19 Incredible Free Crochet Giraffe Patterns You’ll Love

Crochet giraffe patterns have become a delightful and popular trend among crafting enthusiasts and animal-loving individuals alike. These patterns offer a unique opportunity to bring the grace and charm of giraffes to life through the art of crochet. With their long necks, distinctive spots, and endearing faces, crocheted giraffes make for adorable handmade gifts or charming additions to nursery decor.

The allure of crochet giraffe patterns lies not only in the endearing final product but also in the creativity they inspire. Crafters can tailor each giraffe’s color scheme, spots, and features to their liking, infusing the finished creation with a personal touch. Patterns often come in varying levels of difficulty, making them accessible to both beginners and seasoned crocheters looking for a new challenge.

The joy of creating crochet giraffes goes beyond the act of crafting itself. It fosters a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction upon completion, encouraging crafters to share their adorable creations with loved ones or showcase them proudly in their homes. Overall, crochet giraffe patterns are a wonderful way to combine creativity, craftsmanship, and love for animals, bringing joy and warmth into the world, one handmade giraffe at a time.

1. Ginnie the Giraffe

Free pattern by Jess Huff

This pattern is great for beginners that are familiar with typical amigurumi stitches and crocheting in a continuous spiral. The pattern is well laid out and has the pattern laid out clearly for which parts to crochet first.

2. Little Giraffe

Free pattern by Amigurumi Space

This little giraffe is absolutely adorable! The final crochet giraffe comes out at 15cm (5.9 inches) tall so it could be a great tony keepsake or perhaps a keyring.

The designer even provides a YouTube for you watch instead of reading the pattern if you prefer.

3. Gerald the Giraffe

Free pattern by Cuddly Stitches Craft

This slightly bigger giraffe is another pattern great for beginner to intermediate crocheters.

This pattern uses the basic amigurumi stitches to make and the minimal number of spots to crochet and stitch on make this even easier to crochet.

4. Stripy Giraffe

Free pattern by Oombawka Design Crochet

This unique giraffe pattern is really well written and easy to follow along. This require frequent color changing, so it can make this pattern more aimed at intermediate and advanced crocheters.

However there is no reason why you couldn’t use this pattern to help you practice color changing as a beginner.

5. Alfa Giraffe

Free pattern by Tarturumies

This giraffe is very cute and has great detail in it! While this giraffe has no spots, it has plenty of detail for you to crochet including a leafy branch for him to eat.

The pattern is very clear, easy to follow and the resulting giraffe is adorable!

6. Toy Giraffe

Free pattern by Olga Askarova

This pattern, with the extra long neck and oversized head, is very cute and easy to make.

The pattern is clear, easy to follow and even has a YouTube video you can watch.

7. Friendly Giraffe

Free pattern by The Friendly Red Fox

This pattern is really great for beginners and the result is a perfect gift for anyone – child or adult!

This giraffe can be easily customized in color or yarn weight so it’s very versatile!

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8. Giraffe Toy in Scarf

Free pattern by Irina Lebzina

This pattern is available on Ravelry as a free PDF to download. The pattern is very well laid out, has useful pictures throughout and is well written.

You can make this giraffe and his scarf in no time at all due to the smaller size!

9. Gifa the Giraffe

Free pattern by Chai Coffee Crochet

This round and short giraffe is so cute and has a little outfit too!

The pattern is easy for beginners as the body and head and crocheted all in one piece with no increase or decrease between them.

10. Mini Giraffe

Free pattern by Annaboo’s House

This mini giraffe can be crocheted in no time due to how small it is!

The pattern is easy to follow and it is in UK terms, so you may need to look those up if you are not familiar.

11. Mosaic Giraffe

Free pattern by Craft Passion

This giraffe is more unusual in how the giraffe’s spot are crocheted on.

This pattern utilizes a crochet mosaic technique which can take some practice but it creates a really unique and interesting look for your giraffe.

12. Rag Doll Giraffe

Free pattern by Yarn Over with Natasha

This giraffe uses the look of a ragdoll toy by lightly stuffing the body.

You could make this a full ragdoll giraffe toy by stuffing the head and leaving the body completely unstuffed.

13. Frank the Giraffe

Free pattern by Lovely Craft

This stylish giraffe, with his tiny features and cute scarf, is absolutely adorable!

The pattern is well written and easy to follow and you can easily customize the pattern to make it more yellow or keep it gray like this designer!

14. Tiny Giraffe

Free pattern by Olga Lukoshkina

This giraffe is perfect for little kids or even as a keychain as it is so small and cute!

This pattern is really clearly written and easy to follow and there’s a YouTube video you can watch for this little guy too!

15. Gary the Giraffe

Free pattern by Premier Yarns

This pattern can be found as downloadable PDF from Premier Yarns.

The pattern is well written, with lots of detail and looks great, especially if using the recommended velvet yarn.

16. Giraffe Bag

Free pattern by Anchor Crafts

This pattern is the only non-amigurumi giraffe on the list.

This pattern is for intermediate crocheters and it is written clearly and provides useful crochet chart to show the color changes.

17. Gigi Giraffe

Free pattern by Crochet 365 Knit Too

This giraffe pattern is interesting as it doesn’t sew on spots or color change spots in the round as you crochet – you instead embroider them on at the end for a unique look.

18. Chubby Giraffe

Free pattern by Lennutas

A chubby giraffe is always cute and this pattern allows you to make him with ease!

The pattern is beginner-friendly with basic amigurumi stitches and useful pictures along the way.

19. Amelia the Giraffe

Free pattern by Carolyne Brodie

If you’re looking for a giraffe with style and character then look no further than Amelia the Giraffe.

The pattern is so clear, well-written and has great pictures to help you at each stage of the crocheting process!