17+ Best Amigurumi Bloggers with Free Patterns (my faves!)

Many, many people in the crochet world look for free patterns. It is a great way to make sure that you are not wasting your time (or money) on patterns that are completely illegible patterns.

Some people might be on a budget, unable to treat themselves to a new pattern. Not everyone has the ability to purchase well-written patterns, which is just fine and should not be looked down upon. There are plenty of well-written free patterns out there!

This is where bloggers with free patterns come in. One of the lifebloods of crochet (especially for beginners!) are free tutorials and patterns.

This list has a collection of designers who not only blog, but they also have free patterns available as well. The list is not exhaustive, as there are so many crochet blogs out there. Go take a look!

Pro tip: go to your local library and search for crochet books. It is essentially free patterns. 🙂 Some of these designers have published books, so your library might have their book-only patterns!

Animal Designers

A collection of both humanoid and non-humanoid animal patterns.


Little World of Whimsy


Welcome back! Everyone in this collection is amazing (definitely check them out!), but I do want to show off the patterns that I am proud of as well.

I have many free patterns for you to check out here on my own website, if you don’t want to go too far. While I enjoy designing animal patterns, which are the majority of my current patterns, I really do love designing dolls as well.

While I enjoy working with acrylic more than plush yarn, I do have a few plush yarn patterns you can try out. One of my favorite patterns (and one of my newest) combines my love for dolls and animals: Julie the bear girl.

Spin a Yarn Crochet


If you are not a fan of working in rounds, this blog is for you. The majority of her patterns are worked in rows then sewn or crocheted together to create a ragdoll look to the finished item.

I’m more of a fan of items worked in rounds, so thankfully there’s some patterns for people like me as well. Most of her human dolls are worked in rounds, but they’re a bit more complicated than her ragdoll items.

Most of the patterns are acrylic, but there are a few plush patterns as well.

Storyland Amis


If you like to have a size range of patterns, this is the blog for you! There are ‘pocket’ sized patterns all the way up to an ‘extreme’ sized critter!

While most of her patterns are paid, there are a few blog posts for free patterns. They’re well-written and super straight forward with pictures or links to videos for the harder stitches.

Pretty much all of the patterns are made with acrylic. The ‘extreme’ patterns are made with super-sized wool, which take a whopping 40mm hook! I can’t imagine working with yarn or a hook that massive.

Le Petit Saint Crochet


This blog has it all! Not only does it have crochet related posts, but there are also knitting patterns as well! If crochet is not enough for you, you could learn knitting at the same time.

There are free written patterns, reviews of patterns, and video patterns galore. If you happen to be looking for some granny square patterns, you can find some here as well. I know if I need any granny square patterns I’ll definitely find myself back here.

If you are overwhelmed by everything the internet has to offer, this is a great blog to get your bearings and sort yourself out. All of her patterns are made with acrylic yarn.

Knot Bad


While listed under ‘animal’ designers, most of these patterns are food or objects. There are a few adorable animal patterns, but his expertise falls under making food or objects cute!

If you ever need patterns for holiday items, you are pretty much covered with candy for Halloween, pumpkins and turkeys for Thanksgiving, and Christmas-y ornaments. I will need to make that little penguin ornament for myself!

Nearly all of his patterns are made in acrylic. There are a few plush patterns, both in regular chenille and in faux fur yarn.

There are also a few ‘extreme’ patterns made with huge wool yarn, but they’re incredibly expensive – keep that in mind if you are wanting to make something super sized!



This blog is made up of simple and sweet amigurumi animals. There are a few wearables, but the majority of them are easy, little critters.

I love this blog because if you end up on a complicated part of the pattern, there just happens to be step-by-step photos for how to work it. I’ve created many peace doves, so I know how straightforward her patterns are.

They’re all made in acrylic. There are many patterns that have been translated from English to other languages, so there might be a pattern in your native language as well!

Little Bear Crochets


The majority of their signature patterns are paid, but there are a few free patterns you can take a look at to see how they write them. Their free patterns are smaller, but it doesn’t mean they’re any less amazing!

My personal favorite of their free patterns is their playing cat pattern. It’s rather easy and is great for anyone who loves cats. It takes a little more than an hour to complete, which is considered a quick pattern in the crochet world.

Elisa’s Crochet


About half of her patterns are animal inspired. There are a few human dolls, but there are also many holiday patterns as well.

There’s more than just amigurumi. There’s a huge array of different types of patterns to choose from!

All of her patterns are written for beginners, but they may have some more complicated parts, such as her tool amigurumi set or her sheep and reindeer. They’re not hard to follow, though, so feel free to try any of her patterns!



This is one of my favorite crochet bloggers. Not only does she post a new pattern every week (every week!!), they’re all hand sized and absolutely amazing. I’m a big fan of her work!

Many bloggers, myself included, often post small stories or blurbs before our patterns to give a little background on them, but Olive does not. She goes straight into the pattern without any dilly dallying.

I mean, it’s completely fine (and fun) to get a little background on a pattern (I like reading it!), but if you just want the pattern, then you won’t have to worry about it on StringyDingDing!

I especially love her bird patterns. They’re all different and look exactly how a slightly-realistic-yet-clearly-amigurumi bird should look. Go ahead and take a peek! She has a pattern for everyone.

All About Ami


If you are wanting to take the plunge into working with faux fur yarn, you definitely should check out Stephanie’s amigurumi patterns. While most are made with acrylic yarn, there are some with faux fur details or some completely made out of faux fur yarn!

All of her patterns differ in size, so you can choose which one you like best and give it a try. Her spring bunny pattern is super cute (and easy!). I also love her little fuzzy Chinese New Year rooster pattern, which is great for practicing with furry yarn.

Kristi Tullus


All of her free patterns are super cute and tiny! They can be made without using up a whole skein and are great for stash busters.

They’re all made with acrylic yarn and are all fairly simple. There are a few patterns with small details, such as her tree frog pattern (which also has wires in the legs), so that might up the complexity.

Passionate Crafter


Some people like gnomes. Some people really like gnomes. If you happen to know someone who really likes gnomes (or maybe it’s you!), these sisters have an entire collection of gnome patterns.

They’re all delightfully themed for each month, centering around the holidays or the vibe of the current season. There are so many gnomes that I can’t choose my favorite. Two of my favorites are the ladybug gnome and the butterfly gnome.

1Up Crochet


If you are a fan of Pokémon but haven’t found any patterns you like, take a look at Ashe’s blog! Her free patterns are incredibly detailed and nearly the exact size of the Pokémon, if they were real.

She has a few older free patterns as well, based off of other shows and games such as Stitch from Lilo and Stitch and a couple of Digimon patterns. If you are wanting to try your hand at detailed patterns, check out her blog!


Darling Maple Designs


Sara has figured out that when you use plush yarn, you really shouldn’t be sewing on a lot of pieces as it can ruin the fluff. Therefore, the majority of her patterns are low-sew, which is great for those shedding fuzzy yarns!

They’re all pocket-sized (even when worked in plush yarn). All of her free patterns are catered towards using plush yarn, but as shown in her pictures, you can also work them up in acrylic.

Graceface Creates


If you are looking for an absolutely massive plush project to make, and you like geese, then a pattern for a gigantic 5-foot goose might fit your bill. While it hasn’t been ‘officially’ tested, a few people have made it without too much hassle (and I personally am thinking about making one myself).

She has a couple other plush patterns as well, which are much smaller. A few of her patterns are found on her YouTube channel.

Doll Designers

Because of how intricate (human) doll patterns typically are, there aren’t many plush doll patterns. If you are wanting to change an acrylic pattern to plush yarn, you can check out my guides for resizing amigurumi and crocheting with plush/chenille yarn for tips!


Sweet Softies


Jade has such an eclectic collection of patterns that it was hard to place her in just one category. She has acrylic and plush amigurumi, animals and dolls, wearables, and tutorials. Most of her patterns are doll-like, though, so here she is!

If you are unsure of where to start, or need ideas, you could take a chunk of time to scroll through everything her blog offers. There are so many cool and cute things to look at!

One of my favorite doll patterns is Willow, who comes with removable clothing items. You could make different colors of clothing to dress her up like any other doll, but with the special addition of everything being handmade.

Once Upon a Cheerio


If you have a specific doll design in mind but need a base to help you out, you’ve found the right place. There’s even patterns for different types of hair, which can be the trickiest part of a doll to get right.

There’s both larger and hand-sized dolls to choose from. She’s even made all of the Sailor Scouts from Sailor Moon. They’re super cute and match their iconic anime art. The majority of her patterns are made for acrylic.

The Friendly Red Fox


If you are looking for larger dolls that are, well, doll-sized instead of chibi or that use small rounds, Kali has you covered. Feel free to take the bose of the dolls and create your own little hat or accessories for them to give your creation a special touch!

You won’t be limited to just dolls here. There’s also animal amigurumi, both plush and acrylic. There’s large, snuggly patterns for larger plush yarns and smaller plush patterns for little ones.

There’s also scarf, hat, and blanket patterns. If you need a break from creating amigurumi, take a look at some of the other patterns she has to offer! Her hats are super cute, especially her penguin beanie.