39 Easiest Crochet Teddy Bear Patterns You Can Make!

You might be ‘bear-y’ excited for this post! Below are a range of 39 bear and bear-themed crochet patterns that you can easily make. There are teddy bears, baskets, blankets and more for you to choose to make!

There are both free and paid crochet patterns – all of which look amazing, cute and are easy to make. Most are amigurumi and as such they use typical stitches found in amigurumi patterns such as single crochet and magic ring/circles.

Some of the below patterns are crocheted flat and in a round, so may use different stitches to create different effects. While most of the patterns are using US terminology, I have noted if the pattern happens to use UK terminology instead.

1. Fluffy Teddy Bear

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

This pattern can be found right here at Little World of Whimsy. The pattern is easy to follow and there are also some great tips on how to work with the type of yarn recommended for this pattern.

2. Plushy Bear

Free pattern on Ravelry

This pattern is by Toth Dominika and is found as a free Ravelry download. The pattern is easy and comes out so soft and plush – great for cuddling!

3. The Love Bear

Pattern by EmSaCrochet on Etsy

This pattern can be found on Etsy for a small price. You get a easy to follow pattern for the bear and for the heart that it’s cuddling too!

4. Valentine Teddy Bear

Free pattern by Amigurumi To Go

This pattern is not only greatly detailed, but the writer also links a video for the pattern itself, a link to the ‘normal’ shaped feet (if you prefer it) and clothes and accessories for your bear!

5. Bear Lovey

Pattern by Blue Sparrow Patterns on Etsy

This lovey is a perfect pattern to not only perfect amigurumi, but also your crocheting in rows. This makes for a great pattern for babies and children needing a comforting teddy hug!

6. Baby Bear Hoodie

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

Not only is this pattern cute, but it is also easily customizable in sizing (between 0-18 months) and color. It’s easy to make as it only uses rows!

7. Panda Hooded Afghan

Free pattern by Make & Do Crew

This is similar to the above, but instead of a hoodie, it’s a hooded blanket and panda themed! It’s made to fit smaller children, but could easily be made bigger. The pattern uses chunky yarn, so its quick to work up too!

8. Lions and Tigers and Bears Blanket

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

This is an amazing project to work on – It looks cute and complex, but is surprisingly easy to make! It is made up of squares to which you then crochet circles for each of the animals – you then sew on details such as ears and cheeks.

9. Shirokuma the Polar Bear

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

Another pattern found right here – Shirokuma the Polar Bear! This mini creation is easy to make and has useful tips on which yarn to use and how to add eyes.

10. Valentine’s Bear

Pattern by RNata on Etsy

This beginners pattern can be found on Etsy and is an adorable combination of the two previous love bears – a cute amigurumi bear and a love heart for it to hug!

11. Plush Amigurumi Bear

Free pattern by Amiguroom Toys

This adorable bear is made using plush yarn which makes it soft and quick to work up! It is a beginner-friendly pattern and requires minimal sewing, which is always a good thing!

12. Boco the Bear

Free pattern by Craft Passion

This pattern makes use of both fuzzy and acrylic yarn to great a great bear! The pattern also provides details of where to sew the legs and arms to create a different personality to the finished bear.

13. Amigurumi Bear in Pullover

Free pattern by Amigurumi Today

This pattern is slightly complex with the addition of he pullover, but the pattern is written well and easy to follow as a result!

14. Baby Bear Lovey

This lovey is different to the previous one as it doesn’t have a flat body, but a blanket. The pattern is easy to follow and also very easy to customize colors.

15. POPO the Panda

Pattern by rinmeow21 on Etsy

This pattern is so cute! The panda is made using chunky soft yarn, so its quick to make and even cuter to look at! The pattern also includes POPO’s watermelon purse.

16. Grizzly Bear

Free pattern by Daisy and Storm

If you’re in need of a four-legged friend then here he is!

This pattern is great as it provides useful information on the sizing of this bear using different yarn weight and hook size combinations, so you can pick what’s best for you!

17. Bear Bag

Free pattern by Olya T

This is a creative pattern as it uses layers to create a bag-themed bear. The pattern provides useful photos for reference when assembling parts to the bag and is very easy to follow and make.

18. Bear Planter Cover

Free pattern by Thoresby Cottage

This bear looks absolutely amazing as a plant pot cover, but could also be adapted to make a basket too! The pattern is easy to follow and aimed at beginners.

19. Sleepy Bear

Free pattern by Squirrel Picnic

This is a good pattern if you finding attaching heads to bodies difficult – this pattern crochets the body and head in one piece to make for a sturdier neck. The author also provides links to accessories for Sleepy Bear.

20. Bearmuffs

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

Another Little World of Whimsy pattern – Bear earmuffs, or Bearmuffs! This pattern uses a simple headband and fuzzy yarn to create a ‘beary’ cute earmuff pattern!

21. Chonky Panda

Pattern by Crochen by Helen on Etsy

This chonky panda is beginner friendly and crocheted in rounds using typical amigurumi stitches. It uses chunky soft yarn making it quick to make too!

22. Bear Pom Beanie

Free pattern by All About Ami

This beanie hat is a creative way to add ears to a hat without crocheting more complicated ears and sewing them on – this pattern creates pom poms and ties them onto the finished hat!

23. Bear Beanie

Free pattern by Heart Hook Home

Another bear beanie for you, but this time it’s fuzzy and with actual ears! This pattern has sizes for baby, toddler, child and adults – it uses super fuzzy and thick yarn too to make the work up quick.

24. Bear Slipper Socks

Free pattern by Yarnspirations

This pattern is so cute and subtly adds bears to your slipper socks! The pattern has sizing for children to adults and is easy to customize color too!

25. Bear Headbands

Free pattern by Whistle & Ivy

This pattern is amazing as it has three animal headbands – deer, bear and fox. The pattern is easy to follow and is finished off in a way that you need to tie it around your head it, so this can be easily adapted for all sizes.

26. Bear Bowl Cozy

Free pattern by Blackstone Designs

This pattern is great as the finished item can be useful for hot bowls of food, but also decorative to make a bowl of cereal or ice cream look happier for anyone, especially for children! It’s an easy pattern and quick to make.

27. Bear and Bunny Storage Box

Pattern by pepika on Etsy

This pattern is clever and a great idea for children who want to store their jewelery and other knick knacks. It is for beginners and is made using typical amigurumi stitches.

28. Bear Baby Rattle

Free pattern by Lovely Craft

This is an absolutely adorable pattern and surprisingly easy to follow even though it looks so detailed. The pattern is well written and is a great gift for young children or newborns.

29. Koala Bear

Free pattern by The Loopy Lamb

This pattern is aimed at beginners and uses a super furry yarn to create the fuzzy koala. The writer of the pattern does include a helpful video with tips on using this more unusual fuzzy yarn.

30. Chubby Teddy Bear

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

This teddy bear is just so cute – it’s chubbiness is only made even cuter by its round bottom and cute face! The pattern is very easy to follow and has minimal sewing involved due to less extras to sew on!

31. Kozy the Koala Bear

Free pattern by Furls Crochet

This koala bear is very accurately called Kozy and doesn’t he just look it?! This pattern has useful pictures on the crocheting process and even has a useful tip to make smoother yarns become slightly fuzzy to create a fur effect!

32. Cuddly Koala Lovey

Pattern by HaekelmaniaCrafts on Etsy

Keeping with the koala bears, here is a koala lovey. This lovey is again made with a stuffed amigurumi-style head and has a flat body with some 3D hands and feet in the corners.

33. Cake Bear

Free pattern by Amigurumi Today

This pattern makes use of bears and cake! This pattern is clever as it uses a button-joint method for fastening the head and limbs which allows them to move while on the body.

If you don’t like this it is easy enough to sew these parts directly to the body of the bear instead.

34. Panda

Free pattern by Little Muggles

This cute panda is a beginner-friendly pattern and comes out small enough that he can fit in the palm of your hand! This little bear could easily be stuffed as normal or filled with heavy pellets to create a paperweight for your desk!

35. Soft Bear

Free pattern by Amiguroom Toys

This pattern cleverly crochets from the feet up, sewing the body from the feet and adding in the arms to the body as you go. You then make the head separate and attach later. There’s even a pattern included for his scarf!

36. Teddy Bear Curtain Ties

Pattern by CosyPatterns on Etsy

This is a creative way to incorporate a teddy in your home. You could have these to add a but of fun to a room or add to a child’s bedroom for added cuteness!

The pattern is for beginners and includes photos to support you along the way.

37. Bear with Clothes

Pattern by MiniCrochetZoo on Etsy

This pattern is one of my favorites! The pattern comes with the bear pattern as well as a pattern for two sets of clothing which look adorable on the bear!

There are even videos to help you with the more tricky parts of the pattern.

38. Faux Fur Teddy Bear Throw Pillow

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

Can you tell we love bears? Here is another Little World of Whimsy creation, this time a cushion with a faux fur bear detail in the center which is worked in as you follow the pattern and not sewn on!

39. Bear Basket

Free pattern by Little World of Whimsy

Our final bear pattern (also by Little World of Whimsy) is a cute storage basket – perfect for storing toys, WIPs or even spare yarn from all these bear crochet projects! This pattern is beginner-friendly and easy to follow.