19 Best Amigurumi Designers on Etsy (in 2024!)

Finding designers that you enjoy (and trust) can sometimes be overwhelming, especially as more and more people out there discover their ability to design their own patterns. Meanwhile, some people may only have one very popular pattern while others are incredibly well known for their specific style.

In this article, I have collected different designers that I personally enjoy and think of as some of the best out there.

While this list is not exhaustive, as there are hundreds of different types of designers out there, this is a great starting point for anyone looking for trustworthy and well-designed amigurumi patterns!

In this list, I have categorized it by the majority type of amigurumi in a designer’s portfolio. Some people have a certain style that only works in a certain type of amigurumi while others like to bounce around and try new things out.

The designers will have their Etsy, Ravelry, and website listed (if they have any) as well as any extra social media.


Beginner Friendly

Little World of Whimsy

Etsy + Website + YouTube

If you are looking for cute, round, and easy amigurumi animals, you don’t have to go far – you are already here! Written for acrylic and plush yarn, every single one of these patterns are great for beginners.

There are even a few no sew patterns, such as this chubby narwhal and plush ghost. If you want to test out how these patterns are written before you commit to purchasing them, you can head over to their blog posts to check out the pattern posted for free!

Depending on the pattern (and your yarn), the size of your amigurumi will vary, but for the most part, the patterns here are designed to fit in your hand. There are a few large, plush patterns.

If you are in the mood to create something besides animals, there are also some mini dolls, home decor, small apparel items, and play food patterns you can check out.

Theresa’s Crochet Shop

Etsy + Website + YouTube

Theresa has an extensive amount of animal amigurumi with nearly 200 patterns to choose from. Ranging from fish to birds to dogs to dinosaurs and more, these chibi animals are great for beginners who are looking for a small, cute amigurumi to create.

Some patterns have been written separately in both acrylic and plush yarn, so you will not need to worry about having different yarn than what the pattern uses. Better yet, some patterns come in bundles for shopping ease and to help you save money!

Most patterns are hand sized, but those written for plush yarns are somewhat bigger.

A little love everyday

Etsy + Website

If you are looking to combine your love for food, plants, and pets, then this is the designer for you! There is an array of adorably small dolls, plants, and food patterns to choose from.

Not only does Anitha create cute animal dolls, but she also offers cactus kitties and pumpkin pie kittens. There are also some play food patterns, perfect for playing or for keychains.

Most of the patterns are hand sized. Her website also offers free versions of the patterns posted on Etsy.


Etsy + Ribblr

Full of small and easy patterns, this designer has plenty of patterns built for using that plush yarn you’ve been eying for ages (or maybe already bought). Every pattern is beginner friendly with some being low or completely no-sew.

All of her patterns are hand sized and adorably round and squishy. There are even a few free patterns listed on her Ribblr, but you do need an account in order to download or save any patterns on it.

Storyland Amis

Etsy + Website + YouTube

Ranging from pocket to cuddle to extreme, Storyland Amis has all kinds of animal patterns to choose from. From torso sized patterns to pocket sized patterns, you will not lack in choices when it comes to deciding which size of amigurumi you’d love to make. Maybe all of them?

If you happen to stumble upon this article while needing some Christmas-themed gifts, she has you covered. With human dolls, animals, and Christmas trees available, you can create your own Christmas town.

There are also pattern bundles available. If you would like to learn some tips and tricks when it comes to embroidering amigurumi or other details, there are some videos on her YouTube channel.


The Little Hook Crochet

Etsy + Website

You may know them as littleaquagirl on social media or simply by their amigurumi style. Their medium sized animals all come with adorable clothes or decorations to add such an unique and lovely flair to their creations.

While they design mostly animal amigurumi, there are a few human dolls as well. They also offer stitch markers and safety eyes from sizes 5mm to 8mm.

If you would like to check out how they write their patterns, their website hosts a few free small patterns that are just as cute as their full sized patterns.


Etsy + Ravelry + Website + YouTube

I would recommend this designer for advanced crocheters. These patterns are large and incredibly detailed which may be daunting or confusing for anyone who is just starting out.

Many of these amigurumi will have extra pieces or different tricks to bring the pieces together in an unique way.

Twinkle the strawberry jerboa is designed to be able to flip from a jerboa into a strawberry, you can learn how to needle felt details with Aquila the kitten, and you can learn how to articulate a creation with wire and buttons through Lunar the lemur.

Complicated Knots

Etsy + YouTube

This designer hosts an eclectic collection of different amigurumi animals! While many of these patterns are considered advanced since they often use more than just basic stitches, there are some that are beginner level as well.

Not only does she have every pattern on her Etsy, but nearly all of her patterns are for free on her YouTube. All the videos will walk you step-by-step through the more complicated parts of a pattern.

Most of the patterns are hand-sized and perfect for making in an afternoon or two. There are some that will take longer, but that adds to the fun!

Crafty Intentions

Etsy + Ravelry + Website

If you are looking for some fantasy patterns, especially dragons, this designer has over 20 different dragons to choose from! Due to their complexity, I would recommend only attempting them if you are confident in your crocheting.

All of the patterns are incredibly detailed. Their size ranges from small to large and may take an evening or a couple weeks to finish.

You can find her patterns online and, at the time of this article, has two published books filled with new and improved patterns.

Imagined Yarn


If any of the dragon patterns above just weren’t enough for you, you can find more dragon patterns from this designer! All of these patterns are recommended for experienced crocheters as there are techniques and stitches beyond the basics that are involved to make these creations.

While most of the patterns are dragons, there are a few smaller critters as well, including axolotls and snakes. Many patterns are inspired by the movie How to Train Your Dragon.


Mini & Medium

The Wandering Deer

Etsy + Ravelry + Website + Instagram

This is the one stop shop for mini amigurumi patterns. While it is mostly miniature human dress-up dolls, there are also animals, food, plants, and other objects.

Most patterns come in bundles. There are a few larger amigurumi patterns available as well. If you like free patterns, you can find some on her Instagram.

Sweet Softies

Etsy + Ravelry + Website + YouTube

Sweet Softies has a huge collection of amigurumi patterns that range from tall human dolls to round, no-sew animals. There are even a few wearables to choose from as well!

If you are wanting quick, easy, no-sew patterns, there are adorable ‘pocket-sized’ patterns for sale on her Etsy as well as for free on her YouTube and website. The patterns are accessible in all forms: video, written, and printable.

If you are looking for more complicated, larger patterns, you can check out the human doll patterns listed. Her YouTube channel has general tips and tricks over any of the more confusing parts of the patterns.


Etsy + Ravelry + Website

Also known as Lalylaland, this amigurumi designer has many medium and large sized doll patterns. Many of the medium sized dolls are bug inspired.

There is a collection of different crochet kits to choose from as well as other items like bags, earrings, yarn bundles, safety eyes, and more.

On her website there are also a few free amigurumi patterns as well as some other freebie patterns.

Aradiya Toys

Etsy + Ravelry + Website

While this designer focuses mostly on human dolls, there are some cute animals as well as a few plants you can choose from. There are both mini doll sets or larger singular doll patterns.

Almost all large dolls come with a little buddy. The mini dolls come in sets of either all dolls or dolls paired with different objects associated with them. These patterns are available in 8 different languages.

The website and Ravelry have a larger collection of patterns than Etsy. If you are looking for characters from games like Minecraft or Plants vs Zombies, or from shows like Adventure Time or South Park, you can find them on her Ravelry.

Some of her character patterns are free on Ravelry.


Lulu loves the moon


This designer has a lovely collection of detailed and long-limbed dolls. They are about the size of your forearm (if you use the same yarn) while not being too bulky.

There are both human and animal dolls in her clean style. There are also smaller animal patterns as well, if you are looking for something less long-limbed.

Based in Austria, all the patterns are available in English, German, Spanish, French, and Dutch.

Green Frog Crochet

Etsy + Ravelry + Website + YouTube

If you are looking to practice intricate doll clothing, this designer’s patterns are perfect for that! These patterns are great for practicing, or learning, the ins and outs of crocheting dolls with hair and clothing.

While the focus is on human dolls, there are a few no-sew animal bundles available as well. Her YouTube focuses on how to add details to your amigurumi, such as a moveable head, fixing a wobbly head, adding blush to dolls, and more.

Food & Plants


Etsy + Ravelry + YouTube

Lu’s designs are a huge collection of crocheted food! From breakfast to lunch to snacks and desserts, you can find exactly the type of food amigurumi you are looking for.

Some patterns include how to attach magnets to different patterns and allow for toppings to be changed out. Everything is life size.

There are also a few Pokémon and doll patterns as well as a very popular gummy bear granny square pattern. Her YouTube has a few crochet patterns for free as well.

A Menagerie of Stitches

Website (While her Etsy is still up, everything has been redirected to her website. You can find all of her patterns, books, kits, and finished items there!)

While this designer has a focus on adorable plants and play food, there are some popular animals to choose from. The plant patterns include a crocheted pot, so you will not need to worry about getting your own pot for them.

You can choose from single or bundled PDF patterns, kits, or books. You may also be able to find her books at your local library.


Etsy + Website

If you are looking for adorably round patterns, this is the designer for you. She has a number of detailed yet easy cactus patterns as well as a few smaller plant patterns.

It also includes a few round animal patterns, including different variations of their duck pattern. Most things are hand-sized, but there are a few smaller patterns.

If you would like to practice with fluffy fur yarn, there are a couple patterns that specifically use faux fur yarn.