11 Adorable Free Crochet Turkey Patterns (easy and quick!)

For some, Thanksgiving is easily forgotten, while for others it is what they look forward to year-round.

Why not crochet some turkeys to honor this fantastic holiday? You can make a few decorations this year and reuse them in the following years.

Some of the patterns on this list can be modified so you can use them even if it isn’t Thanksgiving. If you’re just looking for something new to crochet that you can use in your everyday life, you should keep browsing the patterns on this list.

If you have a lot of people over, you will definitely need some coasters. What better way to brighten up the mood than by preparing some turkey-themed coasters? It’ll bring a lot of color to your home and combines function with decor.

Kids sometimes get bored at family gatherings, so you can crochet a few toys for them. They’ll have something to look forward to and they’ll make some beautiful memories with their Thanksgiving plushies.

If your child loves to dress up, you can crochet them a new outfit to wear on this special occasion. They won’t be the only ones having fun. It’ll make for great family photos to remember the good times you’ve had together.

1. Turkey Coaster

Find the pattern here.

Who doesn’t love a beautiful coaster? Even better if they have a fun shape.

These turkey coasters are the perfect leftover yarn Thanksgiving project.

You get an awesome decoration out of it while downsizing your yarn stash.

If you don’t have traditional Thanksgiving colors, don’t worry. You can still follow the pattern to make different types of birds.

Use blue, green, and purple and you’ve made a peacock. How awesome is that?

2. Gobble Coaster

Find the pattern here.

I love this coaster because it is really cute and beginner friendly.

I like how the main part of the coaster lays very flat so you can confidently set your cup on it.

Thanksgiving comes with a lot of cooking, so you’ll need something to set your pots on too. You can increase the number of rows you crochet to make a supersized version of the coaster.

This way you end up with an adorable potholder.

3. Turkey Applique

Find the pattern here.

This jumbo turkey uses super fluffy velvet yarn is an amazing oversized centerpiece for your dining table!

I love his chubby body and adorable feet, and you can arrange his tailfeathers to be any colors of yarn you like.

I used just 2 balls of Chenille Home (a brand by Michael’s) for the body, and some scrap yarn for the rest of the turkey.

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4. Turkey Mug Wrap

Find the pattern here.

November is the season of hot drinks. Winter is approaching, the weather is cooling. The best way to warm yourself up is by ordering a hot beverage.

However, sometimes the cup burns your hands, which is where mug wraps come in for the rescue.

Crochet this turkey-themed mug wrap this Thanksgiving. Take a walk with your favorite beverage while admiring your fun accessory.

If you’d like something to use all year round, you can modify the pattern and make an owl out of it.

5. Tutt, the Shy Turkey

Find the pattern here.

Did you love the first coaster on this list? Then this is the perfect project to follow up with. Tutt’s tail is made the same way, except a little bigger.

Tutt is the perfect companion if you’re setting up a stand at a Thanksgiving fair or if you’d like to place an adorable decoration in your home. You could place him on your porch too!

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6. Crocheted Turkey Decoration

Find the pattern here.

If you can’t get enough of crochet turkeys, this is the best pattern to try next.

The pattern includes weighted stuffing beads, which make this piece not only adorable home decor but an amazing door stopper at the same time.

Having guests over during the holidays is really fun, so why not welcome them with an open door?

7. Gilbert, the Thanksgiving Turkey

Find the pattern here.

If you like crocheting in the round, this is a great pattern to try.

I really like how colorful Gilbert is and the hat and bow on his head show how stylish he is.

If you’ve been looking for a great Thanksgiving decoration that is fun to make, Gilbert is the perfect turkey for you.

8. Thanksgiving Turkey Plushie

Find the pattern here.

If you like having a simpler color scheme for Thanksgiving festivities, this is the best pattern to try.

You only need four colors and you’ll be done with this piece in no time.

9. Turkey Puppet

Find the pattern here.

Are there a lot of kids coming to your Thanksgiving celebration this year?

How about making something for them to play with? You can make one for each one of them and organize a turkey running competition. The winner gets to have dessert first.

10. Turkey Hat

Find the pattern here.

Taking a walk after dinner is great but it can get chilly in November.

To keep the holiday spirit with you on your walk, you can crochet a turkey hat for yourself and your kids.

You can make it into a fun Thanksgiving tradition where everyone wears their turkey hat for the Thanksgiving walk.

11. Turkey Baby Outfit

Find the pattern here.

Babies are already adorable, but they can be even cuter in a fun holiday outfit.

If you’d like to create some beautiful memories this holiday season, you can crochet your little one a fun outfit. They will love to look back on the photos of them wearing it.