19 Easiest Crochet Hot Pad Patterns (free!)

Crocheted hot pads are not only practical and functional, but they also add a touch of homeliness and charm to your kitchen! They are also fairly quick and straightforward to crochet, taking only a few hours at most and a few basic stitches to complete.

There are thicker heat-resistant hot pads that will protect your countertops and hands from pans straight out of the oven or pots off the stove, but also lighter, more decorative ones to display your food! Hot pads also make for great housewarming gifts!

Don’t forget to use cotton, wool, or other natural fibers for heat-resistance and ease of wash, and stay away from acrylic and other synthetic fibers if you don’t want your hot pad to melt!

Below I have compiled a variety of hot pad patterns, so you have the freedom of choice to pick a hot pad with the perfect shape and colors to complement your kitchen decor! Note that some patterns might be titled potholder, in which case they can function as both a hot pad and a potholder!

1. Double-Thick Thermal Hot Pad

Free pattern by Make and Do Crew available here!

This hot pad pattern uses the extremely dense thermal stitch and comprises of two layers, giving the highest level of protection from heat!

This potholder is crocheted in the round, causing it to eventually fold in on itself to form an envelope. This fold is what creates the two layers, so there’s no need for you to crochet two separate pieces and sewing them together!

After the main piece is done, you can add an accent color as well as a loop to a corner so you can hang it in your kitchen! The pocket is then seamed together.

Detailed pictures and an accompanying video are available.

2. Hexi Puff Trivet

Free pattern by TL Yarn Crafts available here!

These cheerful hot pads are made of puff stitches! There is a video tutorial available in the pattern post which will guide you on how to make puff stitches, if you’re not familiar with them.

While this pattern provides a simple block of single color yarn, you can also choose to alternate colors every row to create stripes, or maybe a rainbow!

3. Colorful Candy Hot Pad

Free pattern by Knitting with Chopsticks available here!

This colorful candy hot pad consists of 53 whopping crochet balls, which are crocheted separately than glued together. The balls are made of 11 rounds of single crochets. Each ball is filled with stuffing, then sewed together.

This project will no doubt require a lot of patience and tenacity, but the result is a bright mishmash of colors that will be sure to add a pop to your kitchen!

4. Gingham Hot Pads

Free pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts available here!

These gingham hot pads require knowing some tapestry crochet, or to be specific, how to carry a different-colored yarn behind your stitches. The post provides a helpful short video showing how to do this! Gingham never goes out of style and would look at home on some classic gingham red-and-white tablecloth!

This hot pad has two layers of the same pattern, which are then evenly lined up and placed together.

5. Cherry Pie Hot Pad

Free pattern by Yarnspirations available here!

This cherry pie hot pad is perfect for hosting pies or other baked goods straight out of the oven! The base and filling are crocheted in one piece, and the lattice strips come in 12 separate strips which are then weaved on to the crust.

The pattern provides a chart showing how to weave the lattice strips to form the perfect pie! Afterwards, you can finish off with two rounds of crust and your cherry pie is ready!

6. Aunt Lydia’s May Flowers Hot Pad

Free pattern by Yarnspirations available here!

This beautiful vintage hot pad patterns comes in a set, with coasters! The pattern has a very interesting concept, making use of a mesh as its initial foundation layer, upon which the flowers are crocheted onto. The pattern comes with charts explaining how to follow the design.

The recommended yarn is a crochet thread, which comes in lighter weights and are perhaps thinner in size than you might be familiar with crocheting. Take care of your tension!

7. Colorful Circle Hot Pad

Free pattern by Cute as a Button Crochet & Craft available here!

Here is another double-layered hot pad, constructed by slip stitching two large circles together! The pattern is extremely simple, consisting of just hdcs in rounds. That’s it, no fuss!

The outermost edge does require BLO stitches, which is also fairly easy to pick up. The pattern includes a mini tutorial on how to crochet them.

8. Little Gobbler Hot Pad

Free pattern by Pink Mambo available here!

Here’s a turkey hot pad to keep in store for Thanksgiving!

The crocheted hot pad shown the image is intended for decorative use only, as it was crocheted using acrylic yarn, and has many gaps between its double crochets.

The pattern author recommends to crochet another layer in single crochets before sewing it to the front section and to use cotton yarn, if you intend to use it as a hot pad, and to embroider the eyes instead of using plastic eyes.

This adorable turkey comes with many parts including the main background, seven feathers, a head, and a body. The rest of its features are embroidered.

9. Reindeer Hot Pad

Free pattern by Nana’s Crafty Home available here!

In preparation for Christmas, you can crochet this cute little reindeer hot pad! As above, use acrylic yarn only if your hot pad is for decorative use, and use cotton yarn if it will be in contact with heat.

This pattern has two layers of circles crocheted in doubles, two pieces for its eyes, two ears, a muzzle, a pair of antlers, and one cute as a button red nose. The pattern on its forehead is embroidered.

10. Summer Tutti Fruity Hot Pad

Free pattern by Wink available on Red Ted Art!

Deep in the throes of summer, there’s nothing better than some fresh fruits in your desserts or cakes! Serve them on these tutti fruity hot pad—or just a decorative pad, since none of us are particularly keen on having anything hot in this heat!

The post provides pictures for the pattern, as well as instructions for how to sew on felt to the back to finish off the hot pad!

11. Valentine’s Striped Heart Hot Pad

Free pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts available here!

This playful striped heart hot pad is perfect to complement your Valentine’s decor, or perhaps to throw in some Barbie spirit in your kitchen!

The hot pad consists of rows of herringbone half double crochet, and incorporates tapestry crochet. The pattern includes a video tutorial, but If you’ve never tried the herringbone hdc before, here’s a more detailed video tutorial to get you started! The border uses puff stitches and adds to the lovely aesthetic!

12. Halloween’s Pumpkin Striped Hot Pad

Free pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts available here!

This cute pumpkin hot pad also makes use of the herringbone hdc stitch, so scroll up if you’re in need of a detailed video tutorial for it! Additionally, here’s a video tutorial on how to do tapestry crochet if this is your first time trying one!

Its border includes adorable cluster stitches! With two layers, this hot pad is ready to serve your piping hot pumpkin pies and casseroles!

13. Winter Tree Stripes & Striped Candy Cane Hot Pad

Free pattern available on Daisy Farm Crafts: Winter Tree Stripes & Striped Candy Cane

This pair of hot pads make for a lovely supplement to wintertime house decor! These winter motifs are on point and classy, and will suit well with the rest of your place.

As with the previous patterns, these hot pads use the herringbone hdc and tapestry crochet, which involves carrying a different-colored yarn in the back of your stitches.

The pattern post provides a video tutorial and a helpful chart for reference!

14. Easter Bunny Hot Pad

Free pattern by Daisy Farm Crafts available here!

The last holiday-themed tapestry crochet hot pad is here, an adorable Easter Bunny! Like the above patterns, this hot pad was crocheted using the herringbone hdc. The pattern provides a chart for the tapestry portion of the work.

The beautiful shell border in the picture is unfortunately, not part of the pattern, but you can have a go at it yourself through this shell stitch border video tutorial! Just make sure to count the stitches of your work first to make sure your shell stitches will fit all the way round!

15. Endless Square Tulip Hot Pad

Free pattern by Lilla Bjorn Crochet available here!

This gorgeous hot pad is the one for you if you’re looking to add an elegant accent to your kitchen counters! I just love how harmonious the pink and green looks, when tied together with the relaxed beige shade.

The whole hot pad is worked in rounds. The bottom layer is a pink square of double crochets, solid granny square style. What’s great about this particular pattern is, you can stop a few rounds early and get yourself a coaster to complete the set with your hot pad!

This pattern might be a bit challenging since it does include overlay crochet which involves crocheting back to the front loop of a stitch in a previous round, but the pattern post includes detailed pictures for every step to help with this!

16. Geometric Flower Hot Pad

Free pattern by FreeCraft Unlimited available here!

These geometric hot pads are the one for you if you’re not interested in flat hot pads! Be warned that this pattern can be tricky—follow the instructions carefully and double-check to ensure that your hot pad comes out perfectly!

17. Springtime Magic Hot Pad

Free pattern by Hversdagsmagi available here!

This gorgeous spring-inspired mandala-esque hot pad deserves its own place of honor on your dining table! The choice of pastel colors give off sweet and feminine vibes.

This pattern isn’t as mindless as most of the above patterns which consisted of mainly hdcs or scs, with some color-changing. The stitches you use are simple and repetitive but differ each round, so if you’re one to easily get bored, but not eager for overly complicated patterns, this pattern is perfect for you!

18. Birdhouse Hot Pad

Free pattern by Raffamusa Designs available here!

Here we have a unique birdhouse hot pad design, perfect to add a touch of whimsy and playfulness to your dining tables! The small flower, heart, and leaf appliques add to its cuteness and charm!

This adorable birdhouse starts with a pentagon crocheted in the round. If you’ve been crocheting for some time, you might notice that in order to keep a circle from turning into polygons, you need to stagger your increases to keep them from piling up and forming vertices. This can make it rather annoying to keep count of where your increases should be.

Well, you won’t have any problems with that in this pattern, since we want those vertices! You just need to keep increasing where your increases were in the previous round, and they will gradually get more and more obvious.

The pattern recommends the addition of a cotton backing sewed all around the back of the hot pad.

19. C2C Candy Corn Hot Pad

Free pattern by Sarah Faith Crafts available here!

This bright cheerful hot pad uses a technique called C2C crochet, or corner-to-corner crochet. C2C projects are worked diagonally from corner-to-corner. If you’ve never tried one before, don’t worry, the pattern post links to a C2C tutorial, so check it out if you’re interested! The post also provides a pattern chart to help you keep count.

What’s great about C2C is, once you’ve gotten to the center diagonal, your rows get shorter and shorter and before you know it, you’re done! You are recommended to create two sides of the hot pad, and to sew them together to give extra padding.