15 Easiest Crochet Pumpkin Patterns for Beginners (free!) 

If you’re itching for a seasonal make or Halloween decoration then this list of pumpkin crochet patterns is perfect for you!

The below list has a good selection of pumpkin patterns ranging from stuffed 3D pumpkins, jewellery, appliqués and other useful pumpkin-themed items.

Most, if not all, of the free patterns below are perfect for beginners, they are well-written and use US crochet terminology. Another bonus of the below patterns, is that all of the patterns are quick (and fun) to make.

Give one or two a go and get Halloween or Fall-ready!

1. Rustic pumpkin

Free pattern by Sarah Maker

This rustic farmhouse pumpkin is a great addition to your Halloween or fall decorations. It is crocheted flat and made to be slightly ribbed, which looks great once stuffed and rounded out at the end!

You could add a cinnamon stick or twig for the stem or crochet it as the pattern suggests.

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2. Ribbed pumpkin

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

You can find this pattern here at Little World of Whimsy. This pattern is also crocheted flat and made round at the end, but the use of back-loop stitches means it looks knitted instead of looking like regular crochet.

The pattern is well-written and easy to follow.

3. Pumpkin earrings

Free pattern by Divine Debris

Possibly my favorite pumpkin pattern on the list – this is a great pumpkin pattern, and it results in little pumpkins you can take everywhere with you.

These are super cute and great for Fall and Halloween. They are worked in a round and are made small, so it can be difficult for that reason, but the pattern itself is easy to follow. 

4. Pumpkin cup cozy

This is a really cute cup cozy that can be made for any size travel mug! You just need to decrease or increase the stitches in the foundation row to fit your cup of size.

The finishing touches of green and brown and the little leaf are what really makes this cup cozy look best though!

5. Mini pumpkin

Free pattern by Easy Crochet

This pumpkin pattern only requires two basic stitches to make: single crochet and back-loop single crochet. As such, they are easy to make and come out cute and small too!

The pattern is really easy and quick too!

6. Pumpkin appliqué

Free pattern by Easy Crochet

This little pumpkin appliqué can be made and subsequently added to so many things for a cute touch! This pumpkin could be added to a blanket to create a Halloween theme or as a charm to your keys or bag!

It is easy to make and only has a few rounds, so you could make many of them fairly quickly.

7. Little rustic pumpkin

Free pattern by Yarn and Chai

These little rustic pumpkins look amazing, and they look knitted too due to the stitches used.

This pattern is in video form, but they have the pattern written on screen alongside the video, so you can read or watch – whichever method works best for you!

8. Pumpkin bowl

Free pattern by One Social Girl

This pumpkin bowl is perfect to store your Halloween candy or just other bits you might have lying around the house. The pattern is well written and easy to follow, so you’ll be making pumpkin bowls in no time!

9. Pumpkin hat

Free pattern by Crochet 365 Knit Too

This pumpkin hat pattern is slightly more complex than other patterns on this list due to using a modified Alpine Stitch. This stitch is used to give a gorgeous texture and a ribbed effect from top to the bottom.

The pattern also provides guidance for making this hat in any size you might need!

10. Easy pumpkin

Free pattern by Make and Do Crew

This pumpkin is super easy as it is initially made as a flat rectangle of single crochet stitches. After cinching and stuffing you can then add finishing touches such as a cinnamon stick stem, twig stem, or raffia bow.

This pattern even gives you guidance on how to use thread to segment your pumpkin and create a different final shape. There is also a leaf pattern if you wanted to add that to your pumpkin!

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11. Pumpkin pie tissue holder

Free pattern by Twinkie Chan Blog

This very cute pattern is made in a clever way. It has been tuned into a tissue holder so that your tissue sticking out looks like the whipped cream dollop.

The pattern also provides guidance on making a pumpkin pie slice without holes for tissues, so you can just stuff it and crochet a whipped cream dollop instead!

12. Pumpkin coasters

Free pattern by Ira Rott

What better way to decorate your house for Fall or Halloween than with pumpkin coasters? The pattern is very easy and has clear guidance on how to finish the coaster off.

They look amazing at the end, and you can quickly work up whole pumpkin patch worth of coasters!

13. Pumpkin jar cozy

Free pattern by Briana Olsen on Ravelry

This jar cozy looks absolutely amazing and is so easy to make too! It can be found as a PDF download on Ravelry.

It has very clear instructions on special stitches such as the front post double crochet and the magic circle.

14. Amigurumi pumpkin

Free pattern by Amigurumi Today

These pumpkins are great for beginners as it uses typical amigurumi stitches such as single crochet and various increases and decreases.

You can easily make this pumpkin is varying sizes by just changing the yarn you use, so chunky yarn means a larger pumpkin!

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15. Super chunky pumpkin

Free pattern by Moogly Blog

This is the chunkiest and softest pumpkin on the list! Due to using such chunky yarn, the pumpkin is worked up very quickly and very easily too.

The website has both a video and a link to the written PDF pattern that you can download for free!