29+ Adorable Crochet Llama Free Patterns You Can Make!

Crochet llama and alpaca patterns have gained immense popularity in the world of crafting and amigurumi enthusiasts. These delightful designs allow crafters to create adorable, huggable llamas and alpacas using their crochet hooks and colorful yarns.

Llama patterns come in various styles and sizes, ranging from small keychain-sized creations to large, cuddly plush toys. The patterns typically include detailed instructions on creating the llama’s body, head, legs, and facial features, ensuring that even beginners can enjoy the process from start to finish.

Crafters can easily personalize their llamas by choosing different yarn colors or yarn weights and adding accessories like hats, blankets, or even flower crowns. The end result is a charming creature that brings joy to both the maker and the recipient.

Crocheted llamas make for delightful gifts, nursery decorations, or simply as cherished companions. Below you will find llama and alpaca toys, cushions, hats and more to make for yourself or gift to others! With their soft textures and friendly faces, these crochet animals have become a beloved favorite in the world of handmade crafts.

Whether you’re looking to make something for yourself, a gift for another or just some fun-themed items for your home, the below llama patterns will be a great choice and there is something for everyone regardless or crochet skill level.

1. Llama-no-drama

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

This pattern is for intermediate crocheters due to the slightly more complex stitches used to create the texture of the Llama’s fur.

The effort is absolutely worth it though – this llama and his accompany accessories look amazing and the llama fur looks really great and cuddly!

2. Amigurumi Llama

Free patterns by Furls Fiber Art

This is a brilliant beginners pattern due to its smaller size and easy crochet stitches typically found in amigurumi. They also have a little bit of color with a little blanket accessory.

The pattern is well written and easy to follow along on the website and the llama looks great at the end!

3. Llama Doll

Free pattern by Grace and Yarn

This pattern is well written and great for any crocheter to make a cute llama friend! The pattern even has a video you can follow or use the written pattern and step-by-step photos to help you follow it!

This llama toy is a little different in that it stands on two legs, but makes for a really great doll-like toy!

4. Friendly Llama

Free pattern by The Friendly Red Fox

This llama is great if you’re looking to make a fun and colorful crochet creation. This well-written pattern has great instructions to follow and even has patterns for both the pom poms and blanket for your llama friend!

You can easily customize the llama color and its accessories to fit what you or you recipient likes.

5. Colorful Llamas

Free pattern by A Little Love Everyday

Such colorful llamas! These are really nice and easy to make and also has minimal sewing to complete the final llama.

The pattern is quick and easy to make as the head and body are crocheted all as one piece and you’ll have a cute llama/alpaca in no time!

6. Ragdoll Llama

Free pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet

Ragdoll patterns are great for crocheters who prefer crocheting in rows. This pattern requires you to crochet the llama in two separate that are joined together at the end with stuffing in between.

The pattern also includes how to make the pattern, tassels and pom poms and you can easily choose your own colors for this creation!

7. Llama Lovey

Free pattern by Leither Co.

This llama lovey is a great gift for newborns and easy for any crocheter to make. The pattern is easy and quick to work up due to being made up of only a few amigurumi pieces and a flat blanket!

Once pieces are made up you have minimal sewing and you have a cute final llama to gift to newborns and children!

8. Mini Amigurumi Llama

Free pattern by Grace and Yarn

These mini llamas end up at about 8 inches tall, so they can be made fairly quickly.

This pattern also has minimal sewing making it even quicker to make as the head, legs and body are all made in one piece and you jut sew on the arms and ears!

9. Larry and Linda Llama

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

This is a pattern that contains a special stitch making this pattern intermediate in level. Overall the pattern is straightforward and well-written and also has instructions for making a blanket and halter for the two llamas!

10. Poncho Llama

Free pattern by Lovely Craft

This is an adorable llama made complete with a cute outfit and colorful poncho to accessorize. The pattern is easy to customize and change the body color or poncho colors.

The poncho is removable, so you could make variations of it and switch up his wardrobe every now and again!

11. Lola the Llama

Free pattern by Handcrafting a Life

This pattern uses the typical amigurumi crochet stitches to make this lovely llama. Once again this pattern also has instructions on making the blanket which can be customized with any color of your choice.

The pattern results in a slightly larger llama, but that just makes it all the better for cuddling!

12. Loopy Llama Blanket

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

The crochet loop stitches used in this pattern are used to mimic the fluffy fur of a llama and it makes for a great blanket or rug texture!

This is another pattern where you can really get creative and use your own choice of colors.

13. Llama Toy

Free pattern by Make & Do Crew

This great little llama (or alpaca) toy is so soft and huggable for any person you choose to gift this to. The recommended yarn used for this pattern can be hard to use due to it’s fuzziness, but can really create a great end toy!

The designer also gives tips of using this fuzzy yarn throughout the pattern.

14. Llama Wall Hanging

Free pattern by E’Claire Makery

This pattern is easy and quick to make as it only uses simple stitches and a bobble stitch for the llama fur. This bright and colorful wall hanging would be great for children, but can easily be customized.

15. Mama Llama

Free pattern by Winding Road Crochet

This is another ragdoll-style of llama pattern which is absolutely adorable! The pattern is very easy as it uses very basic crochet stitches . The pattern is very clear and even has useful pictures to help you along the way.

16. Llama Pillow

Free pattern by Grace and Yarn

This project is so cute and a great way to crochet a llama-themed item. The pattern is easy to follow, and very easy to customize to the point where you could even make a horse or unicorn with just some small color and accessory changes!

17. Lluna the Llama

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

Another pattern by Yarnspirations – the pattern is, as always, well written and easy to follow along with. The pattern includes a cute tassel blanket with guidance on sewing it altogether!

18. Llama Pichu

Free pattern by Cotton Nutty

This pattern has been made with beginners in mind. The pattern includes the instructions for the base llama pattern as well as for the hat and poncho – both of which are removable, meaning you could make a whole colorful wardrobe for this llama toy!

19. Llama Hat

Free pattern by Lovable Loops

Another llama-themed item – a cozy hat! This pattern is easy to work up and uses mostly just double crochet stitches throughout. The pattern very helpfully provides a sizing guide if you want to make this hat for anyone from baby to adult!

20. Fuzzy Llama

Free pattern by Durable

Another fuzzy llama for you to crochet – the recommended is super soft and cuddly. The yarn can be difficult to work with, but the result is worth it. The pattern has very clear instructions and is easy to follow.

21. Llama Planter

Free pattern by Sweet Softies

This is such a creative way to create a llama-themed crochet item. The long neck of llama’s make for a great way to incorporate a planter for your house plants.

The pattern is easy to work up and the pattern has very useful photos to help you follow along!

22. Spring Alpaca

Free pattern by Stringy Ding Ding

This pattern from Stringy Ding Ding is technically labeled as an alpaca, but llama’s and alpacas are so close in nature, and these creations were so cute, that I couldn’t resist adding them to the list.

These alpacas are small and easy to make and once again use the cozy fuzzy yarn for the fur.

23. Alpaca family

Free pattern by Hobbii

Another alpaca/llama pattern, but this time a family of them! The pattern recommends curly yarn for the fur of these llamas and instructions for both the larger and smaller one – two patterns in one!

24. Groovy Llama

Free pattern by Hooked by Kati

This is a more intermediate pattern, but is a great pattern nonetheless. The pattern has intricate parts and utilizes different textures to create a really “groovy” llama toy.

The pattern uses the typical amigurumi stitches found for making toys, so he is easy to make in that sense, but has more complex joining and textures involved such as branching to create and attach the legs.

25. Carl the Alpaca

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

This pattern can be found right here at Little World of Whimsy and he is just the cutest! This is an alpaca, but you could easily turn this little guy into a llama by adding some fur texture to his body or leaving him as is!

The pattern is easy to follow and even has guidance on making a little holiday hat if you wanted a seasonal accessory for him!

26. A Very Little Llama

Free pattern by Annaboo’s House

This llama is a great project for using up scarp yarn as it is so small and cute, so he requires barely any yarn! It is easy to work up due to its small size and is easy to customize the colors of the blanket and tassels!

27. Loki the Llama

Free pattern by Jess Huff

This is such an amazing llama pattern! The pattern looks amazing with the loop stitch fur, but the designer understands that this can be hard to grasp.

As a result, the designer has provided two patterns alternatives for this llama. One pattern is aimed at intermediate crocheters who can do the with loop stitches for the fur; another pattern contains just single crochet for those that are beginners, so there’s a pattern for both options depending on your ability and preference!

28. Llama Stuffy

Free pattern by Ginger Kitten Crochet

This cute llama stuffy is nice and bright pink and even comes with a cute blanket and bridle. The pattern is very well written, easy to follow and quick to work up due to its smaller size.

You can easily change the colors too to suit your preference!

29. Billy the Llama

Free pattern by Elisa Crochet

This final llama is again very easy to make due to using typical amigurumi stitches and as it is smaller in size than other llamas and alpacas on this post he is quick to make too.

This llama has a different style with a larger head and eyes, but it makes him all the more cuter!

30. Amigurumi Alpaca

Free pattern by Asmi Handmade

This cute alpaca is a great pattern for any crocheter. He is small, cute and has adorable accessories to make too! There isn’t much sewing either, so its even easier.

The pattern gives guidance on making the blanket too and its very easy to customize. You can whip this project up in no time and have an adorable alpaca or llama friend at the end!