19 Amazing Free Crochet Lapghan Patterns

Blankets, or afghans, can be intimidating projects. They’re huge and take so much time to create, often with repeating endless stitches. Plus, if you’re a wheelchair user, it’s impractical to drag around a heavy, gigantic blanket for your lap.

If you’re looking to create a blanket just for a lap or a smaller blanket that won’t test your patience, then a lap blanket (or lapghan) is the perfect place to start. Lapghans are great for stash busting as well as handmade donations.

This roundup includes beginner, easy, and advanced lapghan patterns. From simple to textured designs, find your favorite, pick up your hook, and get crocheting!

Lattice Lapghan

Free video pattern by Yarnspirations

This step-by-step video takes this seemingly complex blanket and breaks it down for even a beginner to follow. It is categorized as an easy pattern. If you are looking for a written pattern, you can find it for free here.

Gold Coast Lapghan

At a glance, this easy lapghan may appear daunting due to the length of the pattern, but don’t worry! There is a detailed YouTube video to help you get started if you are in any way confused.

Super Bulky Lapghan

This bulky, easy lapghan is great for when you need a quick lapghan pattern. Worked up in bulky/blanket yarn, it works up in no time and is perfect for your lap or a little one!

Easy Rectangle Log Cabin Blanket

While this lapghan pattern is classified as easy, the starting foundation chains may be something a beginner hasn’t come across before. Don’t worry: there are links for tutorials just before the pattern to help you out!

Leslie’s Lapghan

This easy, chunky lapghan pattern follows Lacy Crochet’s V-Stitch Baby Afghan, upsizing it to a lapghan size. If you are looking for a small baby-sized blanket, then you can follow Lacy Crochet’s pattern without the adjustments.

Ripple Lapghan

This lapghan pattern appears intimidating due to its shaping and length of row instructions, but don’t fret! It repeats two rows after the initial first four, allowing you to practice with repetition and create a gorgeous lapghan.

Candy Stripes Lapghan

This easy, corner to corner (C2C) lapghan is great for beginners looking to try out different stitches. There are detailed instructions on how to increase and decrease a C2C item.

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The Wildflowers Lapghan

This advanced lapghan pattern is mainly composed of a repeating shell stitch. This lapghan is best suited for advanced crocheters or confident beginners.

Caprock Canyon Lap Blanket

This easy lapghan may appear complicated at first, but it only involves repeating the crunch stitch, which may be unlike something you’ve ever seen before! However, it is quite easy to get the hang of.

Grandma’s Textured Lap Blanket

This easy lapghan not only has written instructions, but it includes a visual graph as well for anyone who is a visual learner. There are also tips on how to adjust the sizing of it!

Easy Basketweave Lap Blanket

Free video pattern by Bonnie Bay

This video gives you step-by-step instructions on how to crochet this easy, lovely basketweave lapghan that can be adjusted to fit any size. If you are looking for written instructions, you can purchase an ad-free PDF on Etsy.

Simply Mad Throw

This simple yet lovely stash-busting pattern is adjustable to fit any size and any color combinations. There are detailed instructions on how to change colors on any row.

Charity Lapghan with Attached Pocket

This advanced lapghan is great for any wheelchair user as it has a built-in pocket and the ability to create ties to tie it to the wheelchair. If you are confused about how to start the blanket, there are helpful photos added in a link.

Just Relax Lapghan

This gorgeous pattern is perfect for anyone who is a beginner and looking to try out new stitches while creating a lovely textured blanket. It has a detailed explanation on how to do the linked double crochet as well as a chart.

Spinning Top Lapghan

With this pattern, using a variegated yarn will create stylish designs without any complicated color changing! It creates a lovely circular blanket that is both wonderful for a useful blanket and decoration piece.

Lapghan Bouquet

This blanket might be completely different from any that you’ve seen before. Not only can it be used as a blanket, but as a long shawl or wrap!

Instead of being one rectangle, square, or circle, it starts out wide towards the top and tapers down towards the feet. It’s a one-person blanket that covers you completely without the worry of tangling in it due to its length!

Shark Lapghan

If you’re looking for a creative lapghan that isn’t just your regular rectangle, this shark lapghan has you covered (literally)! It’s the perfect fun design for all ages, especially those shark lovers out there.

It is sized for an adult. It could also be used as a handmade sleeping bag for children, which would be all the rage at a sleepover party!

Yo Yo Lapghan

This blanket pattern is perfect as a stash buster, especially if your scraps are getting out of control! It’s easily adjustable, as the size of it depends on how many yo-yos you’re wanting to create!

Soothing Waves Lapghan

While this pattern focuses on using ocean shore colors, you could easily switch it up to create a beautiful gradient blanket. It’s easily adjustable as well, depending on the amount you chain the beginning and how many ripples you choose to add!