25+ Modern Tapestry Crochet Patterns You Can Make (free!)

Tapestry crochet is a crochet technique which involves color changes in order to create fun colorful patterns in your projects! Also known as colorwork crochet, using this technique, you will be carrying two or more yarn strands with your non-dominant hand.

It takes some time to get used to, but when you get the hang of it, tapestry crochet is super fun! All sorts of designs are available to make, and you might even think about creating your own!

Often, tapestry crochet patterns will provide you with a chart in addition to written instructions or a video. Similar to a cross stitch pattern, this chart consists of a grid with colors filled in, telling you where to switch colors.

Most of the design in tapestry crochet will be done in single crochet, no fancy stitches required! However, crochet stitches naturally slant, and to mitigate some designs will call for the use of back loop only single crochets or modified single crochets. Besides that, you will need to know how to seamlessly change colors.

If you have zero experience in tapestry crochet or just need a quick refresher, watch this video for an intro to tapestry crochet!

1. Penguin Coaster

Free pattern by The Loopy Lamb available here!

This cute penguin coaster would be glad to sit under your mug, but you can also size your yarn or hook up and use it as a dining mat or as part of a bag or another project! There’s no such thing as having too many penguins in your life!

The free pattern only provides a colorwork chart and no written instructions.

2. Drawstring Pouch

Free pattern by Nordic Hook available here!

Coin pouches are a timeless accessory that come in handy for carrying coins, cash, or other small items in your purse or handbag. This purple and white color combination gives this classic accessory a modern vibe!

This pattern is worked in the round. You can add more repeats horizontally or more rows if you’d like to make a bigger pouch. There are photos for each step of the pattern.

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3. Flower Pot Cozy

Free pattern by Yarnspirations available here!

Add a pop of color and a touch of warmth to your collection of plants with this delightful flower pot cozy! Not only will this colorful cozy protect your pots from dirt and water, it’s also sure to brighten up your space!

Crochet this cozy with cotton yarn if you’d like to throw it into the machine wash. Cotton yarn is easily cared for and you’d have an easier time cleaning them if it gets dirty.

4. Pawprint Zipper Pouch

Free pattern by Nordic Hook available here!

This adorable little zipper pouch, adorned with a cute paw print, is the perfect size to hold all your essential cards! It’s compact enough to easily fit in your pocket or handbag.

If you’re in love with this pattern but in need of a bigger pouch, consider crocheting this sweet little pattern with a thicker weight of yarn and a larger hook size.

5. Deco Wall Hanging

Free pattern by Yarnspirations available here!

This deco wall hanging is a huge undertaking! It would be the perfect project if you have a lot of time to spare or wish for a mindless project to crochet while binging a show of Netflix, and have a blank wall that you’ve just been itching to decorate.

The geometric motif really adds a modern vibe to the room! You can choose your own color scheme to fit the mood you’re going for.

6. Cat Drawstring Pouch

Free pattern by Nordic Hook available here!

This small drawstring pouch is an alternative to the earlier drawstring pouch, this time for cat lovers! This cute little grey cat will be happy to accompany you through your days!

The drawstring bag is worked in rounds and the resulting size is 10.0 x 15.0 cm.

7. Diamond Ladder Cowl

Free pattern by Ned and Mimi available here!

This geometric diamond ladder cowl will add a modern and chic vibe to your outfit. This fashionable piece will add a touch of sophistication to a casual outfit. The recommended yarn is a blend of 50% wool and 50% acrylic, which will keep you warm and snug during chilly days!

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8. Heart Bookmark

Free pattern by Nordic Hook available here!

These days, the population of people who read paperbacks are dwindling down, but they’re still around! This heart bookmark would be the perfect gift for a book lover, a small heartfelt token to a significant other, or even just to proclaim your own love for books!

For some extra fun, you can switch around the colors of the heart, border, and tassels.

9. Chevron Clutch

Free pattern by Ned and Mimi available here!

A chevron clutch may just be the thing you need in your wardrobe for a more modern look to your outfits. This clutch can carry your makeup, phone, wallet, and all sorts of other daily essentials!

If the size isn’t quite right for your needs, considering adding or taking away a couple of rows from your clutch. This clutch has a simple colorwork pattern repeat, so it’s ideal for beginners! The pattern also adds instructions on how to add a liner and zipper to the clutch.

10. Modern Basket

Free pattern by Nordic Hook available here!

This modern basket will fit seamlessly into your kitchen decor. Your baked goods, fruits, and even yarn can fit into this handy little basket! The basket is actually a longer piece folded inside in order to give it its firm shape.

11. Sunglasses Case

Free pattern by Ned and Mimi available here!

In case you haven’t guessed it yourself, this sunglasses case … is for sunglasses! No more fumbling around your handbag to look for them! The tutorial also includes steps for adding a zipper and liner to the clutch, which requires some basic sewing skills.

12. First Aid Pouch

Free pattern available by Winding Road Crochet here!

Be prepared for emergencies with this handy crocheted first aid pouch! This pouch is large enough to hold first aid essentials, such as bandages, pain relievers, and hand sanitizer. Sewing the zipper on can be a bit tricky, but this post has a video tutorial to help you through the step.

The medical cross itself is an extremely simple and straightforward pattern to complete. The post provides detailed photos for each step!

13. Baby Snoopy Bag

Free pattern by Destiny Makes available here!

This lovely Snoopy bag shows how creative tapestry crochet can get! The baby Snoopy is based off Snoopy’s Reunion. The designer included charts and written patterns for both right-handed crocheters and lefties! The eyes are created using surface crochet.

14. Fried Egg Coasters

Free pattern by Destiny Makes available here!

A set of these colorful egg coasters would make for a lovely housewarming gift for an egg lover! The pattern provides two different egg shapes to add some variety. This project is perfect for using up your scrap yarn!

15. Chevron Washcloth

Free pattern by E’Claire Makery available here!

This simple chevron washcloth can be your introduction to tapestry crochet! It’s extremely straightforward and only uses two colors, and the washcloth is fast to work up to. The pattern post provides written instructions and a video tutorial.

16. Pumpkin Squares

Free pattern by The Almond Snug available here!

These cute pumpkin squares are great for greeting autumn and getting ready for Halloween! You can turn these into a coaster, or sew them onto a jacket, or create a patchwork blanket of these squares!

17. Valentine’s Jar Cozy

Free pattern by Haven’s Crochet Designs available here!

This heart jar cozy can be a quick heartwarming gift for a significant other on Valentine’s or on an anniversary! You can customize the size to fit a mug, a bottle, or a jar as shown in the picture.

The pattern is worked in the round, in a continuous spiral without joining at the end of each round.

18. Chick Motif

Free pattern by The Almond Snug available here!

This chick is an adorable motif crochet patch you can add to your bag or cardigan for some cute points!

The pattern provides photos for each step and explains how to make it with the intarsia technique, but if you prefer tapestry, you can still do that by working off the chart provided at the end of the pattern!

19. Farm Fresh Market Bag

Free pattern by E’Claire Makery available here!

This quaint market bag is the ideal companion for a trip to the farmer’s market! It’s large and spacious, and can hold all the produce you need to carry. Using this bag would definitely give you a spritz of motivation to carry out your shopping!

The free pattern provides written instructions using the intarsia technique. The chart is available in the paid PDF version.

20. Pineapple Motif

Free pattern by The Almond Snug available here!

Here is a simple pineapple motif you can add a border to and use as a coaster, or turn into a small pouch or bag! The bright colors give off strong modern and tropical summer vibes.

The pattern provides both written instructions and a color chart.

21. Sunset Ruana

Free pattern by E’Claire Makery available here!

This sunset ruana is perfect for beach outings and any other outdoor activities. The colorwork on this piece is truly gorgeous! The recommended yarn is a striped yarn which adds some wonderful color texture into the pattern.

The free pattern on the blog post provides written instruction, while the premium PDF pattern provides a chart if you prefer working off one.

22. Square Cactus Coasters

Free pattern by Divine Debris available here!

A lively collection of prickly succulents awaits you in this post! There are four different designs for a set of coasters. The color choices provided by the author are bright and playful, and is guaranteed to liven up any dining table you set them on.

Another idea for this colorful set of squares is to turn them into a blanket!

23. Monstera Clutch

Free pattern by E’Claire Makery available here!

Monsteras have gorgeous, graphic holed leaves, and they are just as striking on a clutch as in a pot decorating your interior. Declare your love for plants with this modern-looking clutch!

Two panels are sewn together to create this clutch. The final dimensions are 11” x 9”. You can also choose to insert a canvas pouch inside this clutch and sew it inside.

24. Coffee Bean Coaster

Free pattern by Nordic Hook available here!

Express your love for coffee through this coffee bean coaster, or gift it to your coffee connoisseur friend! This coaster looks very clean and neat and would not look out of place on a chic cafe’s tables.

An interesting tidbit about this pattern is that it’s worked in rounds, instead of rows like you’d expect! It also has a cardboard inserted inside so that it can maintain a firm shape. Back loop only (BLO) single crochet is used for this project. There are pictures for every step in the instruction.

25. Strawberry Field Pillow Cover

Free pattern by E’Claire Makery available here!

Here we have a sweet strawberry field pillow cover! Perfect for those of you into the cottagecore aesthetic, this pillow cover might take a while to finish, but the results would definitely be worth it!

It also incorporates bobble stitches to add some fun texture, which you can learn how to make in this video if you’re unfamiliar with it. The pattern consists of written instructions, and if you prefer working off a chart, you can purchase the designer’s PDF pattern.

26. Round Cactus Coaster

Free pattern by E’Claire Makery available here!

Crocheted coasters are always a pleasure to make and have. They are super quick to finish, and only require small amounts of yarn, which means that you now have a use for the scrap yarn piling up around the house! The shell stitch edging is just adorable and fits the project perfectly!