17 Warm and Stylish Free Crochet Balaclava Patterns

Balaclavas are the latest trend for fall and winter and for good reason! They are beautiful and warm and offer a coziness no hat could ever provide.

They are great pieces to add to all of your cool-weather outfits because they can complement all the colors you’re already wearing. They can also add a pop of color to neutral clothing or a fun and cool pattern.

I love that they don’t take up a lot of space so you can make a lot of them in different colors and with different fits and patterns. They are the best warm accessory to try this season. You should hurry up and make one too!

1. Sherpa Balaclava

Find the pattern here.

What’s cozier than sherpa yarn?

Make this simple and easy balaclava to feel the most comfortable you can be outside.

This pattern could work well with velvet yarn as well.

2. One Skein Balaclava

Find the pattern here.

One skein projects are amazing.

You don’t need a lot of yarn or preparation and your crochet piece will be finished in no time.

Try crocheting this balaclava the next time you sit down to binge a cool Netflix series.

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3. Knit Look Balaclava

Find the pattern here.

Knitting is great, but crocheting is cooler.

It’s faster and easier and more dun.

However, everyone wants a piece that looks like knitting sometimes.

This is the best pattern for that kind of mood. It’s simple, yet stylish and it offers the right amount of warmth.

4. Single Crochet Balaclava

Find the pattern here.

Who doesn’t like adding nice ribbing to their crochet projects?

I love how all you need to do is single crochet, yet you get this contrast between the main part and the ribbing.

5. Basic Balaclava

Find the pattern here.

This is another wonderful take on a simple balaclava fit.

I love the yarn used because it gives the piece a marbled effect.

The ribbing around the face is beautiful too. I can’t wait to make one myself.

6. Checkered Balaclava

Find the pattern here.

The checkered pattern is one of the most fun patterns to crochet.

All you need to do is change the yarn every few stitches.

You can do it without cutting the yarn by holding it on top of the previous row before making the next stitch.

I love the original design with only one checkered row but it would look amazing with checkers all over too.

7. Granny Balaclava Evolution

Find the pattern here.

Granny square balaclavas are so lovely, you can’t skip these ones.

They are great if you want a colorful accessory and make for the cutest outfits.

8. Ultimate Granny Square Balaclava

Find the pattern here.

Isn’t it amazing how many variations you can create with granny squares?

Get those hooks ready and let your inspiration flow, because this is going to be your next favorite clothing item you crochet.

9. Old Memories Balaclava

Find the pattern here.

I love the looser fit of this balaclava.

It is a great pattern to follow, whether you make the body of the balaclava with granny squares or not.

Sometimes you just need something that adds warmth in a non-constricting way.

10. Granny Square Only Balaclava

Find the pattern here.

I love the two-color granny square look because it is simple and stylish.

It will complement every outfit you want to wear this season.

Another fun idea would be making every granny square a different color.

11. Helmet Balaclava

Find the pattern here.

This balaclava is the best for windy days.

I love how it doubles as a scarf and a hat all at once.

The button is a beautiful accessory to this piece.

12. Hooded Cowl

Find the pattern here.

Sometimes we put together a great outfit and are ready to go but the weather suddenly changes.

Whether it’s rain, snow or wind, this is the best item to throw on in a hurry.

You’ll keep your stylish outfit and the cozy, warm feeling you need.

13. Wrapped Up Balaclava

Find the pattern here.

The wrapped effect on this piece is wonderful and it is a great detail to add to your balaclava.

It is a small thing that sets it apart from all the other ones and it complements minimalist, elegant styles effortlessly.

14. Ribbed Hood Balaclava

Find the pattern here.

This balaclava has a drawstring and ribbing, what more could you wish for?

It is a beautiful crochet project I could see paired with a sporty outfit. Maybe wear it on your way to and from the gym.

15. Into the Woods Balaclava

Find the pattern here.

The fit of this balaclava is really amazing. I love the room it provides for every hairdo and the pompoms are a cute addition.

The color combination on this piece is beautiful too, perfect for autumn.

16. Bear Hood

Find the pattern here.

If you’re looking for a playful pattern to try, this bear balaclava is just what you need.

The pattern is written for children, but you can easily size up to make one for yourself too.

17. Bunny Ear Balaclava

Find the pattern here.

This bunny balaclava is another fun crochet project for you to try.

I love the ears and I can’t wait to see what they look like on a windy day.

It is great for a costume party, and easy to put on and off.