15 Delightful Jungle Animal Crochet Appliqué Free Patterns 

Crochet appliqués are such a great project for a beginner or master crocheter alike! Appliqués are often made up of multiple flat parts that are then sewn together to form an overall shape of an animal or other item. 

In the case of this list, we have 15 jungle animals in the form of crochet appliqués. You could add these appliqués to a blanket or bag to decorate it.

You could also use all the below appliqués to make one big jungle blanket! You could even downsize these appliqués and use them as charms for keys and purses!

There was even one suggestion that said with some thread and felt you could make a sturdy wall hanging of an animal of your choosing! Appliqués are very versatile, easy and have a surprisingly good amount of detail – Pick your favorite and crochet away! 

1. Elephant

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

This elephant appliqué is adorably round and cute! This elephant is composed mainly of circles and just requires you to have knowledge of crocheting in a round and some knowledge of a French knot to make the eye of this little guy.

2. Tiger

Free pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts

This tiger is also very cute and has been made using a heart-shape base. By using a heart-shaped base for the tiger, it looks like she has cute puffy cheeks!

This pattern has instructions for the head shape and muzzle. They suggest adding googly eyes for a twist on the usual crochet appliqué, but also provide a pattern for crochet eyes.

3. Monkey

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter

This monkey appliqué is amazingly detailed but still very easy to make. The pattern is easy to follow and well-written, so anyone, beginner or not, can follow along.

Again, this would be great as a blanket decoration or as a charm!

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4. Koala

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter

This koala is again very detailed, and they give a suggestion of using thinner yarn for appliqué projects – it allows for further detail to be added without bulking up the final result too much.

This koala also has instructions on making the tree branch that he clings tightly to!

5. Leopard

Free pattern by Crochet by Colleen

This leopard appliqué is slightly bigger than the rest and almost has a real-life feel to it. As a result, the writer even suggests to make this leopard appliqué a wall hanging.

They suggest that you can do this by adding some felt behind it to make it sturdier!

6. Lion

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter

Another appliqué pattern by Passionate Crafter, this Lion is once again quite detail and does look very cute! This appliqué pattern doesn’t use just circles, but also some flat curved pieces and ruffled pieces for the mane.

7. Rhino

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter

This very happy rhino is perfect for a blanket or decoration for a child’s room. It looks very happy and is a playful appliqué to make.

This rhino is mostly made up of circles and some other different shaped pieces, but the pattern very clearly explains how to make these.

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8. Sloth

Free pattern by Kerri’s Crochet

This pattern is amazing as it provides a written pattern as well as a video if you prefer following along with a video. The writer has provided images for every step of the pattern even for the assembly part and the result is a cute and flowery hanging sloth.

9. Giraffe

Free pattern video by Craft & Crochet on Youtube

This giraffe appliqué is slightly different to the rest as it is a video on YouTube. The video is very detailed and clearly describes every step to making this cute giraffe.

The video is also very helpful and shows clearly how to assemble the pieces of the giraffe together.

10. Bear

Free pattern by Maisie & Ruth

This bear comes across more teddy-bear like, but it makes for a great appliqué, nonetheless. It is very fun and quick to make, and it is perfect for baby clothes, as shown in the pattern.

This is a great one to try out if you are newer to making appliqué pieces.

11. Parrot

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter

This parrot looks amazing and is the only bird on this list! You can easily adapt this appliqué pattern and add new exciting colors to the parrot parts representing the feathers!

This parrot will come out slightly longer than some of the other appliqué patterns on this list.

12. Panda

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter

This panda appliqué is also from Passionate Crafter and is subtly different from the others in that it uses safety eyes as the pupils instead of crocheting them like the Lion pattern. This easy pattern is again great for beginners to have a go with.

13. Viper

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

This viper pattern is even easier than some of the others on this list as it uses basic stitches to make a simple circle for the head and then a chain to create the length of the viper.

After that you are just sewing the pieces together and adding the tongue and eyes – simple!

14. Hippo

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter

This hippo pattern is very similar to the rhino pattern but differs in color and it also (obviously) lacks a horn. Otherwise, it is very much the same and so it is also easy to make!

15. Crocodile

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter

This crocodile is great as it has quite a different shape to the other patterns – it is longer in shape and has some texture to it in the form of its spine bumps.

The pattern is again detailed, but well-written and easy to follow along with.

16. Zebra

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me

The final appliqué on the list is very simple and another great pattern for beginners of crochet or appliqué making. You only make one piece (the head) with a color change.

Once made, you just use a needle to sew on the details of the zebra, namely the stripes!