33 Simple and Stunning Stitches for Blankets (with photos & videos!)

While the four most basic stitches (US: single, half double, double, and treble crochet / UK: double, half treble, treble, and double-treble crochet) are lovely in their own right, you might be on the lookout for different, lovely stitches. Large projects like blankets are perfect for showcasing different stitching.

This roundup has a collection for simple yet stunning stitches that are great for blankets and go beyond the basics. While these stitches can be used for other items, this roundup will focus on how these stitches will work with blankets.

With this collection of stitches, if you decide to try any of them, not only will you be gaining the muscle memory of a new stitch, but you also acquire essential techniques to improve your skills and master the art of crochet.

This roundup will use US stitch terminology. Most stitches listed will be best for crocheters who have some experience.

Note: some stitches may be known by multiple different names beyond what this roundup refers to them as. Different stitches may also be referred to by the same name as some of the stitches listed.

Clusters, Pairs, and Spikes

Lemon Peel

Also known as the up and down stitch, this is an incredibly simple, reversible stitch that’s perfect for beginners. It is made up of alternating double and single crochets.

Written & chart instructions: The Crochet Fox

Written & photo instructions: Desert Blossom Crafts

Videos: YarnThrift

Variation: Wide Checkers

This is an extended version of the lemon peel stitch. Instead of alternating one single crochet and one double crochet, you will work groups of alternating double and single crochets. Looped and Knotted has written and photo instructions.


Similar to the lemon peel stitch, the sturdy and reversible suzette stitch is worked in pairs of double and single crochets.

Unlike the lemon peel stitch, instead of working the stitches into different stitches, you will crochet one single and one double crochet into the same stitch, chain one, skip the next stitch, and repeat.

Written & photo instructions: The Spruce Crafts

Video: Blossom Crochet


This easy stitch allows you to get that knit look without knitting! It creates dense and heavy items, so take care when choosing this stitch for blankets. It might be better for a small throw or lap blanket.

It involves only single crochets, but instead of inserting your hook in between the stitches, you insert your hook into the middle of the stitch (the ‘v’ middle part of the stitch).

Written & photo instructions: Heart Hook Home

Video: E’Claire Makery


Also known as the woven, tweed, linen, or granite stitch, this beginner friendly stitch is perfect for stretchy, lightweight blankets. It’s great for showcasing color changes if you need to work on your yarn stash.

The moss stitch involves one row repeat of one single crochet, chain one, and skip one stitch. You will single crochet into the chain one space on the next row.

Written & photo instructions: Heart Hook Home

Video: Ginger Knots


This strong, mesh-like stitch is perfect for blankets. With only a two-row repeat, it’s not complicated and is a great stitch for beginners to learn and advanced crocheters to sit back and relax with.

In a way, it is a lot like the moss stitch but with an extra step. It involves one row of single crochets then another row of one single crochet, chaining one, skipping the next stitch, and repeating until the end of the row.

Written & photo instructions: Nordic Hook

Video: Rich Textures Crochet

Corner to Corner (C2C)

The corner to corner (C2C) stitch is a special stitch; its rows increase and decrease diagonally in tiles instead of the typical horizontal row. It uses double crochets (or half double), slip stitches, and chains.

It’s great for blankets and works up quite quickly! It can be a little bit daunting for beginners, but Make and Do Crew has a detailed blog post on how to start and what goes into a C2C blanket. The Purple Poncho has videos on double C2C and half double C2C.

Even Berry

This cluster stitch includes a new stitch: the berry stitch. Essentially, it is a cluster of two double crochets. It creates a cute berry-like texture, which would look great in different colors!

The even berry stitch is a two-row repeat. You will start with a row of single crochets, then a second row of alternating single crochets and berry stitches.

Written & photo instructions for both berry stitch and swatch: Daisy Farm Crafts

Video (UK terms): Bella Coco

Variation: Uneven Berry

Instead of stacking the berry clusters on top of each other, this variation offsets them by one stitch. For written instructions, New Stitch A Day has a straight-to-the-point post. For video instructions, the American Crochet Association has a YouTube video to watch.

Herringbone (Half Double)

Basically just a fancier version of the half double crochet, this reversible stitch gives the appearance of a slanting pattern due to how it is worked forward and backward. It’s great for blankets, either in one color or many!

Written & photo instructions: Crochet 365 Knit Too

Videos: Amanda Crochets (traditional) or Day’s Crochet (variation)

Variation: Herringbone (Double)

This stitch is exactly like the half double herringbone, except with double crochets! For written instructions, check out B. Hooked Crochet. For a video tutorial, check out HopefulHoney.


Since this stitch’s pattern is so subtle, it’s perfect for large projects like blankets so it can be appreciated in its entirety. Contrasting colors make this stitch pop!

The silt stitch involves one row of double crochets and a second row of double crochets, skipped stitches, and a pair of double crochets with a single crochet.

Written & photo instructions: love. life. Yarn.

Video: Bag-O-Day Crochet

Blanket Stitch

This blanket stitch roundup wouldn’t be complete with the easy blanket stitch. It’s perfect for blankets or anything that needs a dense stitch.

It only involves pairs of single and double crochets with a few skipped stitches. It gives blankets a great soft, squishy texture.

Written & photo instructions: Heart Hook Home

Video: Lullaby Lodge Crochet

Aligned Double Clusters

This super easy cluster stitch is only a two-row repeat of one double crochet row with decreases and chains plus a second row of simple single crochets with chains. It’s a little bit like the moss stitch with an extra double crochet step.

Written instructions: Daisy Cottage Designs

Video: Heart Hook Home

Variation: Pique

This plush stitch is similarly constructed to the aligned double cluster stitch with a few different steps. You won’t have a single crochet row, but rather continue with double and half double crochet clusters throughout.

For in depth written and photo instructions, Heart Hook Home has a great post. For video instructions, check out Stardust Gold Crochet.

Alternate Spikes

This dense stitch is one of the easiest out there as it only involves the single crochet. You will need to learn the spike stitch, which is just another term for a stitch that happens in a row lower than the one currently being worked.

Written & photo instructions: Heart Hook Home

Video: HopefulHoney


There is another stitch known as the ‘basketweave stitch’ which will pop up when searching for this stitch, but the basket stitch does not involve the front or back post like the basketweave stitch.

Instead, it is a stitch with double crochets pairs, chains, and double crochet decreases. You won’t have to learn what is considered a post of a stitch with this design!

Written instructions: Darn Good Yarn

Video: The Yarnist


Sometimes called the mirror stitch, larksfoot looks a bit like the foot of a bird, which may be where it got its name! It’s great for colorful blankets as contrasting colors really emphasize this design.

This stitch involves double crochets as well as skipped stitches and spiked double crochets. It’s much easier than it appears.

Written & photo instructions: Dream a Little Bigger

Video: naztazia

Variation: Caterpillar Stripe

This variation might not be as well known as the larksfoot stitch, but it is quite similar and works up well when using different colors. For a video demonstration, Bag-O-Day Crochet has a detailed YouTube video.

Fans, Shells, and Waves


A combination of chains, single, and half double crochets, this cute fan-like design is perfect for large (and small!) blankets. It’s great for both entire pieces and as a border and looks great in variegated yarns.

Written & photo instructions: crochetmelovely

Video: Daisy Farm Crafts


Also known as mini arcade or wheatsheaf, this stitch is best for decorative blankets due to the holes the fans/arches make. It’s great for colorful yarns as well! Consisting of single, double, chains, and skipped stitches, this stitch is great for beginners and beyond.

Written & photo instructions: The Loophole Fox

Video: Hooked By Robin


This stitch offers a similar C2C effect without worrying about the diagonal rows. Only dealing with chains and double and single crochet, this easy stitch works up quickly and comes with a built-in border for your blankets!

Written & photo instructions: love. life. yarn.

Video: The Unraveled Mitten

Close Scallops

Also simply known as the scallop or shell stitch, this stitch is most often used as a decorative border on blankets, but it can be used for the entire blanket as well. All it takes is an easy two-row repeat of double crochets clusters, skipped stitches, and single crochets to lock the shells into place.

Written instructions: Maria’s Blue Crayon

Border photo instructions: Adornos Malulu

Video: HappyBerry Crochet

Variation: Open Scallops

Essentially a looser version of close scallops, it also introduces a special stitch: wide double crochet 2 together. TheCrochetFox has a written explanation of the pattern and new stitch. For a video, check out Creative Grandma.


While there are a few different takes on the wave stitch, this list will focus on the wave stitch that involves an easy repeat of single, half double, double, two treble/triple, double, half double, and single crochets. You will place the tallest stitches on the shortest stitches and vice versa.

Written & photo instructions: Pine Tree Crochet

Video: Blossom Crochet

Variation: Long Wave

This variation is simply an extended version of the wave stitch. For written and photo instructions, check out Rich Texture Crochet. For video instructions, check out Nicki’s Homemade Crafts.


Chevron, or the zig-zag stitch, is one of the most iconic crochet stitches in the world. It can be crocheted with different stitches (depending on what height you want to the peaks to be), but it will always involve a three stitch decrease.

Written & photo instructions: Craftsy

Video: American Crochet Association

Variation: Granny Chevron

Also known as the granny ripple stitch, this takes the iconic chevron and granny square stitch and combines them into rippling clusters of double or treble crochets.

Written instructions: Crochet n Create (both treble and double crochet)

Video: All Crafts Channel


This lovely wheel-like stitch is suited best for confident crocheters and for blankets in different colors. It involves a three-row repeat of double crochet clusters, chains, and single crochets to create the wheel-like design.

Written & photo instructions: love. life. yarn.

Video: Daisy Farm Crafts

Variations: Starburst & Catherine’s Wheel

These two larger sister stitches are a bit more complicated than the harlequin stitch. Catherine’s Wheel is the most circular of the three. For a larger, diamond-like stitch, starburst is the way to go.

Written instructions and comparisons for all three: Crystals and Crochet


This specific box stitch is essentially a boxy version of the traditional scallop stitch but with a twist. It uses single and double crochets paired with crocheting around the posts of former stitches.

This stitch is not meant for beginners who are just starting out, but it does offer a good challenge if you choose to try it out! There are other kinds of ‘box stitches’ out there, so don’t be surprised if different stitches pop out when googling for more information!

Written & photo instructions: Crochet-News.com

Video: Free crochet patterns

Bonus: Dragonfly

While this stitch is better for experienced crocheters, I couldn’t help but include it! It’s such a unique stitch. For video instructions, check out Sirin’s Crochet. For a collection of written dragonfly stitch blanket patterns, you can find that on Pattern Center.