11+ Stunning Free Crochet Dragonfly Patterns (easy and fun!)

There is something magical about dragonflies. As one of the very first winged insects to ever evolve on this planet, they have been around for millions of years. Over the course of the millenniums that they’ve been alive, they have become expert fliers and skilled hunters.

With hunting successes at nearly 100% and aerial acrobatics that surpass birds, dragonflies have inspired not only the arts but technology as well. Drones and helicopters are just a few things based off of these majestic insects.

Not only do they inspire innovation, but they’re incredibly beneficial to the world. A single dragonfly can eat hundreds of mosquitos in just one day!

Below is a list of crochet projects influenced by these millions-year-old insects. Their modern inspirations can live in your home!

Simple Dragonfly Appliqué

Free pattern by damn it Janet, let’s crochet! here!

This simple, quick, and easy appliqué is perfect for embellishing all kinds of items. It could also be transformed into its own project, like a keychain, or even tied on the end of your favorite bookmark.

Dragonfly Amigurumi

Free pattern by Stella’s Yarn Universe here!

This pattern is wonderful for confident beginners. There are step-by-step pictures for the sewing and embroidery as well as for the more complicated steps.

Adding wire to create legs for perching is optional, but it’s a fun way to expand your skills!

Please be mindful that if wire is used, it will no longer be safe for children to play with. If you wish to purchase ad-free PDFs, there are links to Etsy and Ribblr in the post.

Dragonfly Blanket

Free pattern by Janaya Chouinard here!

This pattern is great as a baby blanket or a small lap blanket (lapghan). Isn’t it sweet?

You’ll learn how to do the dragonfly stitch to create this lovely blanket. This new stitch may seem complicated at first, but it is surprisingly simple once you get a handle on it!

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Dragonfly Appliqué

Free pattern by MyPicot here!

Looking for a more complicated and larger appliqué to practice crocheting with? This beautiful dragonfly is perfect for stretching your crochet knowledge and skills.

The pattern is in both UK and US terms. There are photos throughout to help you if you get lost or confused at certain points.

Toddler Friendly Dragonfly

Free pattern by Amigurumination here!

Looking for a dragonfly amigurumi pattern without any type of wire that could make them unsafe for children? This pattern was created with that in mind! It’s perfect for little ones who want their own guardian.

The wings use a technique to keep them sturdy but still lessen the natural curling that all crochet projects get.

Dazzling Dragonfly Granny Square

Free pattern by YARNutopia here!

This granny square is great for blankets, scarves, cardigans, and more. The dragonfly is created to sit there like a secret friend, delicately resting on your shoulder or knee before buzzing off to find its next meal.

Not only does this pattern have a written version, but there is also a step by step YouTube tutorial for the video learners out there.

Dragonfly Bandana Cowl

Free pattern by Pattern Paradise here!

This beautiful pattern uses the dragonfly stitch to create a delicate wrap that you could use as either a bandana or as a shawl, depending on how big you make it.

A skein of about 270 yards or 247 meters would be enough to make the cowl. For a shawl, it would take about three or four skeins.

It has instructions for both a bandana and a shawl, as well as how to do the border for each project.

Flight of the Dragonfly Pillow

Free pattern by Joy of Motion Crochet here!

Made up of single crochet stitches or half double crochet stitches (you choose!), this dragonfly pillow is easy to make and fun to have. Why not add a bit of joy and magic to your room with a dragonfly pillow?

This pattern has suggestions of colors for creating a pillow for each season, so you could easily switch it out to match with your home decor, if you’re the type to decorate your home with the changing of the seasons.

Dragonfly Amigurumi Delights

Free pattern by Amigurumi Delights here!

This small but quick dragonfly amigurumi is great for last minute gifts. It’s made up of basic stitches and very little sewing. Mix and match your colors to create your own unique dragonfly!

There are no wires in this pattern, so it’s safe for children. You could use buttons or safety eyes for the eyes, or embroider eyes to create a fully child-safe dragonfly amigurumi.

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Dragonfly Wonder Scarf

Free pattern by DragonFlyMomof2 here!

Available as both a Ravelry PDF or a blog post, this dragonfly-inspired scarf is a special take. Instead of using the dragonfly stitch, this scarf uses different stitches to create a 3D dragonfly on each square.

It may seem complicated at first, but once you get the hang of it, this scarf works up in a breeze. You can create as many squares as you want to make the scarf as long as you’d like it to be.

Dragonfly Dust Amigurumi

Free pattern by Elizabeth Seeley here!

This pattern may seem complicated and not suited for a beginner, but if you’re confident in your abilities and wish to try something new, then this pattern is for you.

It uses an array of different items, like florist wire (any sort of thin, bendable wires) and tulle rolls (any sort of thin, mesh-like fabric). There are step-by-step photos on how to work with the wires and attach the fabric to the wings.

Scarf of Personal Growth

Free pattern by Stitch11 here!

Dragonflies are found all over the world besides Antarctica. Spanning over thousands of miles and despite interacting with all kinds of different cultures, these magical insects often symbolize change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization.

They’re often associated with personal maturity and growth. This scarf is designed with the idea of reflecting on how far you or someone you know has come in the face of adversary, or simply how they have grown up over the years.