19 Adorable Lunar New Year Crochet Patterns (free and easy!)

Lunar New Year crochet patterns celebrate the vibrant and auspicious traditions and these patterns encapsulate the spirit of renewal, prosperity, and good luck associated with the Lunar New Year. Intricate and symbolic motifs are incorporated into various crochet designs, representing the zodiac animal of the year and other traditional elements like cherry blossoms, lanterns, dragons, and firecrackers.

Crafters can create beautiful amigurumi animals, such as crocheted rats, oxen, tigers, rabbits, or dragons, to honor each zodiac sign. These adorable creatures can be gifted as tokens of good fortune to loved ones. There are even crochet patterns for decorative items like coasters, table runners, and wall hangings are available, featuring delicate patterns symbolizing prosperity and harmony.

Lunar New Year crochet patterns not only provide a creative outlet for crochet enthusiasts but also serve as a meaningful way to connect with the cultural heritage and traditions of the holiday. By crafting these patterns, individuals can infuse their homes with the festive spirit, spreading joy and auspicious vibes throughout the Lunar New Year celebrations.

1. Lunar Lantern

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

This is a great hanging ornament found here at Little World of Whimsy. This pattern creates a medium sized lantern with an adorable face on top! You get to break out your tassel maker for the bottom as well – or you can DIY one (tutorial in the article!).

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2. Lunar New Year Girl Doll Amigurumi

Free patern by Little World of Whimsy

This effortless Lunar New Year girl doll features a dress worked all in one piece, as well as a simple yet elegant hairstyle. There is a full video tutorial for the doll base, so this is great for first time doll makers!

3. Dragon Amigurumi

Free pattern by All About Ami

This adorable dragon is perfect for Lunar New Year. This designer has created a whole host of amigurumi zodiac toys that you’ll see crop up on this list!

This pattern is easy to follow and has some great images to help you understand the different parts of the pattern too.

4. Lucky Lunar Lantern

Free pattern by Sweet Softies

If you’re looking for an easy Lunar New Year decoration then look no further than this pattern! It’s a little smaller than the one earlier on the list but is great for a car or a smaller space.

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5. Tiger Amigurumi

Free pattern by Ollie + Holly

This is a great pattern for Lunar New Year – the pattern is nice and simple, very well explained and laid out and has useful pictures of each finished part to help you along the way too!

6. Fortune Cookie

Free pattern by Mohu

This is a really lovely and simple pattern that can be created as colorful or as traditional as you like. The pattern is clear and easy to follow and has great pictures for each step too.

You can work up a whole batch of fortune cookies in no time at all!

7. Red Envelope

Free pattern by Curious Papaya

This red envelope is a great way to celebrate Lunar New Year with friends and family and share a little bit of luck and fortune around – you can even theme the red envelope for the year that it is.

The image above shows a red envelope for the year of the Ox, but you could easily do this for any zodiac animal.

8. Ox Amigurumi

Free pattern by Ollie + Holly

Another great pattern by Ollie + Holly, but this time for the year of the Ox. This pattern is adorable and can easily be customized.

The pattern is again very clear, easy to follow and has some pictures to help you as you complete the pattern.

9. Sheep Amigurumi

Free pattern by All About Ami

Another zodiac animal for decoration of as gift giving for people born in the year of the Sheep. The pattern is again nice and easy to follow and even has instructions to make a very cute collar and bell.

10. Jin Yuan Bao Ornament

Free pattern by Ollie + Holly

This ornament is a great ornament all year round, not just for the new year. Yuan Bao represents wealth, prosperity and luck.

The pattern is quick and easy to make and you can make many to decorate your home or gift to friends and family.

11. Zodiac Animals

Free patterns by Turtlekeeper Designs

This designer has created small heads for each zodiac animal.

The patterns are listed as separate links at the above webpage and are very nicely detailed and easy to follow for any beginner crocheter.

12. New Year Doll

Free pattern by All About Ami

This pattern designer has created an adorable doll dressed up in traditional attire for the New Year. The doll even carries a small rabbit – something that you could change depending on the animal of the year perhaps.

The doll pattern is simple and uses typical amigurumi stitches, it doesn’t take long to make and the end result looks great!

13. Prosperity Bunny Amigurumi

Free pattern by Octopus Crochet

This is such an adorable pattern and perfect for Lunar New Year. The pattern consists of a rabbit with decorative lion dance cape and a cute mini lantern too.

You could absolutely make a different animal with the same cape and lantern if you needed to as well – so it can be used any year!

14. Porcelain Rabbit

Free pattern on Ravelry

This is such a creative way to display crochet zodiac animals instead of the usual amigurumi toys. This takes inspiration for porcelain pottery designs and implements them with an amigurumi rabbit.

The result is a beautiful looking zodiac rabbit that you can use as a mini decoration or ornament too.

15. Rooster Amigurumi

Free pattern by Anvi’s Granny

This zodiac rooster pattern is great for beginners as it uses simple amigurumi stitches, is simple is shape and easy and quick to work up.

The pattern requires minimal sewing and will take no time at all to make!

16. Monkey Amigurumi

Free pattern by All About Ami

This Monkey looks so adorable and is very straight forward to follow and make. The pattern even includes guidance on making his little banana as well.

The pattern is good for any level of crocheter and requires minimal sewing which makes it even easier!

17. Pig Amigurumi

Free pattern by All About Ami

This pig is so cute and he has a sweet little outfit on too! The pattern is very simple to make as it is composed of one simple shape and has minimal sewing.

The pattern does use felt to create his ears which you could also crochet if you really wanted to.

18. Snake Amigurumi

Free pattern by Anvi’s Granny

Another pattern from Anvi’s Granny. This pattern is again simple and easy for any beginner crocheter to start with.

There is no sewing except to add a tongue to this little guy and embroider a mouth, but otherwise it is very simple and straightforward to make!

19. Rat Amigurumi

Free pattern by All About Ami

This is a really sweet rat pattern for those born in the year of the rat. The pattern really emphasis the rat’s ears to make him look very cute.

The pattern is well written, easy to follow and results is an adorable rat friends for yourself or anyone you gift it to.