9+ Beautiful One Skein Crochet Wrap Patterns (easy and free!)

Wrap is a modern term that encompasses articles of fabric that wrap around the upper body, such as shawls, scarves, and stoles. As a fashion statement or to warm yourself up, wraps are wonderful no matter what you call them.

When light and lacy, they are perfect for those days in spring and fall when it’s not quite cold enough for a sweater but still a bit nippy outside. When thick and soft, they’re perfect for lessening the bite of winter.

Most wraps are large and often take more than one skein of yarn. In this round up, these patterns will average only one skein (or more, depending on the yarn you are using and the size you want).

As all patterns are dependent on the maker and all yarns are dependent on the brand, you may end up needing to use more than one skein to fit your fancy.

Comfy Cotton Wrap

This wrap is super easy with only a one row repeat! It may seem complicated at first, but it’s much more simple than it appears.

This wrap involves working with double crochet clusters and chains. You can make it with or without the tassels, and it is adjustable to fit the length and width you wish to have.

This pattern takes about 588 yards of DK weight yarn.

Mobius Twist Shawl / Mobius Wrap

Free video pattern by Bag-O-Day Crochet

This pattern helps you create a mobius scarf, also known as an infinity scarf. Thanks to its design, it is an incredibly versatile accessory; it can be a scarf, a wrap, a cowl, or even a hood!

It’s quite a simple pattern, even if it involves some v stitches. You will crochet with the twist, which may seem daunting at first, but this step-by-step video will clear up any misgivings.

This scarf takes about 450 yards of worsted weight yarn to complete it.


This lovely trapezoid shaped shawl is a perfect combination of easy and interesting. Easy to start with a change halfway to keep the pattern interesting, it’s a great wrap for working in front of the TV or while waiting for your bus to come.

It’s easily modified for whatever size you wish as well as how much yarn you have available. You can change this wrap however you would like – just make sure to follow the rules set in the pattern.

This pattern gives you two design ideas: one thicker winter wrap that uses two cakes, or one lighter, brisk spring/fall wrap that uses one cake. This written pattern does take about 1200 yards worth of yarn.

The Summer Wrap

Just as most wraps are adjustable in length and width, this one is no exception. This pattern will have you learning the sedge stitch, adding to your collection of crochet stitches.

The pattern is set up so it uses two cakes (1,180 yards) of DK weight yarn, but you can make it smaller or larger by subtracting or adding more skeins.

Pickens Summer Scarf

This scarf wrap with its lacey drape and pattern is great for fashionable summer days or crisp early mornings. You’ll learn how to do the picot stitch with this scarf.

It takes about 500 yards of worsted weight yarn to complete this scarf. Of course, feel free to add or subtract rows and chains to work within your means or wants.

Boho Shawl

This gorgeous shawl is incredibly simple with only using double crochets plus a few decreases to give the shawl its shape. You can also add tassels at the end if you have left over yarn!

It’s adjustable to fit your size or the amount of yarn you have available. This pattern is written to take about 518 yards of worsted weight yarn to complete.

Such Simple Shawl

This beginner friendly pattern is a four-row repeat that is worked top-down and only uses two basic stitches: double crochets and chaining. It’s super simple!

It’s a great shawl to work on while watching TV or wanting to relax without thinking too much about what you’re doing. After a few rows, you’ll be working on autopilot!

This shawl is easily adjustable for size; just keep in mind that you may need more yarn if you decide to make it wider or longer. This pattern takes about 590 yards of DK weight yarn.

Magic Spell Shawl

This lovely lacey wrap is perfect for summer days or making a fashion statement. You will learn how to do the shell stitch as well as the v stitch in this pattern.

The two stitches may seem daunting, but they are clusters of double and treble crochets and much simpler than they appear. This shawl takes about 540 yards of DK weight yarn.

Tendril Crochet Shawl

This asymmetrical fantasy inspired shawl is gorgeous! It’s perfect for those precious yarns you may not have too much of and want to use them for something special.

While it uses basic stitches, it does involve a little bit of cluster stitches like the v-stitch and the increases and decreases in the shawl may be a little daunting for a beginner. Even so, try this shawl out to scratch that fantasy itch!

This shawl only takes about 438 yards of fingering weight yarn, or any yarn weight of your choice. The lacey design may not stand out or drape the same if using thicker yarn.

Everyday Triangle Scarf

This scarf is a great choice for all outfits and for beginners and advanced crocheters alike.

While it may not be as flowy as a lacey wrap or as big as a shawl, it’s great to use up that skein you’ve been needing to get rid of while creating something to wear when it gets colder outside.

It is one of the smaller wraps in this list, as it only takes about 270 yards of worsted weight yarn to complete it.