21 Cute Back to School Crochet Patterns for Kids (free!)

Back to school season is one of the most exciting times of the year for kids.

Some of them are just starting school for the first time, while others are looking forward to seeing their friends again.

Learning new things and making friends is a lot of fun but what makes these things even more fun, is when you have the right supplies to go along with them.

As part of your back to school shopping trip, you should stop by at your local yarn store and let the little ones choose the colors for their new accessories.

In this round up you will find free patterns for backpacks, bottle holders, and more. Get your hooks ready and let’s start crocheting!

1. Simple Backpack

Find the pattern here.

This is the perfect pattern to try for those who want a beautiful, timeless backpack.

You can be sure your children will wear this piece for a long time because it goes well with everything, be it a formal event or a school trip.

2. Dinosaur Backpack

Find the pattern here.

This backpack is a great choice for toddlers or gym equipment.

It is great for times kids don’t need to carry a lot of stuff, but they still need something to hold everything.

Aren’t the dinosaur spikes the cutest?

3. Bear Backpack

Find the pattern here.

Bears are the best animals to crochet for a cute and charming look.

With this backpack, your child will be the proudest to enter the classroom.

4. Simple Pencil Case

Find the pattern here.

This is a great pencil case for older children because of its simplicity.

It is a great toiletry bag for school trips or pajama parties with friends.

5. Whale Pencil Case

Find the pattern here.

This pencil case is the best companion for the start of the semester, especially if your kids are a bit nervous.

Their whale friend will always be there for them, cheering them on.

6. Granny Square Pencil Case

Find the pattern here.

What would a crochet pattern round up be without at least one piece made of granny squares?

This is a beautiful pattern your children will never get tired of.

7. Cactus Pencil Cozy

Find the pattern here.

What could be more fun than getting new stationary?

Dressing up your pencils!

This cactus pencil cozy pattern is so versatile and it makes a great set.

It is an awesome pattern to use if you are gifting someone a new pack of stationary.

You can make each cozy match the color of the pens.

8. Mermaid Tail Pencil Cozy

Find the pattern here.

Everyone goes through a mermaid-loving phase when they are young.

This mermaid cozy is the perfect match for that time.

9. Ice Cream Pencil Cozy

Find the pattern here.

Isn’t ice cream the best thing on the planet?

Let’s celebrate this sweet goodness with these beautiful ice cream cozies.

They don’t melt in the summer and don’t cause sore throats in the winter.

10. Book Sleeve

Find the pattern here.

This book sleeve is a great option if you would like to preserve the quality of a textbook.

They can get expensive so why not try and keep them in the best condition possible?

It is a great laptop cozy as well.

If your kids need their laptops at school, this will protect the devices on their way to and from school.

11. Heart Notebook Cover

Find the pattern here.

Everyone’s dream is to have the best and most beautiful notebook in school.

However, the most gorgeous notebooks aren’t always the cheapest.

This notebook cover is a great option for those on a budget.

What’s even better is that they can be reused next year!

12. Lace Book Cover

Find the pattern here.

This is one of the most gorgeous lace patterns I’ve ever seen.

What’s great about it is that it isn’t a hard project to crochet.

I would’ve loved having one of these when I was younger.

13. Bottle Holder

Find the pattern here.

Hydration is important, especially during a long school day or when playing sports.

Bottle holders ensure that your kids will have their bottles with them anywhere they go.

14. Star Stitch Bottle Holder

Find the pattern here.

The star stitch is so beautiful, your kids will be really excited to use this new bottle holder.

It is a fun crochet project you’ll get a lot of use out of.

15. Animal Bottle Holder

Find the pattern here.

These bottle holders are so adorable!

It is great to have something to comfort you, especially when entering new and unknown places, like school and kindergarten is at first.

These bottle holders will help the little ones be at ease even when everything feels daunting.

16. Colored Pencil Amigurumi

Find the pattern here.

Back-to-school time is important for everyone; kids, parents and teachers too.

This pencil amigurumi pattern is great for those who want to decorate their classroom for the new start of the semester.

You can make multiple crochet pencils and attach them to a garland to put on the walls.

17. Pencil Windspinner

Find the pattern here.

This is yet another fun project to entertain kids with.

It is great not just for teachers, but also parents who chose to home-school their children.

You could even make this together.

18. Crochet Dice

Find the pattern here.

Dice are fun to play with but they often roll away from the play area and into small spaces.

This crochet dice is the perfect solution to that and it is a great help during classes.

19. Apple Keychain

Find the pattern here.

After crocheting a new backpack, you may want to attach a keychain onto it to make it even more personal.

Or maybe this is the first time your kids will come home alone.

Make it even more special for them by attaching a keychain to their new set of keys.

20. Schoolbus Keychain

Find the pattern here.

What is the first thing that pops into your mind about school?

School buses, of course.

This is a cool and fun keychain to accessorize backpacks and pencil cases with.

21. T-Rex Keychain

Find the pattern here.

Many children love dinosaurs. For good reason, they are fascinating!

It just so happens that they make the most adorable amigurumi projects.

Whether you need a new keychain or not, you should make this little T-rex and decorate your home with it.