19 Adorable Cottagecore Free Crochet Patterns (easy!)

If you are wanting to decorate your outfits, home or car into a cottagecore dream, then this post is for you! I have compiled a bunch of patterns that I see as fitting the cottagecore aesthetic- from mushrooms and flowers to granny square home accessories.

The colours that fit the theme are usually green, pastel or autumn-y but feel free to use whatever coloured yarn you like to make it truly yours! I hope you feel inspired by these projects and have fun making some of these for yourself or the cottagecore fanatics in your life. Enjoy!

1. Mushroom Trio

Free Pattern by Cutiepie Crochet

I wanted to start with some plushies that I know I closely associate with cottagecore, and that is mushrooms! They are so cute to sit on a desk, in your car or turn into a keychain.

You only need the two colours of black and red, unless you are feeling adventurous. I think pink and white colours would look very cute!

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2. Mushroom Reflections Wall Hanging

Free Pattern by DivineDebris

Another mushroom project, but it is something you can hang on your wall! The colour work on this is gorgeous but very intricate, so you might want to be an advanced crocheter for this one.

The frills are a nice touch and make sure you have a wooden stick or something so you can display your finished work!

3. Flower Hyacinth

Free Pattern by Victoriia Kryrchuk

Hyacinths are a beautiful flower and a crochet version means you do not have to worry about it dying on you! You can easily make them in all different colours to create a bouquet to put on display or gift to someone else.

The pattern is available in a downloadable pdf with plenty of photos and even a video tutorial! You are sure to enjoy this beginner suited patterns.

4. Beginner Crochet Granny Triangle Bandana

Free Pattern by HayhayCrochet

Bandanas make such a quick and easy hair accessory! Feel free to make them in plenty of colours to match every outfit. Not only are they cute and practical, but really fit into the cottagecore theme we are going for!

5. Elloth Granny Square

Free Pattern by K.A.M.E Crochet

Here we have a granny square pattern that you can implement in any way you like! The look super cute, especially when done in multiple colours that really pop.

You could turn these squares into a bag, blanket or anything else of your choosing! It is bound to look cute either way.

6. Love Garland

Free Pattern by AnneMarie’s Haakblog

Garlands make a lovely decoration for when your walls are looking a little bare. Or maybe it can be hung above a bedhead. The hearts work up quick and easily, you just have to make enough to turn them into a garland.

7. Moroccan Pillow Cover

Free Pattern by Yarnhookneedles

This pillow cover would make the perfect addition to any bed or couch! You just have to start with your own pillow and the pattern walks you through how to crochet each row and assemble. The design make look intricate but it is definitely worth it!

8. Granny Square Cushion Cover

Free Pattern by Marinke Slump

Granny square pillows are a great way to bring some colour and crochet work into your living space! The pattern only uses simple stitches so very suitable for beginners.

There are images for every step of crocheting the granny square which is super handy. I trust you will pick a lovely colour scheme for your own cushion cover!

9. Hot Hibiscus Tea Cosy

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

Tea pots can look so boring when they do not have a cover on! Tea cosies also make the hot pot to handle in general, so they are practical too.

Here we have an amazing looking rainbow one, but yours can be done any way you like. The skill level for this project is intermediate considering there are some special details in the pattern.

10. Tea Cosy

Free Pattern by Underground Crocheter

This adorable tea cosy is crocheted in parts such as the body, flowers and leaves that then need to be sewn together. With that the pattern may be best suited for intermediate crocheters.

You can have fun with lots of colours in this design so you can have a tea cosy that almost looks like a flower garden!

11. Gingham Sunflower Table Runner

Free Pattern by Nana’s Crafty Home

This runner would make an incredible centre piece for the table! The colour work may be difficult between the gingham and sunflower design, so be prepared for that.

The table runner is all worked in single crochet, and there is a written or graph form that you can follow to create the design.

12. Picnic Basket

Free Pattern by Crystalized Designs

This basket makes a fun and practical project for when you want to carry picnic things or to use generally out and about! The design of the stitches may look difficult but the pattern makes it a breeze.

The finished product is a decent size with about 11.5 inches in length so there may even be room in the basket for your current work in progress!

13. Daisy Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Raffamusa Designs

Daisy or any flower applique really can make a garment look cottagecore themed! This pattern works up super quickly and easily, meaning you can make heaps in a short amount of time. Maybe you could even make them into earrings if you have some hooks!

14. Plant Hanger

Free Pattern by A Box of Twine

Here we a plant hanger that is not only stylish but allows you to hang your plants from anywhere! I have usually seen plant hangers made out of macrame, as you can see us crocheters can make them as well! You would just need sturdy yarn.

15. Butterfly

Free Pattern by Beautiful Crochet Stuff

These little butterflies make great decorations to scatter around a room as is, or you can use them as appliques on your favourite project. The work up super easily and as only simple stitches are involved they would be suitable for a beginner audience.

16. Flowers Power Crown

Free Pattern by jennyandteddy

Everyone needs a power crown to live out their cottagecore dream, a crochet one makes it even better! The pattern involves crocheting the flowers separately and attaching them to the green vine.

Between the crocheting and sewing this is likely an intermediate level project, or an adventurous beginner!

17. Gingham Picnic Blanket

Free Pattern by Yarnspirations

Gingham is such a pretty pattern, and featured on a picnic blanket or just blanket in general is lovely! Colour palettes that would look great here aside from blue might be pink or green in soft tones.

The pattern involves a lot of colour changes as you can guess so be prepared for that!

18. Simple Gingham Crochet Tote Bag

Free Pattern by HayhayCrochet

And here we have another practical project with the gingham design! This pattern is simple as it even specifies in the title and works up in no time.

The instructions are easy to understand with photos, you will have a blast making a gingham tote for yourself!

19. Cottagecore Strawberry Purse

Free Pattern by It’sKenKen

Finally we have this absolutely adorable strawberry bag! Unique bags are such a fun accessory to add to any outfit, and this strawberry one is bound to stand out.

There are few colour changes so no need to worry about that, you just need something to make your handle sturdy. Red and green are your typical strawberry colours, but I think a pink and green one would look cute too!