9 Beautiful Free Crochet Patterns for Heartland Yarn (easy)

Heartland yarn is a beautiful yarn collection inspired by American landscapes.

It consists of 100% acrylic and it is classified as a level 4 worsted weight yarn. Acrylic yarn is often the best choice for beginner crocheters because it is easy to work with and care for. Heartland is a great option for those on a budget or for experimental projects.

It is a really soft, machine washable yarn. Very well suited for those who like working with one yarn at a time but enjoy a colorful look.

Each yarn creates a tweed-like look with its multiple toned blend. You can tell a lot of care went into this collection, creating amazing, matching colors.

If you decide to use more than one color, you won’t have a hard time finding a great combination. Popular projects made using this collection are scarves, hats, blankets and sweaters.

Below is a list of some of the most wonderful patterns created specifically for the Heartland Yarn collection.

If you’d like to explore more patterns, you can browse the list on the Lion Brand page, where you can filter by difficulty, project type, material and many more.

1. Mug Warmer

Find the pattern here.

Mug warmers are perfect beginner projects to try.

If you prefer warm beverages there is no worse thing than reaching for your mug and finding your drink is cold.

If you’ve already made your beverage of choice, there’s no need to worry, you still have a chance of finishing your mug warmer before it cools. That’s how easy and quick this project is.

The color used in the picture is Glacier Bay.

2. Double Duty Scarf Set

Find the pattern here.

This beautiful piece was made using the shade Sequoia. This is a blend of golden and chocolate browns which complement any outfit.

The pattern is really easy and the best project to end this winter with.

If you’d like to add a drop of color, have a look at the other colors in the collection as well.

3. Checkered Scarf and Beanie Set

Pattern for scarf and beanie.

Checkered patterns are really fun to crochet and very popular among beginners.

You can use crochet stitches as usual, just bring your next color along with the one you’re using at the moment.

All you need to do is to place it on your previous row and crochet around it.

I love how colorful and easy to follow this pattern is.

To crochet this exact piece you’ll need to pick up yarn in color Indiana Dunes, Virgin Islands, Haleakala and Lassen Volcanic.

4. Crochet Hat and Cowl

Find the pattern here.

Who doesn’t love a cowl? It takes away the hassle of wrapping your scarf around your neck when you’re in a hurry.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a great hat that isn’t a beanie. This is the perfect choice if you need a break from them.

Even better is that you’ll be crocheting it with your own measurements and it will fit your head perfectly.

Like the colors used by the pattern? Pick up Glacier Bay and Great Smoky Mountains from the nearest yarn store.

(While you’re at it, might as well try the mug warmer on this list, also in shade Glacier Bay.)

5. Ripple Bolero

Find the pattern here.

Cardigans have made a great comeback in recent years. Cropped cardigans, especially.

This bolero is the perfect addition to your collection with its funky pattern.

It is really easy to make and you’ll most certainly stand out. You can button it all the way or keep it open. The possibilities are endless.

The sample piece was made using shades Black Canyon, Glacier Bay, Grand Canyon, and Cuyahoga Valley.

6. Simply Constructed Pullover

Find the pattern here.

This pullover is a great choice for those who favor a simple, classic look.

It is great for those days when it is still cold outside but the sun is peaking through the clouds.

I love the 3/4 sleeves and the slits on the sides. The yarn used for the pullover in the photo is in shade Acadia.

7. Happy Granny Afghan

Find the pattern here.

Quilt blankets are really wonderful and bring out the creativity of the one making them. What’s even better is a crochet quilt blanket.

If you’ve been looking for a piece to use all your favorite yarns from the collection, the Happy Granny Blanket is the perfect project for you.

The yarns used here are Wind Cave, Kenai Fjords, Guadalupe Mountains, Pinnacles, Everglades, Mesa Verde, Acadia, Zion, Denali, and Biscayne.

8. Bobby Granny Square Blanket

Find the pattern here.

Granny squares are an essential beginner crochet project.

What makes them really wonderful is that you don’t need a lot of colors, yet you can mix and match in a lot of ways to make a really cheerful looking blanket.

You don’t need to pay as much attention to the length of the whole piece either because you’ll sew the squares together at the end.

It gives you the freedom to change your mind mid-project without having to take it all apart.

The shades used in the original blanket are Gateway Arch, Grand Canyon, Great Smoky Mountains, and Petrified Forest.

9. Geometric Pillow and Afghan

Pattern for the pillow and afghan.

Geometric shapes are a really simple way of bringing color and pattern into your space.

They match a lot of interior design styles and are a great focal point for a minimal and neutral room.

You can choose just as many colors as the pattern suggests or less. Everything depends on your taste.

The colors used by the pattern are Everglades, Kings Canyon, Shenandoah, Hot Springs, Isle Royale, and Yellowstone.