11+ Amazing Bird Crochet Appliqué Free Patterns

Birds are charming little creatures that would look lovely crocheted and attached to your bags, sweaters, notebooks, hats, and more!

Appliques are a great choice when you’re in between big projects and craving something small and quick to crochet in one sitting. For a similar reason, this makes appliques the ideal project to use up all your scrap yarn! Appliques make use of a wide variety of colors in small amounts of yarn.

The patterns I’ve compiled here are all accessible to beginners! For any techniques that might need more experience, I’ve linked some helpful videos for you!

1. Nightingale Applique

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me here!

This nightingale looks freshly awake and ready to greet the morning with its song!

The pattern starts with two rounds of hdc for its body and belly, before switching colors to create its playful tail and round head. To change colors mid-round, check out this video! It refers to changing colors mid-row, but the same concept applies.

The beak is joined to the head and the wing is crocheted separately than sewed onto the body. The eye is an embroidered French knot, and you can find a tutorial for it here!

2. Penguin Applique

Free pattern by Repeat Crafter Me available here!

Our favorite waddler is ready to take on the world! This penguin applique gives off winter vibes and would be great on beanies and scarves, but it would be happy to waddle along all year round!

This pattern starts off with two normal rounds of dc of white, and a partial round for the third, for its forehead. The final full round of the torso is a round of black dcs, and its adorable flippers are joined to them.

Its feet are crocheted separately and sewed on to the white portion. The facial features are embroidered, though you can choose to use safety eyes instead for the eyes!

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3. Parrot Applique

Free pattern by Passionate Crafter available here!

This playful parrot is all for perching on one of your projects and making itself home!

This pattern is a bit finicky with a lot of different parts to crochet and sew on together! With over 15 pieces, sewing them will be a bit of an ordeal. Make sure you pin them to the right places so you don’t end up with a wonky parrot.

4. Flamingo Applique

Free pattern available at DROPS Design here!

A long-legged flamingo would dangle beautifully as an ornament!

This pattern is quite straightforward and will take just a few minutes to finish! The pattern page helpfully provides a chart to better visualize the project, as well as a playlist of videos for the pattern itself and any stitches used in the pattern.

5. Pink Bird Applique

Free pattern by Nana Sue available at Ravelry!

These little pink birds sure look elegant with the border on their wings! The contrast between its body and the lighter wings adds to its charm.

The pattern is available as a free printable PDF download on Ravelry!

6. Duck or Chick Applique

Free pattern by Jenny and Teddy available here!

The note on the image say it’s a chick, the link says it’s a “duck or chick”, and the post title say it’s a duck … Whatever this little yellow cutie is, you know you want to add it to your repertoire of appliques!

This pattern is a quick small project, with just three rounds of sc, some chains and a series of stitches and back, join a beak and pop the eye on, and done! It’s completely no-sew, and doable in 10-15 minutes.

The pattern provides written instructions with images for every step, and a video tutorial!

7. Rooster Applique

Free pattern by Golden Lucy Crafts here!

“Wake up!” crows the mighty rooster. With its majestic crown, flamboyant tail, and heart-shaped torso … Wait, heart-shaped what?

You saw that right! This wonderful rooster applique starts off with a heart, which later becomes the focal point of this project; the piece to sew all the other pieces to. While there are quite a few pieces to sew on here, it’s still quite manageable!

8. Peace Dove Applique

Free pattern by Homeartist Crochet available on Ravelry!

The peace dove carrying an olive branch is a figure rife with symbolism, but make of it what you will!

This particular applique is not a trifling project like all the others in this post, and can take much of your time. By the end of it, you will have had crocheted over 20 feathers! Fortunately, they’re part of the torso, so you don’t need to burden yourself with sewing on top of it.

This pattern is available as a free PDF download on Ravelry!

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9. Simple Bird Applique

Free pattern by JJ Crochet available here!

Here’s a simple, no-frills bird. Just a bird, as birdy as a bird can be. If you’re in a hurry and for some reason or another, find yourself in need of a pile of bird appliques, this is the pattern for you! At a grand total of two rounds, this is the simplest and quickest pattern on this list.

10. Kiwi Applique

Free pattern by Knot Your Nana’s Crochet available here!

Here comes the flightless national animal of New Zealand! The beloved kiwi and its adorable round (and fluffy!) body greets you!

This hefty kiwi applique consists of hdc rounds for both the head and body, before sewing them all together at the end along with its long beak and legs! You can choose to sew it to a granny square, as pictured, or to any other project you wish to add this cute kiwi to.

11. Bluebird Applique

Free pattern by The Crochet Space available on Ravelry!

This cute blue bird motif is extremely versatile! You can string it into a necklace, add a pin to the back and turn it to a brooch, or sew it on to any of your existing projects.

This project is accessible for beginners as it only uses basic stitches, but working around its wings and tail can be fiddly if you choose to work with a smaller hook and thinner yarn.

The pattern is available as a free PDF download and is written in UK terms, though US translations are also provided! A handy chart is also available in the PDF.