15+ Cute and Trendy Crochet Backpack Patterns for Everyday Use in 2024

Backpacks! Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a more practical thing you could crochet. Whether it’s crocheting a backpack for your everyday use, as a new project bag, or a gift for someone, then this roundup post is for you!

I have tried to compile a good variety, including backpacks featuring granny squares, drawstrings, novelty characters and even one that can showcase patches which is further below under the name ‘Patch Backpack’! So many opportunities to play around with different coloured and textured yarns, although be careful not to use a yarn that stretches too easily as you might end up with a saggy backpack before long. Market bags are the better bag type for that kind of yarn!

I hope this post and the patterns by all these wonderful designers leave you inspired to create your new favourite backpack. Enjoy!

Wildrose Backpack

Free Pattern by All About Ami

This is a gorgeous, easy-level crochet project that you are sure to love! The backpack consists of a feature granny square and a variety of stitches that all add to the visual appeal. Some stitches are complex, which may create a fun learning curve or just keep things interested for already experienced people who crochet. Cotton yarn is recommended here probably for its durability and being washable. This pattern also includes an interior pocket for you phone or other small items, how cool is that!

Tidal Mini Backpack

Free Pattern by crochet.com

This backpack is crocheted in one piece with only the straps separate, so if you are not a fan of sewing (like me) then this one might be a great project for you! I think the button makes a lovely detail on here, same as the handle and flap on top to make it fit that proper backpack design. There is a little process to access this one, involving subscribing to their mailing list although it is sure to be worthwhile!

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Serendipity Backpack

Free Pattern by Ravin Sekai Designs

How cute are the colours in this backpack?! It would be so fun to wear to a festival, on a picnic or anywhere really. Rainbow looks adorable here (with the designer even making it for pride month!), but of course you can use a creative flair to come up with your own perfect colour combo. The backpack is made up of four granny squares, and the straps are crocheted using thermal stitch which is nice and strong. Bag hardware are extra materials, but if you can source these then give this pattern a try!

Florence Backpack

Free Pattern by Hopeful Honey

Two strands of yarn are used here to create a sturdy texture ready to take on everyday use! This pattern is intermediate, as knowledge on basic stitches is required although there are plenty of how-to photos throughout. A colour chart is also involved if you choose to create a similar colour pattern as pictured above. A 7mm hook is used here which would also allow the project to work up fairly quicker than most. The drawstring for this bag also makes a nice touch!

Star Backpack

Free Pattern by Annemarie Benthem

For this pattern, scrap yarn is encouraged to be used! That means you can chew through your collection of scrap yarn that may or may not be gathering dust, and it can be put to good use in this fun looking backpack! Fairly simple stitches are used, such as double crochets, increases and decreases so the difficulty should not be too high. This backpack also includes some cute and unique details such as stars on the end of drawstrings and straps being joined at the top!

Patch Backpack

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

Have you ever seen patches displayed on a crochet backpack before?! I don’t think I have! Blue yarn works super well here as it looks just like denim, as you would usually see patches displayed on. This is a free intermediate pattern, and it can easily be downloaded off the Yarnspirations site as linked where there is also the option to purchase supplies. The pattern clearly walks through how to create this piece, then that patches you decide to attach, if any, are up to you!

Velvet Unicorn Backpack

Free Pattern by Passionatecrafter

The characters looks so cute on a backpack! I almost can’t believe they’re crocheted. Velvet yarn works amazingly here to really make the colours pop and characters come to life. This would make a great project for the kids as a new school or library back, or for those to make who are still a kid at heart! Extra materials are needed here, such as a magnetic button and safety eyes. The pattern is pretty straightforward but I’d recommend it as intermediate level. The designer has also written a lovely origin story for these backpacks so I hope you enjoy that too!

Drawstring Backpack

Free Pattern by Crochet it Creations

This pattern makes a child size backpack, or could be a mini backpack for yourself! It only consists of basic stitches and uses a larger hook size of 6.5mm, so works up quickly. The designer has included clear instructions and images, especially for the tricky parts like assembly! There are three parts to sew together which are the bag itself, top flap, strap as well as the drawstring to finish. A wooden toggle is used to keep the bag closed which may be sourced from a craft store, or buttons may make a good substitute.

Ocean Mini Backpack

Free Pattern by Celorio Craft

Here is a lovely pattern that shows you how to crochet the body and base, then you can go to add shoulder straps to your liking! The designer also recommends lining the inside, as material limits the bag from stretching. The background is made in one piece through crocheting in the round, which is super handy! There is also a video attached for how to complete and invisible colour change, as seen for the stripes in this version of the ocean mini backpack.

Kids’ Backpack

Free Pattern by Yarnplaza

I think the style of this backpack is just adorable! Looks like it would be perfect for a kids’ school bag, with the designer even saying it should be large enough to hold extras like a lunch box or sports clothes. I imagine this would also make a great practical and stylish baby bag, with a pocket on the front being very convenient! There is a little process to download the pattern through this site like some of the others, but the outcome is just too cute to pass up!

Bumble Bee Backpack

Free Pattern by Crochet For You

A bumble bee backpack, do I need to say anything else? I mean look how cute it is, between the face details, wings and of course the customary yellow and black stripes! This is said to be an easy pattern, with a decent size of 10 inches high with 13 inches width, depending how strictly you are following the gauge. Cotton yarn and safety eyes are best used here, or you can use whatever suits your needs. Underneath the flap this backpack is secured shut using a handy drawstring.

Audrie’s Big Kid Backpack

Free Pattern by Sewrella

This backpack was released as part of a back to school series, although anyone could use one of these! You could really have fun with the colour schemes here. I think red and green would make a cute Christmas themed one, so much so that these could be used in place of a stocking! The backpack is worked with two strands, to create a thicker and sturdier texture often needed for a bag design.

Little Backpack

Free Pattern by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

Waistcoat stitch is used for the body to make it sturdy and thick, while thermal stitch is for the base. As for the straps, the designer describes a clever trick of hot gluing two strands of yarn to the back to prevent stretching. This also adds to the comfortability on your shoulders. How cool is that! Aside from that, this pattern works up a lovely mini backpack great for kids to carry around or anyone who only wants a few things. The pattern is written clearly for each row but with some complex stitches, so I would call it an intermediate project.

Mini Backpack Amore

Free Pattern by Hi Sheep

The mini backpack amore was part of a double valentines day special pattern release, and the design clearly reflects its theme! There are plenty of pictures throughout to show how this backpack is worked and sewn together. Only simple stitches are really used so these may be a beginner friendly pattern. Hearts look adorable on it, but they don’t necessarily have to be a part if hearts are not your thing! Half double crochets are the main stitch used, and I think it gives this piece a lovely texture.

Candy Corn Drawstring Backpack

Free Pattern by Wiam’s Crafts

This candy corn backpack is so fun, and obviously Halloween themed, a holiday that is coming up very soon! It could be worn as part of a costume or for carrying treats people are sure to gather while trick-or-treating. The pattern is said to be fun and easy to make, exactly what you want when finding a new project! A 6mm hook is used making the project quicker to work up and there are few colour changes involved to create that candy corn design.


Free Pattern by HandmadebyRaine

The designer also has a mini size of this same backpack pattern, if you were interested in that one instead or as well! This backpack is available in a free online pattern, video tutorial and purchasable pdf version so all grounds are covered. I think the specific Bernat Make Maker Dec yarn combined with half double crochets give this backpack a really unique texture. This is an intermediate project so it would be fun to give it a go!

Cow Backpack

Free Pattern by Melody’s Makings

I love my character themed things, like with the unicorn/bear/panda pattern above, so I find this cow one just as adorable! Super bulky yarn is used here, although the designer also suggests you use multiple strands of yarn which can be great for stash busting! Some extra materials are needed such as buttons for the eyes and nose, also crocheting and attaching a pink patch is involved for the snout. This makes a fun project, as well as the variety of other backpacks I have rounded up here. I hope you enjoy!

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