19 Easy Candy Corn Free Crochet Patterns for Halloween

Candy corn is one of the most popular sweets on Halloween. Whether you like them or not, they are one of the first things that pop into your mind when thinking of this holiday.

They are cute as decoration both in the original form and as a crochet project. If you want a candy corn themed home this year, you don’t need to look any further.

This list contains all the patterns you need for this Halloween season. On this list, you will find stuffed toys, home decor, and clothes. If you like cute things, you can sew faces on all of the patterns.

On the other hand, if that’s not your thing, you can choose to skip this step.

Now, let us get into the Halloween spirit with these adorable candy corn projects.

1. Amigurumi Candy Corn

Find the pattern here.

This pattern is great both as home decor and as a plushie.

It is great for kids to cuddle and play with but it can also serve as a decorative cushion in the living room.

If you want to make multiple pieces, you can have fun changing up the facial expressions of each candy corn.

2. Candy Corn Friends

Find the pattern here.

I love the concept of this pattern. As fun as trick or treating is, holidays are about friends and family.

With this crochet project, you can get into the right mood to spend this day with your loved ones.

Don’t you want to start crocheting when you see their cute smileys?

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3. Candy Corn with Seam

Find the pattern here.

I like this pattern because it is great as a decorative pillow.

The seam sets it apart from the rest of the candy corn amigurumi.

Its face is unique too, which is great if you want to make different versions of candy corn plushies.

It is a great inspiration, even if you end up following a different one.

4. Candy Corn Cuties

Find the pattern here.

This is yet another great pattern if you’re lacking ideas for face designs.

I like how these candies are smaller, making it easier to crochet all types of sizes.

It is a quick project which will help motivate you to decorate your home as soon as possible.

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5. Candy Corn Keychain

Find the pattern here.

If you like small reminders about what day it is, a keychain is the best item to crochet.

It isn’t always the center of attention, but when you see it, it can bring a smile to your face.

It is a great piece to sell at craft fairs or if you want to make many of the same piece.

6. Crochet Candy Corn

Find the pattern here.

This is another cute pattern for those who want to crochet something small.

It is great as a decoration, key chain, or little toy to give out to kids.

It is a great option for those who like holiday decorations but don’t enjoy the clutter after the day passes.

They are easy to put away the next day.

7. Giant Candy Corn

Find the pattern here.

This is one of the best pillow patterns.

It is great to place on the couch or bed, but also if you’re having many people over and some need to sit on the floor.

It is a great alternative to bean bag couches if you don’t have that much space in the room.

8. Science, the Candy Corn Rat

Find the pattern here.

I love this idea because it isn’t a Halloween only decoration.

This amigurumi rat pattern is really adorable and fun. It is an easy project to crochet in one sitting.

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9. Candy Corn Applique

Find the pattern here.

Like keychains, appliques are a great way to celebrate the holiday if you don’t like going all out.

This applique is a great accessory both on Halloween and during the rest of the year.

Who doesn’t love getting a lot of use out of their creations?

10. Candy Corn Bib

Find the pattern here.

Babies can be messy sometimes, so bibs can be a great help.

Make a Halloween-themed bib to have your kids be part of the celebration, even if they can’t have any candy yet.

11. Candy Corn Hairtie

Find the pattern here.

Hair ties are yet another minimal Halloween accessory.

You can use this pattern or any of the other amigurumi candy corn designs.

Once you’re done, you can come back to follow the instructions on how to assemble it.

12. Candy Corn Witch Hat

Find the pattern here.

Witches are a common Halloween costume.

If you want to stand out, you can make this candy corn witch hat.

You can make up a story about why this witch likes candy corn so much. Or maybe they hate it?

13. Candy Corn Hat

Find the pattern here.

Halloween evenings can be cold, especially with all the spirits roaming around.

It is a good idea to add a hat to your kid’s outfit on this day and there is no better design than this candy corn inspired one!

14. Candy Corn Baby Shoes

Find the pattern here.

To go with the candy corn hat, you should crochet a pair of candy corn shoes for your baby.

It will be fun to look back on how they celebrated Halloween before they could go trick or treating.

15. Candy Corn Trick or Treat Bag

Find the pattern here.

Trick or Treat bags are indispensable on Halloween.

Making this fun bag for your kids may score them extra points with the neighbors.

They will be happy to get all that candy.

If you like the traditional bag shape, have a look at this candy corn inspired bag.

16. Candy Corn Dishcloth

Find the pattern here.

Are you organizing a Halloween party? You should prepare some coasters for your guests.

This is a beautiful candy corn themed design that will set the right mood.

If you’re looking for a fun way to set the table for Halloween, you may also be interested in these candy corn inspired baskets.

17. Candy Corn Banner

Find the pattern here.

Banners are another great way to set the tone for the day.

This is a great project for people who like making many small pieces.

19. Candy Corn Throw Blanket

Find the pattern here.

Are you planning on celebrating Halloween at home?

Maybe you are hosting a scary movie night with your friends.

This blanket is the best item to cover yourself – or your eyes – with.