15 Stylish Crochet Checkered Bag Patterns

Crochet checkered bags make a lovely accessory to carry your everyday things! You can play around with whatever colours you want to create funky design, or using neutral colours you will have a bag that will match any outfit.

I have compiled a mix of tote style bags, as well as some pouches that feature the lovely checkered pattern. The designs also range between different sizes and shoulder strap lengths, so you are sure to find one that suits your needs here. Let’s get into this round-up post of 15 stylish crochet checkered bag patterns!

Crochet Checkered Bag

Free Pattern by The Yarn Ball Crochet

I love the rounded shape of this bag! The pattern may be followed by a crochet chart or by reading the written form, which both specify which colour to use to create your checkered design.

There is also a video tutorial that you may view too. This makes the pattern incredibly suited to beginners and above.

2. Checkered Crochet Clutch Bag

Free Pattern by Lucinda Ganderton

Here we have the checkered pattern featured in a nice and practical pouch. Also you need is some yarn, a hook as well as buttons and fabric lining if desired.

The pattern makes use of stitches in such a way that you only need one colour per row, which is super convenient considering how checkered is using worked!

3. Checker Make-up Pouch

Pattern by Hobbii

This one is an interesting take on checkered, where there are lines in between as seen above. Make sure to use different coloured yarns to achieve this interesting design!

The difficulty of this project is experienced, likely due to the tricky colour changes and attaching of the zip in making it into a pouch.

4. 90s Checkered Bag

Pattern by SomethingAboutSept

These bags are super funky, especially when done in bright colours like the ones above. The pattern is suitable for experienced beginners as it requires knowledge of basic stitches and colour changes.

Two super sizes skeins of yarn were used here, so not many materials are needed either! Instructions for how to make the bag bigger or smaller are included in the pattern.

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5. Textured Checkered Bag

Pattern by CrochetCartelCo

This pattern shows you how to make a long strap for wearing over the shoulder, if that is more your style. The bag part works up to be about 5.5×8 inches, so a decent size to hold all your things.

The pattern is easy to follow so you will some in various colour combinations in no time!

6. Checkered Tote

Pattern by TaylorJoeDesignCo

Here we have anther advanced beginner design! I like how the body is a checkered pattern while the straps are striped.

Depending what yarn is used plain crochet should work up a sturdy bag. But you make like to line it with fabric to keep the original shape, as per usual with crochet bags!

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7. Checkered Hearts Pouch

Pattern by Crimson Artizan

I adore the hearts in this checkered pouch pattern! Due to the complex colour work this pattern is suited for advanced beginner to intermediate crocheters, but it is sure to be worth it!

The designer says the dimensions of the pouch differ depending on yarn weight, hook and gauge of course, so do what works for you.

8. Checkered Baguette Bag

Pattern by Crochet Dahlia

This pattern is simply written and includes photo tutorials for those that are more visual learners. The bag is completely worked in single crochet, so great for beginners who are looking for a pattern to test their skills out with. Or anyone that just wants a cute bag!

The strap, sides and base and done in one piece to make things even simpler. There are also instructions for a larger size, so what more could you want!

9. Checkered Tote Bag

Pattern by Gaia Buccianti

A nice big bag of 33 x 33cm so you can carry anything from your favourite snacks to current book! 2 skeins of each colour to used to crochet this bag , so be prepared for that.

The bag is also easily customisable by using any material yarn you like and making it smaller/larger or straps shorter/longer!

10. Checkered Cross Body Bag

Pattern by Crochet Dahlia

This easy bag is done in all single crochet, so another great one for beginners and above! The straps, edge and base are also crocheted in one piece so there is few annoying seaming to do!

Photo tutorials for tapestry crochet so it is a great opportunity to learn or practice that technique. The finished bag works up to be about 16 x 20cm.

11. Crochet Checkered Bag

Pattern by ShopMadiJill

These checkered bags make a fun and easy project! The pattern includes clear instructions and tips for along the way.

The bags are worked in the round so some crocheting experience in that is recommended for it. The yarn required is about 100-200g so make sure to have that prepared.

12. Checkerboi Project Bag

Pattern by LoveIndyUK

This bag design is so funky, even it’s name is cool! I love the wide strap on these ones so they would feel nice and sturdy either over the shoulder or in the hand, depending how you carry bags.

100% Acylic aran yarn is used here so that type is recommended or your finished product might differ. The designer also has other indy themed patterns so be sure to check those out.

13. New Tote on the Block

Pattern by LunaWearPatterns

Compared to the other checkered bag patterns I have included, the squares on this one appear big and bold! As usual with checkered designs, two contrasting colours is recommended.

This is an intermediate pattern. The size of the bag is 45 x 35cm and there is only instructions for one size, so keep that in mind.

14. Checkered Bag

Pattern by YarnandColorsShop

The colour scheme on the bag above is so colourful and fun! A bag with this pattern would make the perfect addition to any outfit or outing, like to a festival.

The pattern is available in Dutch, German and English in US/UK terms so that is super handy! The skill level is also easy so anyone can give it a go.

15. Checkerboard Tote Bag

Pattern by SunnyStitchCompany

This pattern is expressed in written instructions as well as illustrated diagrams, so both grounds are covered. Some crochet experience is needed, particularly with colour work as that is obviously needed to create the checkered design.

The final dimensions for this bag are quite big so it would make a good one for grocery shopping or taking to the beach! I hope you have fun with it.