9 Best Free Crochet Earmuffs Patterns in 2024

No matter what your season is now, you are sure to benefit from some cosy crochet earmuffs when winter comes round! They make a great small project for using up scrap yarn or old headbands lying around that you want to jazz up.

You will need more materials compared to your usual crochet project, such as stuffing, but I find this can be bought affordably such as cheap pillows from your local store! Pillows also work well for stuffing of soft toys if you are looking for another use.

I have compiled a variety of patterns here, like ones that have intricate designs on the ear piece, made from fluffy yarn, involve fun characters (like the sheep pattern further below!) and more. I also included some ear warmers in the form of a headband, and I hope you enjoy these too! Without further ado, let’s get into this round up post on crochet earmuffs patterns!

Crochet Earmuffs

Free Pattern by Knot Bad

They’re so fluffy! If you choose to use chunky/fluffy yarn the same as this pattern then it will work up super quickly, while being nice and soft against your ears too! The pattern involves slip stitching around a headband you already have, a thick one appears to work best! It is extremely beginner friendly, with plenty of clear images and simply written instructions to help the whole way.

Floral Earmuffs

Have you ever seen earmuffs look so good?! The floral, almost mandala-like design is a really interesting take and is sure to catch attention! The designer describes them as great to wear in all seasons, whether it be protecting you from the cold in winter or even in the warmer whether to help with sounds and wind. This project makes a great stash buster with only small amounts of yarn needed, and there’s plenty of opportunities to experiment with colour combinations here! A great excuse to make heaps for family, friends and of course yourself.

Fuzzy Crochet Earmuffs

Free Pattern by Underground Crafter

Chenille yarn is used here to make them look so cosy! This is a quick and easy project to make, with the designer saying it only took them less than an hour to crochet a pair, how good is that! The size of your earmuffs can easily be adjusted by changing to size of your headband to make it suitable for all ages from kids to adults. There are photos for every step of the way, which are clear even considering how tricky chenille yarn can be to work with let alone photograph. I hope you have fun making these!

Crochet Ear Warmers

Free Pattern by Gathered

I love the colours used here! Here a cake of yarn was separated and you could do similar, or use whatever you like! The designer mentions these earmuffs could also be adapted to jazz up your headphones in creating a cover for them, which I think is an amazing idea! You would just do this by crocheting around the band of your headphones instead of a headband, and following the instructions to cater for the ear piece so sound can still come through. Whatever you choose to do, you are sure to be left with a stunning finished product!

Sheep Earmuffs

Free Pattern by Craft Passion

I told you we had some fun character earmuffs patterns! Here we have some adorable sheep earmuffs. The pattern is recommended for advanced beginners, as it involves the loop stitch which might be complicated for some. As well as time consuming, but the outcome just looks too cute to pass up! This pattern again includes heaps of images throughout, particularly for the assembly part as that can be confusing at times. Googly eyes have also been used here, although you could probably use safety eyes or embroider them on if preferred.


Free Pattern by Lion Brand Yarn

The yarn used here makes a fun texture, but you can use any! This is an intermediate pattern that provides instructions for wrapping yarn (and securing!) yarn around the headband, as well as crocheting the two earmuffs. They measure 11.5cm in diameter, if strictly following the gauge, so a pretty decent size to keep your ears nice and warm. There are no images with this pattern, but it is written in a way that is easy to follow along so hopefully you have no problems!

Earmuff Warmers

Free Pattern by Joy 2 Create

This pattern is different from the rest in that it is a cover for your existing earmuffs! Got earmuffs that have a boring design? Have a hole in them? Then maybe this pattern is for you! They can be created in multicoloured as the image shows or all one solid colour. Even one earmuff solid and the other colourful, or something else, it is entirely up to you! Scrap yarn can be easily used for this project as it does not use much, another plus. This makes a nice beginner project so be sure to give it a go.

Crochet Ear Warmer

Free Pattern by Easy Crochet

Because why wouldn’t you want a different style of ear warmer to keep you cosy in the cold weather? This pattern is more in the style of a material headband than earmuffs. It caters for seven different sizes, and is worked with chunky yarn as to be warm and work up quickly. Simple stitches are used to make this project beginner level, including half double crochet and single crochet. Gauge is important here as to make sure you are crocheting the right size though! The pattern is offered freely from the blog I attached the link for, or for purchase as a pdf.

Headband and Ear Warmer

Free Pattern by Crochet Life

This is another headband style ear warmer pattern that also features a flower and buttons for a cute touch! It works up in under an hour and only uses simple stitches! This pattern is beginner friendly and includes a variety of sizes. Photos are also there for walking you through how to complete the north ridge seaming that acts as an invisible seam using a crochet hook and not a darning needle. The designer has also attached their matching pattern of the North Ridge Cowl too, so check that out on their page if you are interested in making a set perfect for gifting or for yourself!