17 Most Popular Crochet Bloggers with Free Patterns

While you may find mostly doll and animal amigurumi patterns on my website, I still enjoy daydreaming about and crocheting wearables. I recognize not everyone is into amigurumi either, so I want to make sure I reach as many crocheters as possible.

Sometimes paid patterns are scary, because you don’t know what you’re getting into until you pay for it. With this list, you won’t need to worry about that; you can simply click the link and see if any of the patterns work for you.

I have collected a list of some of the most popular bloggers that design garments. There are hundreds of designers out there, but these are just some of the most well-known ones as well as some of my personal favorites.

While the list will mostly focus on crocheted items, there will be some that dabble in knitting as well. If you’re curious about popular crochet amigurumi bloggers, I have compiled a list of some of my favorite amigurumi bloggers (all with free patterns!).

Pro tip: visit your local library! It will most likely have some crochet garment pattern books, and you won’t have to pay for them. When in doubt, ask a librarian where to find them.

Little World of Whimsy


Welcome to my blog! While I have not designed many garments, I have crocheted some (you can see them in a few of my photos). I am mainly an amigurumi designer, focusing on cute dolls smaller than your hand.

In case you don’t know, I have dabbled in some simple wearable accessories, such as my bear muffs and my teddy bear pocket shawl. As you can tell, I love bears, so many of my patterns take inspiration from those adorable, fluffy creatures.

Knits ‘N Knots


This designer has both crochet and knitting patterns, so if you’re skilled in both (or are wanting to try out something new), definitely check her out! She has a combination of both beginner-friendly and intermediate for both fiber arts.

She has an eclectic collection of wearables and accessories, from cardigans and tank tops to blankets and bags. She even has quick yet classy hats, cowls, and scarves you can make within a few hours.

One of her patterns I’ll have to make one day is her Misty Valley Tee, which is perfect for something classy yet everyday wear. You can also see if her book Modern Crochet Sweaters: 20 Chic Designs for Everyday Wear is at your local library; I know it’s at mine!

Note: a lot of her wearable patterns require buying the yarn kit in order to receive a digital copy of the pattern.

Evelyn And Peter


Rachel has a knack for designing flowy, lightweight wearables that are great for anyone who lives in warmer areas. From blankets to cardigans and pullovers that work in a cool fall or warm spring, there’s something for everyone.

She even has a video tutorial for nearly every item! All of her patterns are size inclusive, ranging from XS to 5X.

The Lake House Cardigan, with its loose lacy design, is literally perfect for those who still want to wear a light layer in the summer heat. It’s just three rectangles, made to fit your body. It’s super easy!

All About Ami


A lot of Stephanie’s garment designs appear simple at first glance, but there’s something wonderful about the calming simplicity of a garment. There’s a softness to an easy, simple repeat to create something that you will love.

All of her wearables are made with the same softness, from her cardigans to her hats and cowls. While her main focus is crocheting, she does have a few knit patterns.

Her style ranges from items made of chunky to thin mohair yarn. Her Two-Tone Scarf Wrap is one of her most versatile items and can be made with any combination of colors and yarn.

TL Yarn Crafts


Interested in learning Tunisian crochet? Toni’s blog is a great starting point. I borrowed her book The Tunisian Crochet Handbook: A Beginner’s Guide from my local library to learn how to do Tunisian.

Her instructions are very clear, straightforward, and full of pictures to help you learn the technique and stitches. I didn’t have to search for any video tutorials after I read her book.

If I ever end up with a longer Tunisian hook and a cable, I want to make her Mesa Hat. It’s beginner-friendly, great for practicing color changes within a Tunisian stitch, and absolutely lovely!

One Dog Woof


A healthy mix of garments, blankets, and amigurumi, you can learn or perfect your basic stitches, Tunisian, and C2C (corner to corner) stitches with any of these patterns.

For crocheters, there’s wraps, shawls, blankets, sweaters, cardigans, and a whole bunch of amigurumi to choose from. There’s also a few knitting patterns to try out as well, covering a couple blankets and a few wearables. 

I definitely will be attempting the Summer Diamond Kimono at some point. It’s a great beginner-friendly cardigan that’s easily adjustable since it’s just a combination of three rectangles plus two sleeves.

Two of Wands


While mostly focused on knitwork, she has plenty of gorgeous crochet wearable patterns to check out. Her style is rustic yet chic, merging the two styles seamlessly into amazing artwork.

Play around with color, like she does in many of her patterns, or keep to earthy tones in subtle pieces. You can find her free patterns ranging from garments to blankets posted on her blog!

One of the patterns that caught my eye was her Resonance Wrap. It appears complicated and full of different stitches, but it’s just made up of three basic ones: single crochets, half double crochets, and slip stitches.

Make & Do Crew


Make & Do Crew tends to focus more on wearables such as cardigans, tanks, sweaters, hats, shawls, slippers and more. Like me, they also have a large collection of roundups for other items from other designers, in case you’re looking for something specific that they don’t offer.

You can learn a new crochet skill, strengthen your existing crochet skills, make something within an hour, or take a few relaxing days to make something intricate. What to learn how to crochet on flip flops? They have you covered!

Repeat Crafter Me


If you’ve gone to your local library to look for crochet books, you’ve probably come across one of Sarah’s books. Every library that I have been to has had a copy of her best-seller: Crochet Cute Critters: 26 Easy Amigurumi Patterns.

She has a huge collection of different granny square designs, all which can be sewn together as blankets or you can use the techniques to make cardigans. Many of her patterns are on Yarnspiration’s website, such as her Retro Stripe Hexagon Cardigan, which is a great cardigan pattern for anyone who hasn’t made a wearable before!

Annie Design Crochet


Whenever I find myself looking for shawls to make, I always end up back on Carmen’s blog. I absolutely love her shawl designs! She also has collections of flowers, scarves, and general home decor patterns.

If you’re a confident beginner and looking for something lightweight and straightforward, I would recommend her Easy Boho Shawl. If you’re wanting something a little bit more complex and lacy, you could try out her Pineapple Stitch Wrap.

She also has a collection of stitch tutorials which focus on some of the more complex stitches such as the feather stitch or the reversible v-stitch waffle. Never heard of those? Maybe you should try them out!

Mijo Crochet


Based in Sweden, Johanna has designed a beautiful collection of shawls and blankets that are translated into at least five different languages. She has a few unique granny square patterns, along with some wrist warmers, hats, and a market bag pattern.

One of my favorite designs is her XY Scarf. Thick, gorgeous, and great for any occasion, it’s super adjustable and a very straightforward pattern. I want to make it for myself one day!

Oombawka Design Crochet


There are hundreds(!!) of free, easy crochet patterns from this designer. Her designs and patterns are perfect for a beginner to try out and for an experienced crocheter to relax with.

Like me, she also collects roundups of free patterns from different designers around the internet. If I don’t have something listed on my blog, Rhondda most likely has you covered.

While she doesn’t have many cardigans or sweaters, she has a bunch of hats, shawls, wraps, scarves, cowls, mittens, and amigurumi to choose from. As you may know from my blog, I love bubble tea, so of course I have to showcase her Boba Bubble Tea Hat pattern.

For the Frills


From chunky sweaters to summer tees, there’s a project for every season on Grace’s blog! There are plenty of beginner patterns for those wanting to try out making their own wearables as well as some more intermediate patterns for those who want a challenge.

She has such a lovely yet simple and clean style. I really like the simplicity of her Weekend Snuggle Sweater, which is beginner-friendly and comes with a whole video tutorial for anyone who prefers visual patterns.

If you’re wanting something designed with summer in mind, you could try out her Terrazzo Tank Top, which uses a mesh-like stitch that’s perfect for summer-y projects. It’s beginner-friendly as well.

Hayhay Crochet


For cute tops, sweater vests, hats, and more, head on over to Heather’s blog! You can also find all of her patterns and their companion video tutorials on her YouTube channel.

Her style is incredibly cute and perfect for spring-themed projects that can be worn in fall or spring (even winter if you use a thick enough yarn). She has plenty of beginner-friendly patterns, fit for anyone to try out.

If you’re not into garments, there’s also bags and hats to choose from. I love her Simple Fruit Drawstring Pouch! You can also try out her fingerless Brookie Gloves, a pattern that works up quickly and easily despite appearing as if it’s made up of complex stitching.

Morale Fiber


Some of the prettiest fantasy-inspired wearables I have seen online are from Regina’s designs. The majority of her designs are not beginner-friendly, as they are incredibly intricate and absolutely breathtaking.

Out of all her designs, I would love to try my hand at her gorgeous Elf Coat pattern. It’s made up of Tunisian crochet stitches to give it a thick, knit-like appearance and drape.

It comes in size ranges from small all the way to 3XL. Feel free to adjust it to your liking, as there are plenty of notes to make alterations to the patterns.

For some of her more complex stitching that she uses, she also has some written stitch tutorials to follow. If you’re eying the elf coat like I am, you may want to stop by and learn the Tunisian stitches that she uses! 

Crochet with Carrie


There are plenty of simple yet lovely cardigans, sweaters, and tops to check out on Carrie’s blog. All modeled by her daughter, her designs have a beautiful rustic flair to them.

I love her slouchy Be Mine Cardigan with its simple construction and ability to be made for any season. It’s a good project for any confident beginner and a perfect project for the experienced crocheter who wants to crochet while watching TV!

MJ’s Off The Hook Designs


From modern day designs to granny square inspirations, there are plenty of wearables, blankets, and more to discover! She has a collection of both feminine and masculine styles for anyone who prefers a specific look.

Her Mountain Ridge Cardigan is a beginner-friendly, chunky-yarned androgynous cardigan complete with massive buttons. It’s a timeless classic that would look good on anyone. For some of her patterns, you may need to sign up for a free account in order to access them.