11 Easiest Crochet Pocket Shawl Pattern (free!)

Today’s post is on crochet pocket shawls, which is basically a scarf you can put your hands in! I have included a bunch of patterns featuring novelty animals, fun designs and an array of colours. These shawls are fun to accessorise with year round, but are particularly good to wear in winter for the warmer months.

Some of these are in the style of a scarf, whereas others round around your body so much they are similar to cardigans. It is all about keeping warm and looking cute while you are at it, so I hope you enjoy these pocket shawl patterns and make good use of them!

1. Teddy Bear Pocket Shawl

Free Pattern by Little World of Whimsy

First up we have my own pattern of a teddy bear pocket shawl! I made sure to have it incredibly detailed so that even beginners can give it a go.

The ribbon of the shawl is worked super easily but just working into the back loop. You can also make your shawl as long or short as you like!

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2. Hip Granny Pocket Shawl

Free Pattern by This Pixie Creates

Next up we have a shawl made up of granny squares! This shawl involves crocheting a rectangle, two granny squares and the tassel detailing.

You can have fun crocheting this in multiple colours, or solid if you are looking for something that may easily go with many coloured outfits. The pattern is easy to follow with plenty of images and some special stitches are used to keep things interesting!

3. Blue Pocket Shawl

Free Pattern by Selina Veronique

Here we have another adorable shawl that is available in a written pattern through the link or a video Youtube tutorial.

The long wrap is made up of the designer’s very own stitch that they call ‘vintage v-stitch’, which is pretty cool! They recommend an Aran weight or size 4 yarn, so be prepared for that.

4. Happy Hearts Pocket Shawl

Free Pattern by Crafty Kitty Crochet

This shawl is so cute and I love how the pockets are shaped like hearts, hence the name! The design has dual pockets on each side, so heaps of room to carry all your things.

The tassels also make a lovely colourful touch. I hope you enjoy crocheting this pattern, and be ready for the friends and family that will likely want one too!

5. Bring Back Spring Pocket Shawl

Free Pattern by Nana’s Crafty Home

The triangular pockets are very cool on this one! The pattern actually consists of five identical triangles that are joined together.

These are beginner-friendly, and you can also find a YouTube video for them too. The mesh texture of the shawl means you can wear it with layers for warmth during winter or during Spring!

6. Pine Gap Pocket Shawl

Free Pattern by Stitching Together

This shawl is unique in that it is just made up of several different sized granny squares with some ribbing, but you can barely tell!

This is more so an advanced beginner project, but do not be discouraged. The designer recommends checking out their pattern on just the granny square first.

7. Calla Lily Pocket Shawl

Free Pattern by All About Ami Crochet

The length and drape on this shawl is stunning and perfect for any outing! The pattern mainly consists of Bobble Trellis Stitch and the designer provides a handy video tutorial for you.

A large rectangle is worked with this stitch and there you have your shawl! Adding pockets and tassels just gives it the final touches.

8. Rainbow After The Storm Pocket Shawl

Free Pattern by Crafty Kitty Crochet

I love the choice of colours on this design! The pattern is easy to follow, with instructions for both kids and adult sizes.

Special stitches include the puff stitch, but there is a handy mini photo tutorial if you are not familiar with it. You will also learn how to make tassels with this pattern and they really make the shawl pop!

9. Simple Crochet Pocket Shawl

Free Pattern by Love Life Yarn

This shawl is incredibly suited for beginners as with most pocket shawl patterns as they mostly consist of crocheting a rectangle, although the different stitches and pocket styles make them unique!

The designer provides many customisation options too, like adding a border, or omitting the pocket’s ribbing and button.

10. Shawl with Pockets

Free Pattern by Crochet with Carrie

The shawl with pockets pattern works up easily and is fun to follow along. There are lots of repeating rows to make up the shawl, so this would be a great project to do while multitasking like when having a chat or watching a show.

A step by step video tutorial is also available if you are more of a visual learner. Once you have the hang of it, why not make more shawls in heaps of colours!

11. Pocket Shawl with Detachable Hoodie

Free Pattern by Nicole Riley

Finally, I wanted to include this pattern as it looks great and has a detachable hood! Whether you do not feel like wearing the hood some days or its not your style, it can be detached just like that!

The suzette stitch is used for this shawl and if you are not familiar with the stitch then the designer provides a handy tutorial. Have fun playing around with this pattern as well as the many other pocket shawls we have explored!