15+ Durable Dish and Pot Scrubbie Free Crochet Patterns

Scrubbies are a must-have in everyone’s kitchen, and perhaps beyond! Crocheting your own scrubbies is very easy, and they’re low maintenance, too! Unlike sponges—that probably fall apart in a matter of weeks—crochet scrubbies are more durable, and are also machine-washable if you use the right yarn!

Not only are they useful for scrubbing grease and spots off your dishes and pots, you can also use them to wipe down counters, dust windowsills, or even for bathing purposes—washing a kid down or your face. Do note that for hygiene purposes, don’t use the same scrubbie for dishwashing and bathing!

The ideal scrubbie is tough with strong cleaning power, easy to hold, machine-washable, and sturdy! You want to use either cotton or scrubby yarn for this—or in some cases, even both! But something you might want to note about scrubby yarn is that it can be difficult to see your stitches.

Other things you will want to consider is to add a loop so you can hang your scrubbie on a hook, or a strap so you can easily grip it while washing away, where the pattern does not include one. To add more volume to your scrubbie, simply crochet an extra layer and join with the other layer!

To fulfil their purpose, scrubbies are palm-sized. Do you know what this means? That they’re extremely quick and easy to make! Most of these will take less than half an hour to make! Another point is that being small in size means they take less yarn to make! Scrap yarns ahoy!

Scroll down, crochet for a bit, and scrub away! Before you know it, you’ll have an army of crocheted scrubbies!

1. Easy Square Scrubbie

Free pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon available here!

This square scrubbie is a wonderful starter to the world of scrubbies! It’s made of two rectangular sides crocheted together. The rectangles consist of repeating dc and sc stitches, giving it a unique texture that allows you to clean your dishes properly.

And here you have an exciting choice to make! You can either enclose just one side, thus creating a tube, or enclose both sides, which turns it into a mitt. The tube means you can easily flip it inside out to find a clean side, while the mitt allows you to clean the bottom of your dishes easier.

2. Squishy Double-Sided Pot Scrubber

Free pattern by Heart Hook Home available here!

This squishy double-sided pot scrubbie is stuffed with tulle and fits perfectly in your palm! Tulle allows the scrubbie to hold its shape, and is also machine-washable. Variegated yarn, as always, adds such a fun touch to this typically boring household item!

Because it’s double-sided, you will need to crochet two different circles in hdc. Join them by crocheting through the third loop, and stuff it before closing the gap!

3. 15 Minute Lemon Dish Scrubbie

Free pattern by Rebekah Haas available here!

This little scrubbie is the definition of a blink and you’ll miss it—and it’s done!—project! At only 15 minutes, this scrubbie probably holds the record of the fastest scrubbie to make in this post.

The main lemon portion is made out of normal cotton yarn, while the green leaves are made of scrubby yarn to get out the stubborn spots, and joined to one corner of the lemon.

On its own, this lemon scrubbie may be a bit too thin and hard to hold. You can choose to crochet an extra panel and join both layers together, and add a loop or strap to the back to make it easier to hold!

4. Multi-Purpose Fruit Scrubbie Sponge

Free pattern by Left in Knots available here!

These adorable set gives you many fun scrubbies to play around with when one falls apart! Not that they’ll be quick to break, considering these are crocheted using sturdy blanket yarn.

Although the primary function of these are of course, scrubbie sponges—for either dishwashing or bathtime!—sneaking some away for little ones to play with is also another thing you can do with them! Multi-purpose indeed!

The weight and thickness of this scrubbie makes it very sturdy! All of these are crocheted in singles, amigurumi-style, no stuffing required. At first glance, you will not think these are scrubbies, and that’s what makes them fun!

5. Donut Scrubbie

Free pattern by Fiber Flux available here!

Suitable for either kitchen uses or bathtime, these tasty donut scrubbies are both cute and functional! The pattern comes in both written instructions and a video tutorial, so pick whichever you’re most comfortable with!

There are two layers comprising this donut—the base dough, and its colorful icing. The icing is sewn on to the dough, and the sprinkles are embroidered with a running stitch using a tapestry needle.

6. Heart Dish Scrubbie

Free pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet available here!

Valentine’s still a while away, but there is no reason to keep lovey-dovey home decor to only February! What’s more romantic than reminding your loved one every time they do the tireless, non-ending chore of dishwashing that they are loved?

The pattern only calls for one panel, but if you want some extra oomph to your scrubbie, feel free to crochet a second one and join them together! The patchy texture the yarn creates gives it a worn and rustic vibe, but coupled with its bright colors, the result is a modern and clean but slightly whimsical look!

7. Simple and Fast Watermelon Scrubbie

Free pattern by Midwestern Moms available here!

Unlike what you would expect, the seeds here are crocheted tapestry-style instead of added on on top! This fresh watermelon scrubbie is made in the round with doubles, except for the borders which is in singles.

The whole thing is only four rounds, keeping this project simple and fast! Consider doubling it up if one layer is too thin for you! Or keep it single-layered so you can easily smuggle this away on your travel pack in case you might need to scrub away on some containers!

8. Easy Mini Scrubbie

Free pattern by Salty Pearl Crochet available here!

These bright mini scrubbies will cheer up your sink for sure! Due to its small size, a skein can give you five of these cute little scrubbies. Consisting of only three rounds of doubles and a final series of chains to create a loop to hang on a hook, these scrubbies are super fast and easy to make!

9. Double-Sided Scrubbie

Free pattern by Crochet 365 Knit Too available here!

This scrubbie is double-sided, with one made of smooth cotton twist yarn and the other scrubby yarn, giving it the scratchiness you’ll need to scrub off all the dirt!

Three layer thick, this scrubbie is very sturdy. The first two layers are entirely cotton (one strand), while the third one uses two strands; one cotton and one scrubby yarn. Using double strands gives this final layer more volume!

10. Tea Rose Spa Scrubbie

Free pattern by Sweet Softies available here!

While this pattern was originally intended for a face scrubbie, who’s to say you can’t use it to wash dishes either? The puff stitches give it enough texture to scrub away dirt, but if you want to be sure of the cleanness of your dishes, you can substitute the cotton yarn with scrubby yarn.

Puff stitches can be a bit of a challenge to manage on your hook. A quick tip is to keep your tension tight to prevent the loops from falling off your hook! Once you get into the zone, keeping up the rhythm will be easy and you’ll be hooked to doing puff stitches!

The post includes a video tutorial. The scrubbie also has an optional strap you can choose to crochet for ease of holding.

11. Rollable Mesh Stitch Scrubbie

Free pattern by Crochet Dreamz available here!

These squishable-looking scrubbies can be rolled and unrolled repeatedly! This makes them easier to wash and dry, while the mesh stitch gives it the roughness required to ensure your dishes are squeaky clean.

The entire pattern is full of chain stitches and single crochets, so it’s nothing technically difficult—just don’t forget to keep count! Before you roll it up, it should be tube-shaped. A video tutorial is also available on the post if you’re confused on how to roll it up!

12. Beach Scrubbie Set

Free pattern by BHooked available here!

Think of the lovely seaside and its gentle, foamy waves as you foam up and scrub away on your dishes and pots! The post provides two patterns, one for a pot scrubbie and the other for a scrubbie cloth.

To account for the difficulty of seeing your stitches—and thus counting them—from scrubby yarn, the pattern for the pot scrubbie consists entirely of front post double crochets (fpdc), worked in a continuous spiral. This can be a pretty tricky stitch, so here’s a video tutorial for it!

The scrubbie cloth is more of a breeze. It is created using only doubles, so if fpdcs aren’t your thing, make a go for this one instead! This pattern provides both left-handed and right-handed video tutorials!

13. Sun Scrubbie

Free pattern by A Crocheted Simplicity available here!

This cheerful sunny scrubbie will remind you of brighter days as summer slowly fades into fall!

Worked in BLO single crochets in continuous rounds, this project will be easy-peasy for all levels of crocheters … until you get to the flames! Although they only take one round, make sure you count carefully and not miss any stitch here!

Conveniently enough, there’s also a hand loop you can sew on to the scrubby! An additional layer of the front panel is crocheted on by working in the FLO starting from the first round of the back panel.

14. Suzy Flower Scrubbie

Free pattern by Sweet Bee Crochet available here!

While originally this pattern was created for a face scrubbie, you can substitute it with scrubby yarn for dishwashing purposes! Or alternatively, you can keep the soft cotton and use it to wash easy dishes with no stubborn spots.

These stitches are fairly dense! While the pictures show the scrubbie done entirely in one color, you can switch colors after the first round, giving it, for example, a yellow center!

The origins of the pattern’s name is the Suzette stitch. The pattern links to a detailed tutorial for this stitch. It also provides images for some steps in the pattern.

15. Blossom Scrubbie

Free pattern by Naztazia available here!

This blossom scrubby is so cheerful and reminiscent of spring! The pattern is available as a short video tutorial. You will need to know how to crochet in the front and back loops for this, but the video explains it fairly well if you’ve never attempted to before!

The different layers of each colors give the scrubbie a lot of volume! The way it’s constructed also makes it easy to hold and give your pots a good strong scrub! You have not just the texture created by its stitches, but also of that from the different layers. The triple layers make it extremely sturdy.

16. Pear Kitchen Scrubbie

Free pattern by Haute Kippy available here!

This adorable pear scrubbie is dishwasher safe and machine-washable! It starts off by being worked in the round in doubles, up until the neck.

There are two layers which are joined together, and each is made of different yarn! The soft side is made of cotton, while the rough side is made of scrubbie yarn. The stem really defines this pear as a pear! It’s attached to the top using brown yarn.

I love the scrubbies with double sides, because you can use them for other things, too! You can use the soft side to wipe down the counters, and the rough side for the annoying spots in your pots.

The two layers are stitched together instead of joined with a hook. This gives them the effect of having a very bright, distinctive light green border!