19 Elegant and Beautiful Crochet Earring Patterns (free!)

Earrings are the type of thing you can wear to jazz up any outfit and wear to any occasion! What I love about crochet earrings is that they work up so quickly, where depending on the complexity of the pattern you can have a pair made up in about one hour.

This makes them great last minute gift ideas or something you can easily make for yourself if you have only have time for a small amount of crocheting. They also only use a small amount of yarn, so this kind of project is perfect for using up your stash.

I have compiled a variety of earrings patterns from some very talented designers so I hope you enjoy creating your own collection of crochet jewelry!

1. Sunflower Earring

Free Pattern by Akeish Fearon

Firstly we have some sunflower earrings! For only brown and yellow colours, they look like such a happy and colourful flower to me.

The pattern is suitable for beginners and easily downloadable off Ravelry so be sure to give it a go.

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2. Earrings Boho Granny Style

Free Pattern by Smolina Yana

You have probably seen granny squares incorporated into a range off projects such as clothing or blankets, but small ones as earrings is such a cute idea!

You can play around with colours as well as the length of these- such as having one, two or even three squares used for dangly earrings.

3. Boho Style Earrings

Free Pattern by Crochet For You

The frills on these earrings are just too cute! The earrings are simply made as a square and then attached with the pink frills as above for a funky effect.

They are beginner friendly and there are photos throughout for showing you exactly how to crochet and attach each part.

4. Stuffed Mushroom Earrings

Free Pattern by Divine Debris

These mushroom earrings will make the perfect accessory for any cottage core outfit! They are stuffed which is a nice difference compared to many other crochet earring patterns which are usually worked flat.

The cap and stem are worked separately so keep in mind there will be some fiddly seaming, but the pattern makes this very clear for you.

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5. 4 Petal Earrings

Free Pattern by Heather Cuevas

These earrings are super simply and available as a downloadable pdf for you. They look great in one coloured yarn and you could easily makes pairs in all colours of the rainbow!

The pattern is easy to follow and works up in just four rounds.

6. Flower Earrings

Free Pattern by Naztazia

These are some lovely simple flower earrings that you can detail with beads, like pearls as above! They are crocheted in just two rounds and there is a youtube tutorial available too.

7. Pumpkin Earrings

Free Pattern by Wayward Cat Creatios

I love some festive earrings, and these pumpkins ones would be great for Autumn or Halloween.

The body is worked flat so you do not need knowledge of working in the round for these. The instructions are very clear so I would place this pattern at beginner level.

8. Long Granny Dangle Earrings

Free Pattern by One Stitch Designs

Dangling earrings make such a statement piece, especially these colourful crochet ones! Simply made out of granny squares and jewellery bits, you will have these worked up in no time.

9. Rosette Earrings

Free Pattern by Fiber Flux

Most of the patterns I have included so far are dangly earrings, but here we have some lovely little studs!

They work up super quickly so you just need to source some earring backings, being mindful of the material so they do not irritate your ears.

10. Granny Square Earrings

Free Pattern by Whistle & Ivy

Here we have some more adorable granny square earrings. This pattern is very beginner friendly, and even involves instructions for how to attach the earring hook if you have never done that sort of thing before!

11. Cherry Blossom Earrings

Free Pattern by GoldenLucyCrafts

These cherry blossom earrings are gorgeous, perfect for Spring or everyday wear! Them hanging from a chain is a very cool idea as it creates an asymmetrical effect when worn.

I hope you enjoy making and wearing these!

12. Spring Flair Earrings

Free Pattern by Fiber Flux

Crocheting off a loop is something I had not really thought about but it works so well! The designer has a written and video tutorial so all bases are covered.

Feel free to just make them with yarn or loop beads through them as above!

13. Strawberry Earrings

Free Pattern by Annie’s Granny Designs

These earrings allow you to wear a garden on your ears! Strawberries are such a nice fruit in taste and aesthetic, so of course they make amazing earrings. The little daisies also make a cute touch.

14. Easter Egg Earrings

Free Pattern by Divine Debris

Easter comes round so quickly each year, and wearing easter egg earrings is a must while celebrating!

Pastel colours are the ideal colour combo for the holiday but you could use any. The pattern is super easy so give it a go.

15. Flower Child Earrings

Free Pattern by Crafts by Sarah Liz

Little daisy earrings are something that will work with any outfit because of the plain colours! There are written instructions and images for every step.

The designer also has a pattern for a daisy headband so be sure to check that out too!

16. Flora Rainbow Earrings

Free Pattern by Divine Debirs

These mandala-looking earrings are so fun and easy to make! There are frequent colour changes which might be tricky and involve weaving in ends, but it will surely be worth it.

17. Fall Earrings

Free Pattern by GoldenLucyCrafts

Another set of earrings that are great for autumn! The warm colours of autumn leaves are so comfy, so I can imagine wearing them would have the same effect.

The different parts of the leaves and flower make these such an intricate looking but easy to make set!

18. Ethnic Earrings

Free Pattern by Natalie Lviv

The tassels on these earrings really make them pop! They are available as a Ravelry download and may be crocheted in only about 15 minutes, so get started today!

19. Caribbean Wave Hoop Earrings

Free Pattern by Fiber Flux

Its such a cool idea, I could not help putting in another earrings where they are a hoop is crocheted over! They are so minimalistic but fun at the same time. Feel free to make them in multi or solid colours to match your favourite outfits.