7 Adorable Free Crochet Mushroom Patterns (for beginners!)

Mushrooms make an adorable, quick and colourful crochet project! They are perfect for displaying or turning into accessories, such as a keyring, earrings or something to dangle in your car.

You only need about two colours in small quantities, so mushrooms make a great way to use up some scrap yarn. They are often worked flat or as an amigurumi, with most of the patterns I’ve included being the latter!

Feel free to also bring your mushroom to life, by including eyes made out of black and white felt or using safety eyes.

You can also make them in all different shapes and textures by switching up your yarn and hook size.

I hope you have fun creating your own little mushroom friends using some of the patterns I have included below!

1. Super Mushroom Mario Bros

Free Pattern by Nerea Gomis

First of all, we have some mushrooms inspired by the iconic super Mario mushrooms! Make yours red or green to match your favourite power-up in the game.

The eyes of these ones are made of felt and looks super effective. The pattern is available in Spanish and English.

These guys work up to 7cm although using different yarn would give your a bigger or smaller mushroom. Either way yours is bound to be adorable!

2. Mushroom Keyring

Free Pattern by Azelia Crochet

These mushrooms are made using the colours of autumn- yellow, orange and red! And with the season coming up there is no better way to get festive than by crocheting your own mushrooms.

Making them into keyrings as shown in the image above makes a nice practical use, although you don’t have to do that.

The pattern is easy to follow, with the pdf looking aesthetically pleasing by being littered in autumn leaves. Be sure to give this one a go!

3. Mushroom Plushie

Free Pattern by Noble Knits

These mushrooms are more chonky and use thicker yarn than the other patterns I included, and it works out for the better! They are plushies that may be displayed as pillows on your couch or bed. The pattern is good for even beginner level and works up quickly. They are crocheted in three pieces including the stem, underside and top. That means a little sewing but nothing to difficult to manage!

4. Mushroom Applique

Free Pattern by GoldenLucyCrafts

How cute are these flat worked mushrooms! They are make lovely decorations for any cottage-core themed room. Or would make cute gifts that can easily be delivered in an envelope.

The top of the mushroom is designed to be shaped like a heart, which I love.

The pattern is easy to follow and conveniently includes instructions for both a small and large cap.

5. Mushroom Ami

Free Pattern by Crochet For You

These crochet mushrooms are the perfect combination of realistic and adorable looking! They work up in less than an hour, so you could even make multiple in one sitting.

The three mushrooms above are made from different weights of yarn, so you could easily play around yourself to find your desired size!

The skill level of this one is said to be intermediate, as there is a special popcorn stitch involved, although a helpful tutorial on how to crochet bobbles in contrasting colours is attached.

6. Mushroom Buddy

Free Pattern by Stitch by Fay

The eyes and mouth on these guys make such a nice little touch!

These mushrooms would be easier than the others in that crocheting the spots is optional, so if that is more your style be sure to try this pattern out!

The body and cap pieces are worked separately and in the round. There are very clear instructions for sewing them together so assembly is a breeze!

7. Amigurumi Mushroom

Free Pattern by A Little Love Everyday

I love how these little mushrooms are legs and arms! They are so small and easily made, the only minor thing you have to worry about is sewing them on.

This project is quick and easy, meaning you can make more like say in two colour combinations of brown and red/white as above.

The pattern is available for free on the website or as a paid download on Etsy, so go for the what suits you!