My Honest Review of Feels Like Butta Yarn by Lion Brand

Are you wanting that soft chenille feel without all that fuzzy fluff that sheds like crazy and gets all over your pants, couch, floor, and dog? Do you want to be able to see your stitches when creating an item?

Do you need a soft yarn for baby and toddler items with the ability to throw it into a machine wash without any worries? Would you like a yarn that feels soft against skin?

Feels Like Butta by Lion Brand is the yarn for you! While this thin worsted weight yarn doesn’t have a large amount of colors to choose from, it is one of the softest beginner-friendly yarns on the market. It comes in 218 yard skeins at $4.99 a pop.

It is ideal for baby items as well as anyone with sensitive skin. If you are a beginner looking for a yarn that is not scratchy acrylic and does not break the bank, Feels Like Butta is a great yarn for that. It is perfect for babies, adults, blankets, amigurumi, and wearables!

Feels Like Butta Breakdown

Number of Colorways18 (solids)
WeightWorsted / Medium (4)
Fiber Content100% Polyester
CareMachine wash and dry
How does it feel?Soft and velvety like non-greasy butter
Granny square example!

Feels Like Butta lives up to its name. It has the velvety feel of softened butter without the grease or mess. It has a certain slickness to it that I cannot describe, but just know that it is quite nice.

It may seem like a weird comparison, and may turn some people off from using it, but you will understand once you touch it. Do not let that dissuade you from checking it out!

However, in my personal experience, many in-person stores don’t carry a large selection of Feels Like Butta. They may have two or three colors in a section, while online stores often have at least 10 different shades available. I would recommend checking online or calling your local store to make sure they have it in stock.

It is a great yarn for beginners. The stitches are easy to see. It behaves a lot like acrylic yarn without the scratchiness.

While it is fuzzy and soft, it does not have the same issues as velvet or blanket yarn. Stitches are easy to see. It does not shed or pill which is a huge plus when working with soft yarn. It also does not split easily, which is even better!

Although it is listed as a worsted (4) weight, most crafters would agree that it is on the thinner side of worsted. Don’t let that trick you into thinking it creates lightweight items. It often ends up working up into squishy, thick, warm items. I love it!

My experience using this yarn!

I enjoy working with Feels Like Butta. I am not a big fan of acrylic yarn since it is often scratchy (before you throw it into a bucket of fabric softener), so Feels Like Butta is the yarn for me when I want to work with a cheap quality yarn that is soft yet easy to use.

It has a very specific velvety feel to it that is hard to describe. It literally feels like butter, at least in a way that yarn would feel, if it was made of butter. This yarn is definitely one that needs to be experienced firsthand. Feel free to take the leap and buy some online without checking it out in person first; you will not regret it!

Not only does it feel great, but it is fun to work with. There is just something about this yarn that just makes it so fun to work with. However, it does have its drawbacks as all yarns do.

It can get knotted in the skein quickly. When doing the center pull, I discovered quite a few knots. While it was not an issue in the long run, and the knots were not frequent, it still happened in each skein I had. Because of its slickness, the knots can easily be undone (as long as they are not super tight).

While Feels Like Butta has some stretch to it, it holds its shape well. Thanks to its chainette construction, it has a nice stretch to it without losing its shape. It flexes a bit when stretched, but it goes back to its original shape without too many problems. I have not blocked my items made with this yarn as of this review, so I am not sure how well it blocks.

It does not fray easily or leave bits of the fuzz behind when crocheting with it, which is a very nice touch that any crafter can appreciate. While it is not prone to fraying, you do need to be careful when cutting your ends.

If you do not snip the thread entirely, it can lead to fraying when you yank on it. Instead of pulling on an end that might still be connected, I would recommend snipping through it all to make sure you don’t cause any fraying by accident.

If fraying does happen, and the thread ends up with weaker spots, it would be a good idea to snip off the thin area and reattach your yarn. The thin areas are prone to snapping, which is not ideal for items. You probably want to make sure your items stand the test of time!

I personally like to use Feels Like Butta with items that use half double crochets or double crochets (half treble and treble crochets in UK terms). It allows the items to work up faster (always a nice plus), and it makes it feel less dense than they would if made with single crochets (double crochets in UK terms).

Granny squares are one of my favorite things to make with Feels Like Butta. As I stated before, I like using taller stitches with this yarn, and, in my opinion, granny squares are perfect for it.

What should you use this yarn for?

Feels Like Butta is highly versatile and made with babies and toddlers in mind. Its softness and machine washability make it desirable for baby blankets (or anyone who loves soft blankets without all that fuzz).

While it is on the thinner side of worsted weight yarns, the items it creates are often thick and warm,  especially when using a tighter tension, so keep that in mind if you decide to create something for a little one. I would not recommend double stranding it unless you are in a cold area and need that extra warmth or are wanting a thicker item.

It is also great for amigurumi and wearables for both kids and adults. I have found that the texture changes as you crochet with it, which leads to amigurumi feeling slightly different than a blanket due to tension stretching out the thread in a different way. However, all final products are still soft and smooth.

What yarns can I substitute for Feels Like Butta?

When creating an amigurumi with Feels Like Butta, I have had great success when using Forever Fleece Finer by Bernat along with it, even if it is a larger yarn with a recommended hook of 6mm (US: 10). It almost has the exact same texture, but it is fuzzier and does pill a little bit.

Forever Fleece Finer is a bulky (5) weight yarn, so it is bigger than Feels like Butta and may not work for items needing a specific gauge. They are great together when it comes to amigurumi. When online, it only has 6 colors to choose from, but they have limited edition colors in in-person stores. It is more expensive at $11.99 per 385 yard skein.

If you are looking for a closer match, Hobbii’s Metallico is a worsted (4) weight yarn at $6.70 per 126 yard skein. It does have a larger recommended hook of 5mm.

It also has a metallic shimmer that Feels Like Butta does not have, which could add a nice touch to your projects. Due to this, it is recommended to hand wash and hang to dry, which voids Feels Like Butta’s machine wash and dry ability.

If you are looking for a bulkier version of Feels Like Butta, you can use Feels Like Butta Thick & Quick. At a weight of super bulky (6) and a recommended hook of 10mm (USA: P-15), this will not only help you work up a bigger item but, in the case of a blanket or wearable, also help you finish it faster.

It is more expensive at $7.99 per 55 yard skein. While it is machine washable, it is recommended to lay flat to dry, but it can be machine dried if you are careful. It has 12 pastel colors to choose from.

3 Easy Feels Like Butta Patterns!

Spill the Beans Baby Blanket

This pattern is great for confident beginners who are looking to learn a new stitch and create a lovely baby blanket. There are step by step written and photo instructions on how to create the bean stitch, so you do not need to worry if you’ve never seen the stitch before.

It works in rounds, rather than rows, so it is great for practicing working in rounds. This pattern does use a discontinued Loops & Threads yarn as an accent color, but you could whip it up in only Feels Like Butta yarn without any worry.

Bingsoo the Chubby Penguin

Bingsoo the Chubby Penguin is an adorable and easy beginner’s amigurumi project. If you can make a ball then you can make this pattern! He stands straight on a round bottom and wobbles like a bobble head when you nudge him on the side, and is the perfect bag charm or desk companion. Make him in a whole range of pastel colors and add your own pop of color in his little bow!

Softest Lounge Around Pullover

Do you love the feel of Feels Like Butta and want to create something for yourself but you are bigger than a baby? This is the pattern for you! Made for confident beginners from sizes Small to XXL, this oversize sweater is a great start for your wearable journey.

Better yet, thanks to its inherent oversized style, mistakes can easily be hidden! It is great for practicing your basic stitches and ribboning. Take this pattern for a spin!

Bonus Blanket Pattern!

Sunset Chevron Blanket by Little World of Whimsy

Are you wanting to try out a more advanced pattern that can be adjusted to fit any size blanket that you desire? This pattern goes over a chevron stitch to create a stunning design! The stitches may seem complicated at first, but the pattern walks you through step by step with detailed tips.

While this video uses four different colors, it is easily adjustable to use more or less color choices to create such a wonderful blanket. The ad-free written pattern is available on Etsy.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the recommended hook size?

Feels Like Butta has a recommended hook size of 4mm (USA size: G-6).

Is Feels Like Butta discontinued?

Feels Like Butta is not discontinued. While it does not have a huge color choice selection in stores and sometimes certain colors are out of stock online, this yarn is still available on Lion Brand’s website. You can also check out other retailers such as Amazon, LoveCrafts, and Etsy for more colors. 

Does Feels Like Butta pill or shed?

Feels Like Butta does not pill or shed. It has a chainette construction which helps it resist pilling and shedding despite its soft chenille texture. It’s like velvet yarn without all the issues. It is great for beginners!

Does Feels Like Butta really feel like butter?

Feels Like Butta does feel like butter, in an odd sort of way. It has that smooth, velvety texture that butter has, just without the grease or mess. It truly is something you must experience yourself.

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