My Honest Review of Sweet Snuggles Yarn (in 2024) by Loops & Threads

Velvet yarn has been all the rage lately and this particular brand from Michael’s has been really popular, especially for oversized amigurumi! I used this yarn recently to make a jumbo narwhal, and I’m here to tell you all about my experience.

As a general rule, Sweet Snuggles Yarn is the softest and most squishy blanket yarn on the market. Although it isn’t the most cost efficient, the ease of use makes it ideal for amigurumi or other projects where stretchiness is desired. It is a category 7 yarn with 109 yards in a ball.

For more detailed thoughts and photos of the project I made, read on!

Sweet Snuggles Yarn Breakdown

Price/yard9 cents/yard
Number of Colorways23 solid colors in pastels and neutrals
WeightJumbo (7)
Fiber ContentPolyester
How does it feel?Insanely soft and squishy, very elastic

Sweet Snuggles Yarn is part of the Loops and Threads line by Michael’s and is a jumbo chenille style yarn, comparable to Bernat Blanket or other velvet or blanket yarns.

It has a tubular style construction, made from polyester, meaning that the yarn is incredibly squishy and flexible when worked with. For me, this was the biggest difference between Sweet Snuggles yarn and most other jumbo blanket yarns that I’ve worked with before, and it’s also what attracted me to it when I was at my local Michael’s!

This is a category 7 jumbo weight yarn, ideal for blankets or oversized amigurumi, and it comes in twenty three solid colors that include all the pastels, along with some bolder colors and neutrals.

Finally, it comes in at almost ten dollars in a 109 yard skein, which is about 9 cents/yard. This is fairly high when compared to other blanket yarns, like Bernat Blanket, which is around 4 cents/yard.

You can get Sweet Snuggles yarn at this link!

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What should you use this yarn for?

I would highly recommend using this yarn for giant amigurumi toys or other small scale projects like baby blankets or pillow covers.

After discovering this yarn, I found that it was perfect for the jumbo amigurumi projects that have been trending lately, as well as being my favorite blanket yarn by far.

The main reason is that the tubular construction makes the yarn insanely soft and squishy, while still maintaining some elasticity so that it wasn’t difficult to pull through the tight stitches I was working. Often, when working with other blanket yarns, they can be so inelastic that trying to crochet tight and neat stitches feels more like a wrestling match. But with this yarn, it was a breeze!

I will say that this yarn does shed if it is frogged too many times, because the friction causes the yarn threads to pull out of the center. However, if you aren’t working on a project that requires as tight stitches as amigurumi, it should probably be okay.

I think that the softness of this yarn makes it ideal for anything that you might use blanket yarn for, but given its priciness (it has less than half the yardage of Bernat Blanekt), I might recommend it most for smaller projects that will only need a skein or two.

With the two amigurumi projects I’ve made with Sweet Snuggles yarn, I used two skeins for the jumbo narwhal and just one skein for the jumbo waffle. With a baby blanket, you may need 6 or 7 skeins, that could get pretty costly fast.

As much as I love this yarn, if I were planning to make anything bigger than a baby blanket, I would probably go with a cheaper alternative that isn’t quite as soft as I would like.

Sweet Snuggles vs. Bernat Blanket Yarn

MetricSweet Snuggles YarnBernat Blanket Yarn
Price (at time of writing)$9.99$9.99
Price/yard9 cents/yard5 cents/yard
Number of Colorways23 solid colors in pastels and neutrals56 colors in solids and stripes
WeightJumbo (7)Super Bulky (6)
Fiber ContentPolyesterPolyester
How does it feel?Insanely soft and squishy, very elasticTowel-like texture, inelastic

I decided to make a breakdown of Sweet Snuggles yarn vs. Bernat Blanket yarn, since Bernat is (in my mind), the main competitor to this one.

As you can see in the chart above, Sweet Snuggles and Bernat Blanket are comparable in price, but Bernat Blanket includes twice as much yardage and also has more color options. However, it is a category 6 yarn, compared to Sweet Snuggles, a category 7 yarn, which means you’ll need slightly more of it to complete a given project.

What’s not shown in the chart is my personal experience with both. I find Bernat Blanket to be perfectly suitable for blankets and feels pretty much like a fuzzy towel in yarn form, but it is very ropey in texture and extremely inelastic. This means that it’s less than ideal for creating amigurumi, which requires a lot of tugging to make sure that stitches are tight and neat. With Bernat Blanket, it can be very difficult and tiring to create neat looking amigurumi.

On paper, Bernat Blanket is the better deal by far, but my experience working with Sweet Snuggles has convinced me that the softness and squishiness makes it by far my favorite, so I would choose Sweet Snuggles for small projects and Bernat Blanket for larger ones that needed more yardage.

My experience using this yarn!

Click here to watch me turn two skeins of Sweet Snuggles into a peachy narwhal!

I made two projects with this yarn, a jumbo sized Narwhal and a jumbo Waffle. For the narwhal, I used less than one skein of peach and white each, and the waffle used exactly one skein of Sweet Snuggles.

The best part about these projects is that they’re so soft to touch, and honestly perfect for babies (or to use as fun accent cushions).

When I was making the narwhal, I had some trouble at the very beginning because after working the first round into the magic ring, the ring wouldn’t close because there was so much friction with the fluffy yarn. I frogged this section a couple times, resulting in some shedding, but I found that the solution to this issue was just to make the magic ring at the beginning extremely small, so that it would close more easily. This worked like a charm!

It must be noted that this is a common problem with fuzzier yarns, like chenille, velvet, faux fur, and blanket yarns. I was pleasantly surprised by how small this problem was compared to the times that I’ve used Bernat Blanket yarn.

However, it must be noted that this yarn sheds a lot. It sheds as you work with it, and it sheds a huge amount whenever you cut an end. Since you’ll always have at least two ends on every crochet project, this can get a little frustrating if you’re used to non shedding yarn.

I ended up always working on my jumbo yarn projects on a clean table, but it got somewhat annoying after I would find yarn bits everywhere after working on a project.

When working on the waffle, I didn’t have any problems because there was no magic ring to close. Also, I thought that because I was using jumbo size yarn, the resulting crochet fabric might have a lot of gaps, but the waffle stitch that I used (for the waffle, haha), proved to be very dense and I didn’t encounter any problems with excess space between the stitches.

I would definitely use this yarn again for future jumbo amigurumi yarns, and also for baby blankets and other projects as long as they were smaller. If they were larger projects, the price would probably lead me to choose Bernat Blanket yarn as an alternative.

Commonly Asked Questions

Where can I buy Sweet Snuggles yarn?

Typically, Sweet Snuggles yarn can be found at Michael’s since it is a Michael’s store brand. However, it is also possible to find it on third party reselling platforms like Ebay, Etsy, and Better Homes and Gardens’ shop.

What kind of yarn is sweet snuggles?

Sweet Snuggles is a category 7 jumbo weight chenille yarn made of polyester. It is extremely soft and squishy, making it an ideal choice for baby blankets, oversized amigurumi toys, and other creations where you might otherwise use a blanket yarn.

Can you wash sweet snuggles yarn?

Typically, Sweet Snuggles yarn can be machine washed in warm water, as long as it is dried flat. Do not iron this yarn, since it is made of polyester, a plastic, which will melt under high heat.

What can I make with sweet snuggles yarn?

As a general rule, anything you can make with blanket yarn, you can make with Sweet Snuggles yarn. This includes baby blankets, rugs, pillow covers, and also giant amigurumi toys. Sweet Snuggles yarn is more suitable for making toys than other blanket yarns because it is more elastic.

Who makes Loops and Threads yarn?

Loops and Threads is a Michael’s store brand. It includes a variety of yarns in different weights, including Sweet Snuggles, Cuddly Chenille, Chunky Twist, as well as their Charisma and Impeccable lines.