11 Delightful Plaid Crochet Blanket Patterns (free and easy)

Crochet blankets are an essential item for the colder weather, or just a cute decoration for your couch or bed! They make a lovely long term project if you are after something that will take up more space on your lap as you slowly work it up.

A plaid design means you can incorporate all your favourite colors, or use up some scrap yarn that has been lying around a while! Plaid generally has two to four colors, so make sure to have that many colored skeins prepared!

Wool yarn would probably be best so it is nice and cosy, although any yarn material that is accessible and affordable to you will do. I hope you enjoy the process of crocheting you very own plaid blanket, as well as the finished product!

1. Rad Plaid Blanket

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

First up we have this funky plaid blanket, complete with tassels on the end! The stitch used creates such a cool textures, and you might like to use a feature colored yarn like the aqua color is in this blanket.

The colorwork is not as complicated as you might think, it mostly involves crocheting a striped blanket and then weaving long lengths of colored yarn through. That makes this pattern suitable for advanced beginners!

2. Wildwood Plaid Blanket

Free Pattern by Two of Wands

Next up we have this stunning beginner friendly pattern that mostly consists of double crocheting and weaving. You will need many skeins of yarn, and Lion Brand Hue + Me was used for the blanket above.

The written striped instructions are super easy to follow. The videos for the crochet plaid and twisted rope fringe will also help you make a blanket that you are proud of!

3. Pixel Plaid Blanket

Free Pattern by Cypress Textiles

I love the colors in this one, and the blanket works up to an incredible 58 x 58 inches, depending on your gauge. The designer put together heaps of color combinations if you are stuck for ideas, and these templates will also help when crocheting throughout the project.

There is also a behind the scenes post if you are looking for more details, this would be great to check out especially if you are a beginner.

4. Plaid Look Blanket

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

Here we have a plaid blanket made with chunky yarn, great for when you want it to work slightly quicker! The pattern only involves single crochet, double crochet and embroidery, making it a nice and easy one!

Yarnspirations offers the pattern in a kit, or you can just download the free pattern.

5. Chunky Buffalo Plaid Throw

This pattern is also made with chunky yarn. There is a video tutorial available that you might like to follow for learning how to change colors and carrying yarn.

The pattern is super easy to follow, and also provides a tip for making your own chunky yarn by holding two strands of worsted weight yarn!

6. Easy Plaid Crochet Blanket

Free Pattern by Callista Faye Creative

This design is gorgeous, and if you use neutral colors like the shades of grey above, you will have a blanket that will compliment any furniture!

There is a handy crochet chart available. or clear written instructions that you might like to follow along instead.

7. Heritage Plaid Blanket

Free Pattern by Originally Lovely

The tassels on this blanket are just too cute! There are simply color changes involved with this plaid blanket, you will just want to crochet in one color and embroider your contrasting yarn after!

There is a video tutorial available, and depending on your tension the blanket is looking to work up to about 48 inches by 56 inches.

8. Simple Plaid Blanket

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

This blanket is worked in just one color and you embroider the contrasting yarn after. The pattern incorporates chain spaces to make this task easier!

Again, Yarnspirations provides a handy way for you to purchase all the materials off their site, or you might just like to use the free downloadable pattern.

9. Blue Plaid Baby Blanket

Free Pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts

I love the colors used in this one! The soft pastel tones would make this a lovely blanket for a baby, as the name suggests.

A baby blanket also means you do not have crochet as much as you would for a full size blanket! That makes this a lovely project to gift, donate, or use as a little lap blanket for yourself.

10. Pretty ‘n’ Plaid Picnic Blanket

Free Pattern by Willow Yarns

If using a nice durable and washable yarn, you might like to use this one as a picnic blanket! By using a 6.5mm hook or possible a bigger one depending on your gauge, this blanket is likely to work up quicker than others.

This is said to be an intermediate level project, although an advanced beginner could probably give it a go too!

11. Velvet Plaid Blanket

Free Pattern by Love Life Yarn

Finally we have this lovely velvet yarn blanket! You would want your own velvet yarn to use to get the right dimensions, although you could get away with any.

This one works up quickly when using chunky yarn and a 10mm hook, so if you start now you will have one done in no time. Remember to enjoy the process of crocheting your very own blanket!