11 Stunning Free Crochet Poppy Patterns (beginner friendly)

Poppies are a beautiful flower, and the red one in many countries represents remembrance. You might like to use your crochet poppies as appliques, in bouquets, gifting, or other. Poppies are usually seen as only red, but they come in all colors of the rainbow.

I have included a variety of patterns here that will hopefully suit the kind of project that you want poppies for. They come in many styles such as granny squares, headbands, keyrings and just by themselves. Enjoy all the possibilities that come with crocheting your very own poppies!

1. Poppy Flower

Free Pattern by Raffamusa Designs

First up we have these beautiful poppies that are twirled together to have a 3d look. They are only small so work up quickly, are are beginner friendly.

The trickiest thing would probably be a magic circle, although you could alternatively make a circle by crocheting a few chain stitches and going into the first one.

2. Remembrance Poppy

Free Pattern by Thoresby Cottage

Next up we have this crochet poppy pattern in honour of remembrance day. They are crocheted beginning from the centre, and the pattern includes lots of photos to help you along.

3. Poppies 5 versions

Free Pattern by loopysue designs

These poppies work up super quickly in just a couple rows, and you only need to know a few stitches like single and double crochet.

The pattern includes five different versions where there are various layouts of petals for you to choose from. It might be tricky choosing just one, so why not make them all!

4. Poppy Flower Square

Free Pattern by Crafting Happiness

These poppy squares could be incorporated into sweaters, blankets, or whatever you like! They have a nice texture compared to many granny squares that are often worked flat.

You might like to just crochet the poppy, or experiment with all the different projects you could try by have them as squares.

5. Poppy Flower

Free Pattern by Crochet For You

There are two different ways to crochet a poppy through this pattern that the designer will walk you through.

Patterns of various other flowers are included so you might as well check those out too! It is easy to follow, as long as you are familiar with your basic stitches and back loops only.

6. Poppy

Free Pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet

Here we have some adorable poppies attached on green string that looks like their stem! I imagine this would make lovely wall artwork.

Or, you could otherwise wind green yarn around wire to make a sturdy stem that would work in a vase bouquet!

7. One Piece Poppy Flower Applique

Free Pattern by Crafting Happiness

Next we have these frilly poppies that look intricate, but are easier to make than you might think! This pattern also has three versions where you might like to make yours with three, four, or five petals.

The designer also has video resources to help you, as well other patterns such as poppy pins, hair ties, or brooches.

8. Basket-Full of Poppies

Free Pattern by Kirsten Holloway Designs

How cool is this poppy headband! Real flowers are so fun to pick and place in your hair or behind your ear, and this headband allows you to wear flowers for a long time.

The headband part is crocheted first, then you crochet and attach your accessories of the poppies and leaves after.

9. Poppy Pearl Flower

Free Pattern by SistersInStitch

This beautiful flower is part of a crochet-along where you work towards a flower headband, how cool is that! The patterns walk you all the way through crocheting the three different styles of flowers, the headband itself, assembling, and finally enjoying your creation!

10. Poppy Easy Applique

Free Pattern by JTcreations

These poppy appliques, or made into keyrings as pictured above, are super cute! This pattern is in the form of a video tutorial which is great for those that work better with visual instructions.

They work up quickly and are super beginner-friendly, make sure to crochet some in every color of the rainbow!

11. Poppy Flower

Free Pattern by Moara Crochet

Lastly, we have these intricate looking poppies that have a unique middle part. There are photos included for every step of the way, as well as a video tutorial for crocheting a puff button. This is a technique you might like to take into your future projects!