17 Thirty Minute Crochet Soap Saver Patterns (free!)

Many people get into the crochet world because of their love for home decor. Crocheting gives you so much more freedom in designing your dream home than if you were buying everything at the store.

A room you may have overlooked in your house or apartment is the bathroom. It can be hard to find the best crochet projects for this space because of the humid environment. Soap savers solve this issue.

You may be thinking that soap savers are only a tool to use in the shower, but they can serve as a trinket too. After all, they go unused for the majority of the day.

On this list, you will find patterns using a variety of colors and stitches. You will definitely find something to suit your taste.

Besides being beautiful ornaments they are perfect for quick projects and to use up leftover yarn. They are great pieces for beginner crocheters.

Another plus is that they are reusable. If you feel like your soap saver needs a quick cleanse, throw it into the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

You won’t have to make a new one unless you get bored of the design.

1. Simple Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

The first pattern on this list is one of the easiest ones to make.

If your bathroom has bold patterns, you may be looking for a simpler design.

This pattern is made for you if you don’t care too much about having a cool pattern and want to crochet something in a short amount of time.

2. Two Sided Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

This is an amazing pattern because by making one piece you get two. If you turn it inside out it’ll feel like a new item altogether.

The pattern includes instructions for a matching washcloth.

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3. Knit Look Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

Knit pieces look amazing, however, knitting can be daunting. If you have yet to embark on your knitting journey, try this pattern.

The soap saver is made with crochet stitches only and looks as if you knit it. It is great for beginners who want to level up their spa routine.

4. Textured Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

To make this wonderful design, you will crochet into the front posts of the stitches.

If you’ve been avoiding this technique, this is your sign to give it a try.

Every stitch is accompanied by step-by-step instructions in both written and video formats.

5. Double Crochet Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

The soap saver in the picture is the second pattern on the page.

This pattern is beginner friendly and well-suited for people who like to crochet with multiple colors.

6. Multicolor Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

This pattern is a great fit for those looking for something colorful. The pattern uses four colors, but you can pick as many as you’d like.

I love how the drawstring uses all the colors as well. This is a quick and easy piece you can give as a gift or sell at craft fairs.

7. Bean Stitch Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

Learning new stitches is the best way to level up your crochet skills. The bean stitch isn’t very common, however, it is really easy to master.

The instructions for it are written at the beginning of the pattern. Once you try it, you may find yourself incorporating it into more of your projects.

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8. Thistle Stitch Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

The thistle stitch creates a very elegant and beautiful pattern. What makes this soap saver special is the ribbing at the top.

It not only gives you a space to thread the drawstring through but adds a unique detail to your piece as well.

9. Radiant Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

This soap saver is part of the Radiance Bath Set.

If you’re looking to level up your at-home spa routine, check out the rest of this bath set.

It is a lovely pattern with beautiful details, the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

10. Bobble Stitch Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

I love this beautiful, gentle design. It is perfect if you’d like to make something for your baby. Make sure to choose a material suited for sensitive skin.

If you don’t know how to crochet the bobble stitch, have a look at the previous pattern on this list.

11. Double Crochet Mesh Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

This is the perfect soap saver design for you if you love crocheting mesh. Your new soap saver will be ready in no time.

It is a wonderful item to sell at craft fairs and a great gift for loved ones. You can make a lot of them in a very little amount of time.

12. Mesh Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

This is another great option if you like mesh soap savers.

The great thing about mesh designs is that they let the soap bar dry completely. This will maximize its lifespan.

13. Drops Design Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

This is one of the best designs for those who prefer simplicity.

If you want to personalize it, you can add beads, as the previous pattern did, or use multiple colors.

14. Bunny Ears Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

If you want to ease into Easter preparations or you like anything bunny related, you need to try this pattern. This soap saver will cheer up every toddler who isn’t fond of bath time.

15. Flower Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

A beautiful soap saver to gift and sell homemade soap bars.

You can experiment with different colors and types of flowers to make your item unique and personal.

16. Leaf Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

This project will be ready in less than an hour and you’ll have a beautiful, intricate leaf design to decorate your bathroom with.

It is great if you want to have different soap savers for each season.

17. Pineapple Soap Saver

Find the pattern here.

To add another toddler-friendly soap saver to your collection, try this pineapple design.

It adds a pop of color to your bathroom and makes showering more enjoyable.