistic!

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8. Amigurumi Narwhal

Free pattern by Crafty Kitty Crochet

How adorable is this narwhal?! This project is small and uses minimal amounts of chunky yarn, which makes this project quick to work up – another perfect pattern whether your a beginner or advanced at crochet!

9. Ned and Norman Narwhal

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

This pair of Narwhals are possibly my favorite on the list! They look well made and detailed, but again this is an easy-level pattern for beginners and is so easy to follow!

It can be downloaded as a PDF for free! The resulting narwhal looks great and would make a perfect gift for a newborn or young children.

10. Narwhal Squish

Narwhal Squish - free crochet pattern on Moogly
Free pattern by Moogly Blog

This Unicorn of the Sea is so cuddly and squishy that you won’t want to give it away to anyone and keep cuddling him all day long! He’s create using Bernat Blanket yarn, which makes for a quick work-up, and he’s stuffed with a microbead pillow for maximum squishiness.

The pattern also notes that you can just as easily fill the narwhal with regular fiberfill stuffing!

11. Crochet Narwhal

Free pattern by Olya on Ravelry

This Narwhal pattern is available as a free PDF download on Ravelry by Olya Samoseienko. The pattern writer has made a super simple and easy to follow pattern which is great for beginners to use to make their first adorable Narwhal!

There’s even step-by-step pictures to go along with the pattern to make it even easier and I can’t wait to try this pattern out myself!

12. Cute Narwhal

Crochet narwhal amigurumi
Free pattern by Amigurumi Space

This pattern is super simple and very cute! The pattern is provided in the form of Instagram posts on the website and the pattern is very easy to follow!

As you can see from the above picture, the narwhal looks great whether using an interesting variegated yarn or solid color yarn, so you can get really creative with it and make it your own!

13. Little Narwhals

Free Amigurumi Narwhal Pattern
Free pattern by Furls Fiber Arts

These little narwhals are so cute and colorful! The pattern is super simple using basic amigurumi stitches and so it is great for beginners.

The pattern is easy to follow and even has tips for assembling all the parts at the end leaving you with an adorable and cuddly narwhal creation!