9 Free and Easy Crochet Flower Hat Patterns in 2024

Crochet Hats are all of the rage in the fashion world this summer (have you hopped on the Bucket Hat trend yet?).

Instead of buying a crocheted hat from a fashion retailer, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite free and easy crochet hat patterns – with Flowers! – that you can easily make in a weekend.

Flowers just embody the spring and summertime and there are endless ways to showcase a flower on your crochet hat.

In the patterns below I’ve rounded up flower crochet hat patterns where the flowers are either made as accents that sit on the hat, or flowers that are made into the hat through either the stitches or colorwork!

1. 1920’s Cloche Hat

This cloche hat is so elegant and definitely reminds me of the Roaring 20’s. The hat itself is worked in the round using half-double crochets using a chunky yarn. The flower on this hat is a Rosette and is made separately from the hat and attached at the end. I love how the designer made their hat all in one color, but I think it would also look amazing with the flower in a different color if you want a fun contrast!

Find the pattern for this vintage-styled hat here.

2. Ridge Hat with Brim

Although it is hard to see in the image, this hat has a super cute hat to accessorize the front (or side) of the hat. The hat is constructed from the top down, using front post stitches to create the look of ridges on the side and brim of the hat. The flower is made in three parts that are then stacked and attached to the hat. The three layers in the flowers are different sizes and uses different stitches to provide the flower with a really pretty texture. 

Make your own Ribbed Hat using this pattern.

3. Beautiful Crochet Daisy Flower Bucket Hat

This classic bucket hat is made using granny squares with a flower accent in the middle, how cute! The flower itself is made using popcorn stitches in up to three colors (the designer made theirs look like a daisy) followed by a granny square border in another 1-2 colors. The five granny square are then assembled to create the top and sides of the hat; which is then followed by several rounds of double crochet to create the brim. This bucket hat pattern is available in sizes young teenager through adult.  

Make your own Daisy Flower Bucket Hat using the pattern linked here.

4. Majovel’s Flower Petal Hat

The Majovel Flower Petal Hat is available as both a written pattern and as a video tutorial (the written pattern is linked here). The hat is a classic style hat, but with extra rows can be made into a slouchy style hat. The flowers are made using stitches that are grouped together to give the appearance of petals on a flower.

5. Flower Top Beanie

Another classic hat is the Flower Top Beanie. The flower is worked first and sits on the crown of the head, followed by rounds of double crochet in alternating colors. With the way the pattern is worked and the colors that the designer chose, it feels bohemian style and pairs perfectly with the beanie shape. The pattern is available in sizes Child, Teen/Adult, and Large Adult.

Find the pattern for the Flower Top Beanie here.

6. Daisy Chain Beanie

This pattern is a great scrap buster if you have extra worsted weight yarn if you have left over yarn in your stash from other projects. The daisy flowers are made first and attached using the join-as-you-go technique. The crown and the brim of hat are then worked off of the daisy chain using single crochet and double crochet stitches. At the end of the pattern, the designer has also provided a pattern for making the daisy chain beanie into a headband instead!

Make the Daisy Chain Beanie using the pattern here.

7. Flower Power Bucket Hat

This flower bucket hat is constructed similarly to that of the previous bucket hat (in that is uses granny squares with flowers in the center to create part of the hat), however it differs in that the top is made with double crochets in the round (instead of using a granny square on the top), and the hat has less open spaces in the granny squares.

Make your own Bucket Hat using this pattern.

8. Textured Turban Pattern

How adorable is this turban?! This pattern just might be the easiest and quickest-to-make crochet hat pattern out of the bunch in the roundup! This pattern is available in sizes: Newborn, 0-3 Months, 3-6 Months, 6-12 Months, Toddler, Child, Teen/Small Adult, Medium Adult, and Large Adult. The flower is made separately and attached at the end; it also, uses a button in the center of the flower – how creative!

Make this quick and easy Textured Turban using this pattern.

9. Bouquet Slouch Hat with Flowers

The last pattern in this round up of crochet flower hat patterns is a slouch hat that has an amazing texture, with a mini bouquet of flowers to adorn a border on the bottom. The flower bouquet has two sizes in the flowers and leaves to accent the floral arrangement. The flower patterns have additional details (like the alternate color in the center and french knots) if you would like to provide additional accents to your bouquet (note, these accents does make the pattern more intermediate than easy); however, they can easily be left off if you would like for a simpler flower bouquet. The free pattern is only child sized.

Make your own Bouquet Slouch Hat with Flowers using this pattern.