9 Cutest Red Panda Free Crochet Patterns (beginner friendly)

Red pandas are some of the most adorable animals in real life, let alone in crochet form! Here I have compiled some easy, cute and free patterns for you to enjoy.

They are in all different sizes, from the size of a plushie that you can cuddle to one that is small enough to be used as a keyring! As with most amigurumi animal patterns, they consist of working in the round and sewing together parts in the end.

This can be tedious, but is something all levels of skill levels can do with some practice!

I hope you have fun making these red panda patterns and are able to spread joy through making them for yourself or gifting to others!

1. Doll Red Panda

Free Pattern by Little World of Whimsy

Here is the first red panda design out of the many we will be exploring in this post!

I love how all the white and grey patches really capture the facial features of a red panda! This pattern is written clearly with helpful photos at each step. There is also a top tips section on the site to help you even further!

A 3.25mm hook is used to create those tight stitches needed for the texture of amigurumi, although a looser tension may make your finished red panda slightly bigger, which is not exactly a problem!

2. Red Panda Tail Wrapped

Free Pattern by foxigurumi

How cute is this pattern, with the tail wrapped around the front! A lot of amigurumi animals do have the tail as a big feature, so I like how this design made it almost the main attraction.

This pattern is available as a free download on Ravelry so super easily accessible, and is also written in the three languages of English, French and German!

3. Red Panda Amigurumi

Free Pattern by Amanda Maciel Designs

This red panda works up to be about 6.5 inches tall. I like the idea of keeping plushies my car, so that size would be great for that! Safety eyes are used here but if you do not have those the material can easily be replaces with yarn embroidered on in say a French knot.

The pattern includes photo tutorials, especially for colour changes and the magic ring so it is easy to follow along.

4. Cutie Red Panda

Free Pattern by lennutas

From the eyebrows and embroidered blush, this red panda is adorable! This pattern is recommended beginners with only basic stitches needed. It is easy to follow, with very careful instructions on where you can sew your red panda’s parts together.

Gather your yarn, stuffing and hook and get onto making this pattern as soon as possible!

5. Mio the Red Panda

Free Pattern by Amigurumi Today

This red panda is gorgeous! The scarf makes a lovely touch and fitting for if your making it in the colder weather. And who doesn’t love a plushie with toe beans?!

Signing up for a free account with Amigurumi Today is needed to access the whole pattern, but it is sure to be worth it!

The recommended skill level for this project is advanced, due to all the different components and colour changes.

6. Red Panda

Free Pattern by Sarah Louise Read

This one wearing clothes makes a nice take on crochet red pandas. It would be an intermediate project, with the basic techniques involved with amigurumi needed!

This project makes a great opportunity to play around with colours and designs on the red panda’s shirt, say in the colours of your favourite sport’s team or cartoon character.

Signing up to Top Crochet Patterns is required to view the pattern, but this red panda is too cute to resist!

7. Red Panda Amigurumi

Free Pattern by StringyDingDing

The fluffy white yarn on this red panda is just too cute! This pattern is available free off the designer’s website or as a paid pdf. It has an easy difficult, so anyone can give this one a go.

The head and body are crocheted in one piece which makes things super convenient, then the other parts are sewed on after.

Safety eyes and nose work really well here as they look good and are durable, although embroidery is just as good.

8. The not-just-red panda

Free Pattern by ComplicatedKnots

I think we can all appreciate this different take on a crochet red panda, by using a rainbow of colours instead! This pattern is in the form of a Youtube video, but it is also available for purchase on the designer’s Etsy store or Patreon.

The pattern is easy to follow along and allows those who prefer written or visual tutorials to enjoy it.

9. Red Panda Amigurumi

Free Pattern by DIY Fluffies

The only thing that can make a crochet red panda cuter, is a tiny one! These ones work up to be the perfect size for a keyring, whether that be to hang on your keys, favourite bag or elsewhere.

The pattern is written in English and Dutch. Although these pandas are done in a small size, a larger hook and yarn weight could easily be substituted for a bigger red panda.