9 Spectacular Crochet Mandala Patterns for Blankets (free!)

Who doesn’t love a good crochet blanket, whether it be the part of making it or cuddling up with your finished project on a cold night! Here I have compiled a collection of crochet mandala patterns where they can be made fully into a blanket or you can stop mid way to make it into a doily, house décor or something else! A lot of these patterns are in the form of a crochet along, with all the parts released for your convenience.

Mandala blankets, or any blanket really, make a great project for when you don’t want to commit to a gauge because it doesn’t matter how different the size turns out. I tend to have a looser tension so it works out that mine would turn out bigger, great when it comes to to blankets!

I love the different colour schemes these designers have used, and there is plenty of room for your own creativity! You may also play around with different hook sizes or types of yarn too, I have included a pattern made with t-shirt yarn below for example. Use up your stash yarn or pick up a whole new colour palette from the shop. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

Baby Delight Blanket

Free Pattern by Mary Maxim

How gorgeous is this baby blanket! The pastel pinks work so well here but of course you could use any yarn. There is a process to access the downloadable pattern but it is free and worth it! The pattern is worked with mainly simple stitches and it only comprised of 35 rounds, so works up much quicker than many other blanket patterns out there.

Mandala Blanket

I love the earthy tones in the above image of this blanket, not to mention the variety of stitches that all look great together! This pattern is in the form of a crochet along, although all parts are accessible through this page. You can pace yourself by doing one part a week for example, or in one sitting (try to, anyway!). The pattern uses some complex stitches so would probably recommend for an intermediate audience.

Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket

Free Pattern by Celeste Young

This makes a nice project for those that just want something consistent, without a lot of changes in the pattern along the way! It makes an interesting shape, so that might appeal to those that want something different from your usual circle, square, etc! The Raverly page shows a variety of images from other creators that you could use for inspiration, I’m a big fan of the pastel coloured and rainbow ones.

Anniversary Mandala

Free Pattern by Julie Yeager Designs

The pattern uses super bulky yarn and a larger hook size so this blanket works up quicker and sturdier than most, although can be adapted to your needs! I believe this pattern is aimed for those who crochet at an intermediate level as instructions are clear but includes some special stitches. In the abbreviations section, the designer provides descriptions for each of these which is super helpful! If they are not detailed enough, there are plenty of tutorials to be found online or even written about on this very blog so be sure to check them out!

April Showers Mandala

This pattern is in the form of a crochet along and split into three parts! I would say it is aimed for advanced beginners, with each step written clearly and photos attached, but some stitches being complicated. The designer has included a full stitch guide though. The finished product looks incredible and these colours specifically work so well together, be sure to give this one a go!

Gorgeous Mandala Floor Rug

Free Pattern by Marinke Slump

For starters, this pattern is supposed to be a rug but by swapping out t-shirt yarn for a more flimsy yarn it could easily be made into a blanket! The pattern is incredibly beginner friendly, with mainly using simple stitches like single/double crochets and chain, clear steps and plenty of images throughout to help you. It is also repetitive so you could keep going to make your blanket or rug bigger, if you like!

Starflower Mandala

Free Pattern by Zooty Owl

I love how vibrant colours look on mandala blankets! This pattern is a treat, as it contains photos for each step, includes a UK/US pattern term conversion chart and more. I would say it is aimed for more advanced beginners with each row being quite detailed. The pattern involves 18 rows to make a 33cm in diameter mandala, so not big enough for a blanket but might make a nice doily, table décor or good for something entirely different!

Sophie’s Universe CAL

Free Pattern by Look At What I Made

Another crochet along! This one is incredibly detailed, with translations in a variety of languages, a gauge, specific branded/coloured yarn used by the designer and more! It is a pretty lengthy project, with over 100 rows so you will have to be committed to complete or at least partly finish this one. The difficulty is noted to be intermediate, and there are plenty of resources and links attached to the page to help! This makes a great opportunity to use up your scrap yarn or splurge on new supplies to create a super colourful mandala blanket similar to the image above.

Polar Mandala

Free Pattern by ByMimZan

How pretty do these colours come together in this mandala design! This pattern is available in three languages through the designer’s Ravelry page. It is said to be an easy project, and great in a rainbow of colours or just one, whatever you like! Simple stitches are mainly used, and there are again photos attached with each round for this pattern. You may find the pattern as a PDF, making it super easy to save online or in printed form for later or to crochet again and again!